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Atlanta FaZe’s Undefeated Streak Ends With Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 3 Results




Cody Perez
in Call of Duty | Apr, 5th 2021

The Call of Duty League is truly heating up in the 2021 season with some rather crazy and intense upsets and results over the last stage. With the second stage’s conclusion, minus the Major that is coming soon, we have seen some insane stuff like the end of the Atlanta FaZe undefeated streak and much more. 

Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 3 Had Some Crazy Upsets

The Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 3 results are in. They are rather crazy, revealing that some teams are not nearly as infallible as we originally thought they were. There were also moments in which teams won in an upset against a much stronger team. 

Of course, this is also where we truly got to see recent changes for some of the teams in action. They spoke volumes about the new roster changes and how they should affect the teams moving forward. A lot is happening currently, and it feels that there are some shifts on the way.

If you are interested in checking out the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 3 results for yourself, be sure to head on over to the official CDL YouTube channel, and you will be able to find all of the matches that happened this past weekend for you to watch on-demand. 

Keep in mind that the matches are over four days in total, with 10 matches that occurred to end out the normal weekly part of the current second stage. These matches were exceedingly important as they determined the two groups’ rankings moving into the next Major. Here’s what you need to know about the results, including the crazy moments like the end of the Atlanta FaZe undefeated streak. 

Day 1 Results

As mentioned, there were four days of competition that happened over the past weekend for the third week of the second stage. The first day began with only two surprisingly uneventful matches. But that was a warm-up for the future matches that were much more entertaining. 

The first day couldn’t have gone more by the books than this. The first of the two matches was Florida Mutineers versus Dallas Empire. The Mutineers is a team that we have seen some good improvements lately, while Dallas is still a great team but has shown some weaknesses a lot lately.

Unfortunately, this match was not a good chance for Florida to show their skill as they lost it pretty easily to Dallas three to nothing. The second match was a similarly obvious and predictable match, with Seattle Surge taking on OpTic Chicago. 

Though Seattle is in a similar situation to Florida in that it has been improving, Chicago has been very messy this stage compared to the past. This match didn’t show that off much. OpTic Chicago was able to win this one in an easy sweep with little contest three to nothing. 

Day 2 Results: Atlanta FaZe Undefeated Streak Ends

The second day had two more matches like the first day, but these were more interesting than the first day’s events. That isn’t to say that we didn’t have a sweep on this day, but even that was much more interesting. 

The first matchup was London Royal Ravens taking on the Toronto Ultra. This one was intriguing since the Royal Ravens have enjoyed some rather great results lately with the addition of PaulEhx. We hoped that this would mean that London would be able to take down Toronto and cement a good spot in the group.  

However, that was not the case as Toronto showed up in full force of its own, dominating this match rather easily and winning it three to nothing in the third sweep in a row for the week. However, the sweeps would end with the next match, which was one of the craziest of the week. 

This match was between the Los Angeles Guerrillas and the Atlanta FaZe. Spoilers in the title and everywhere in this article, but this is where the Atlanta FaZe undefeated streak finally came to an end. It was all but inevitable that someone would make it happen, but the question remained: who?

That is something that was on everyone’s minds as we had a repeat of early last year during the inaugural season where Atlanta went further than anyone else, having an Atlanta FaZe undefeated streak that lasted for a good bit of the season. 

That leap in points over the other teams put Atlanta near the top for basically the entirety of the season, with no one coming close to matching them until the end. A similar situation happened here with the Atlanta FaZe undefeated streak seemingly being more overwhelming this year but finally coming to an end last week. 

The match between LA Guerrillas and Atlanta was a fantastic one and one that we recommend you watch. It was close, neck and neck for nearly all game modes until the end when the Guerrillas came out on top in game five for a three to two win. This was unbelievably impressive, especially since the Guerrillas have underperformed this stage. They are honestly not the team I expected to pull this off. 

Day 3 Results

At the beginning of the third day, the weekend saw three matches each day rather than just two. First up on the third day was the match between Paris Legion and Florida Mutineers. This was the second chance for Florida to prove that it would come out on top this week and finish strong. 

However, that was not the case here as the Paris Legion roster came out strong and almost swept this match, winning it pretty easily, in the end, three rounds to only one for Florida. The second match of the day was a very important one for the future of the second group. 

It was Seattle Surge versus Minnesota Rokkr in both of their final matches for the current portion of the second stage. Rokkr had to win this one to most likely claim the top spot for its group, which is an unbelievable improvement over the first stage that was messy for the team. 

Meanwhile, Seattle needed this win to stay alive in the group and possibly not end up in the bottom bracket for the upcoming Major. As such, both teams brought their A-game here, for sure, but in the end, Minnesota newcomer Standy proved once again that he is an amazing addition to the roster. 

Standy was the standout player once more, helping the team win this very close match three rounds to two. That makes three straight wins for the Rokkr since the addition of Standy, which is very impressive given that they had two straight sweep losses just before that in this stage. 

The third and final match of the week was New York Subliners versus Toronto Ultra. Toronto was coming off of a nice win while New York is back to its former glory from last year, plus honestly more. Toronto tried, but, in the end, New York showed its dominance, winning this fairly simple match three to one. 

Day 4 Results

The fourth and final day of the third week in Stage 2 featured three matches that were almost all crazy for different reasons. The first match was Atlanta FaZe and London Royal Ravens to close out the normal part of this second stage. 

Surprisingly, both teams were coming off of losses for this week, so they had something to prove here. This is especially true for Atlanta, who was coming off of their undefeated streak coming to an end. But in the end, Atlanta showed that it was not backing down after that upset and won this one easily three rounds to nothing. 

The second match of the fourth and final day was Los Angeles’s battle with the Guerrillas taking on the Thieves. This is the second time that the two new and improved teams have met on the battlefield, and this time was, surprisingly, the same as last time. 

In the first stage, both teams were some of the breakout ones we were rooting for but have stumbled quite a bit. That is until this week for the Guerrillas, who made a comeback just in time for the Major. 

Maybe it was since it was the LA Guerrillas Home Series, which was why they were able to upset against FaZe earlier in the week. But they proved that they are the better LA team when they battle each other here, as they once again swept the Thieves in an easy match three to nothing. 

And the final match of the week and the normal part of the stage was perhaps the very best match that we had all week long. It featured the Dallas Empire versus OpTic Chicago. These two teams have a bit of a rivalry going. The results of this match would determine much of the group. 

If you haven’t watched this match, I recommend it as it has some rather insane moments. First off, there is the first round of the match in which it was Hardpoint on Moscow. It was about as close as it gets, with Dallas narrowly winning this first round 250 points to 244. 

The second round was not nearly as close at all, with Search & Destroy. For the most part, Chicago was able to dominate this one, winning it six rounds to only two for Dallas. Then came the third round, perhaps the most entertaining one of all, with Control on Checkmate. 

We highly recommend this part as the path to the end is insane. Iit almost always seems like it could go either way. The result, though, was Dallas winning this one three to two. Then came the turning point with Hardpoint on Checkmate as Chicago overwhelmingly dominated this round 250 points to only 108. 

And then came game five with Search & Destroy on Checkmate. Once again, Chicago dominated here even more than before, though, winning it six rounds to only one. This put Chicago as the winner of this, at times, close match but one that is extremely fun to watch. 

Without a doubt, it is clear that Dallas Empire is in a messy place right now and one largely focused on Search & Destroy. For a team that was arguably one of, if not the, best at this game mode last year, they are struggling considerably this year against the other talented teams like Chicago, Rokkr, and FaZe. They will need to figure this out soon.

With the third week’s conclusion, we are now ready for this year’s second Major tournament. It will conclude the second stage and feature all 12 teams competing against one another for some massive points and even some prize money. 

Teams are either in the upper bracket or the lower one, depending on how well they did in their groups. The winner bracket includes the Dallas Empire, New York Subliners, Toronto Ultra, OpTic Chicago, and the two round-by teams of Minnesota Rokkr and Atlanta FaZe.

Meanwhile, the bottom bracket includes LA Thieves, Paris Legion, Florida Mutineers, LA Guerrillas, and the two round bye teams of London Royal Ravens and Seattle Surge. We will have more details about the Major later this week as it will start a bit earlier than usual. 

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CS:GO Navi Chooses “b1t” For Their Five-man Lineup At RMR Tournaments




Egor “flamie” Vasilev will be left out of RMR tournaments and DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.

Natus Vincere will be performing at the upcoming RMR tournaments with a change in its roster, due to the player-change penalty rules established by Valve. The team has announced through Twitter that they are moving away from the six-man roster approach to adhere to Valve’s new rules. Because of this, Egor “flamie” Vasilev will be left out of their roster for the upcoming RMR (Regional Major Ranking) tournaments and DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. On the other hand, Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskiy will hold a permanent position on the team.

Flamie out, B1t in

Due to Valve rules stipulating penalties for using substitute players, NaVi’s rotating six-player roster was put in question. A team found in violation has to undergo a compounding penalty of 20% of the points earned at the event if they substitute at least one player during the tournament. In response, Na’Vi has said “Valve made it clear that they do not intend to change the rules. Na’Vi needs as many points as possible to qualify for the Major. In this regard, the team had to coordinate the final roster for the next tournament to avoid penalty points.”

Na’Vi will prepare for their upcoming challenges at a boot camp in Kyiv, Ukraine, from April 11-24. DreamHack Masters Spring, their first focus, will be held between April 29 and May 9. The later CIS RMR tournament is expected to take place in May, around the same time as the European and the North American tournaments. “Despite this, DreamHack is still an important tournament for NAVI,” the organization noted.

The decision to opt for b1t over flamie was not explained in detail. But the team’s coach, Andrii “B1ad3” Gorodenskyi, will be providing clarification in a YouTube video to be posted “next week.”

NaVi roster for DreamHack Spring:

  • Oleksandr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev
  • Denis ‘electronic‘ Sharipov
  • Ilya ‘Perfecto‘ Zalutskiy
  • Kirill ‘BoombI4‘ Mikhailov
  • Valeriy ‘b1t‘ Vakhovskiy
  • Andrii ‘B1ad3‘ Gorodenskyi (coach)

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CoD: Players Call For Warzone HUD Update In Season 3




Teamwork in Warzone can be hard, but this Reddit user may have solved all our problems.

It’s been just over a year since the release of Warzone, and while many players team up with a regular squad, some like to play with randoms online. In both scenarios, communication between your team can be hard, and Warzone’s UI does nothing to help that.

Well, Reddit user Abood_Abuoaid has created a new mockup for the Warzone UI, showing each player’s scorestreaks, plates, gas mask, etc.

this could be very helpful from CODWarzone

With over 5.5k Upvotes at the time of writing, this has proved to be very popular, with many players calling for the update to come soon. Warzone already shows if players have self revive, so adding the other icons shouldn’t be too much hassle for the developers.

This little addition to the Warzone UI would change the game drastically. Teamwork would be much easier, and the leader of the squad who’s always checking up on their teammates’ plate/UAV situation wouldn’t have to keep asking.

If we see this update, it’s likely to come with the Warzone map change that is rumored to happen soon. With a move to a Black Ops Cold War-themed Verdansk, many players will be excited to see what arrives in the coming months.

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Top World of Warcraft teams clash in the AWC Shadowlands Circuit




Throughout April 10, the top World of Warcraft teams continued to duke it out in the Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit. A place in the Season 1 Finals was at stake.

Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit Europe

Day 1 of the third week of round-robin matches began with games between Creed and Tegridy Damp in the Nagrand Arena. Creed won the first game and followed that up with two more victories.

Tegridy Damp tried to land a Freezing Trap for crowd control, but it was to no avail as the opposing team’s Demon Hunter landed The Hunt and helped end the third game.

Top World of Warcraft teams clash in the AWC Shadowlands Circuit Creed versus Tegridy Damp

Creed versus Tegridy Damp. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

In the games between Blast Wave Bros and Ad Hoc Gaming, the latter team took the series with a quick 3-0. Against their opponent’s they played in the Nagrand Arena, Dalaran Sewers and Tiger’s Peak.

When Skill Capped faced Reload Esports, the first team was victorious in the Nagrand Arena. However, Reload Esports tied the score 1-1 at Hook Point. The third game took place in Empyrean Domain and had a nail-biting end, with Skill Capped earning another win.

Reload Esports had to win the next game, but the Dalaran Sewers arena went to their opponents. Meanwhile, the Method EU versus Cowana Gaming games were intense as both teams had a score of 2-2. Method EU won the fifth game in Empyrean Domain. This victory closed out the third week of Europe’s Arena World Championship games.

Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit North America

Over in the other region, the first round of games began with Unitas versus Cloud9. The latter team fought against their opponents in the Nagrand Arena, Ashamane’s Fall and Hook Point. They obtained victory with three consecutive wins.

Top World of Warcraft teams clash in the AWC Shadowlands Circuit North America Cloud9 Versus Unitas

Cloud9 versus Unitas. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

World of Warcraft team Hamsters & Hares then clashed against OTK. While Hamsters & Hares earned a win in the first game, OTK tied the score 1-1 in the next arena.

OTK continued to turn the games around in the following two games, earning a score of 3-1.

The final game of the day came down to Method NA versus the Golden Guardians. Although the latter team fought valiantly in three different arenas, Method NA closed it out with a score of 3-0.

Top World of Warcraft teams clash in the AWC Shadowlands Circuit North America Method NA versus Golden Guadians

Method NA versus the Golden Guardians. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The first season of the Arena World Championship Shadowlands Circuit consists of four weekends. Once completed, each region’s top four World of Warcraft teams will head into the Season 1 Finals.

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DarkZero Esports strikes RESPAWN partnership




North American esports organisation DarkZero Esports has welcomed gaming furniture manufacturer RESPAWN as its latest partner. 

The year-long partnership will see RESPAWN outfit DarkZero’s gaming facility in Las Vegas. 

Credit: DarkZero Esports

RELATED: RESPAWN Products becomes furniture partner of Misfits Gaming Group

As a part of the deal, both parties will also collaborate on creating content, unveiling new products and hosting giveaways. 

James Deasey, RESPAWN Partnership Manager, spoke on the partnership in a release: “We at RESPAWN Products are excited to be working alongside one of the premier organisations in Rainbow Six Siege, DarkZero Esports. 

“Tommy and the team at DarkZero have the drive and passion to continue to grow their brand exponentially, and that is something that aligns with our goals as well at team RESPAWN. As of today, RESPAWN Products is #GoingDark.” 

RESPAWN Products has previously kitted out facilities for Misfits Gaming Group, Atlanta Esports Ventures and Winchester-based Shenandoah University.

RELATED: BLAST Premier gets comfortable with L33T Gaming

Tommy Padula, Head of Partnerships at DarkZero, also commented: “We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with the battle-tested ergonomic gaming furniture brand of the future, RESPAWN Products. It’s important for us at DarkZero to provide our athletes with top of the line equipment to perform at their best.

“Through partnering with RESPAWN, we are making good on that promise. We are also excited to provide value and engage with our fans through product giveaways and sweepstakes. Looking forward to growing with our founding partners!” 

Esports Insider says: DarkZero’s gaming house is an 8,000 square foot facility, therefore partnering with RESPAWN Products to have it outfitted with its gaming furniture is certainly a great deal for the organisation. 

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