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Augmented reality can do to your videos what Canva does to your photos


Augmented reality can do to your videos what Canva does to your photos

If you’ve ever used Canva for your social media or other content, you know how it can bring your designs to a whole new level. The magic of Canva is that it offers premade design assets which you can combine to get your own sophisticated photos and other 2D materials.

But what if there was a tool as easy to add 3D assets to your videos? And what if that tool could do it in real-time when you’re recording a video? Does this sound too good to be true?

A short film using AR 3D objects

Augmented reality real-time visual effects are the future of digital content creation. AR technology helps you blend digital and physical worlds together in one scene in real-time, making it easier to create videos with visual effects right from your smartphone.

AR offers some truly amazing opportunities for video bloggers, content marketers and influencers to dramatically enhance the way they visualize their ideas.

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What if you could capture a tiger in your garden, an alien in your office or an assistant robot in your kitchen?

That’s where an innovative tool called Arloopa excels. Arloopa is an AR app that uses computer vision techniques to add 3D content in your real environment, and for the most part — it’s free to use.

Add AR visual effects to your YouTube videos

The consumption of visual effects-laden videos and short films on YouTube has grown exponentially over the last decade. But visual effects content takes a great deal of expertise and longer time to create. It’s this throughput challenge that Arloopa is helping to address.

This solution can do something quite innovative. Instead of just using real-life objects, the AR app gives you the ability to add amazing visual effects and digital content with less to no post-production needed.

A 3D models library in your pocket: The app has a ready-made 3D models library with a set of categories, such as AR portals, animals, spacecraft, vehicles, humans, etc.

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