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Are Dogs Allowed in Casinos?


While planning a holiday trip to the casino, many pet owners will refuse to leave their best friends behind. And why should they? Hotels are well aware that many customers would prefer to bring their pets with them. So, allowing dogs inside the premises is a competitive advantage. For those who love pets and casinos, there are options like pet-friendly casino hotels. In this article, you’ll read about how to bring your pet with you. 

What Does the Law Say?

American and European Union (EU) laws agree that service dogs should be allowed anywhere, provided they meet a few criteria. In the EU, places will most likely ask for evidence of anti-rabies vaccination. In this document, the owner must also provide the lot number and expiry date. If you find these regulations too troublesome, you can always check for an online poker oldalak

How Is It in the EU/Hungary?

In Hungary, players can expect to find many pet-friendly hotel-casinos. Some casinos also allow trained therapy dogs on the premises on the condition that they don’t cause any trouble. You can choose one of the several pet-friendly hotels in Hungary. Check the casino rules and regulations before you plan your trip. Also, follow our specialist in casino and friend of pets, Sultés Szilvia, for the latest news on the Hungarian gambling scene. 

Documented service dogs have free transit most of the time. Yet, rules about therapy dogs may vary, depending on which casino you want to play. If you’re traveling to play in Hungarian casinos with your dog, you must follow the EU’s rules. If you are not allowed with dogs it is better to play at online casinos tha bet website. It means your dog must have a microchip or a tattoo, be vaccinated against rabies, and also have an EU pet passport. If you meet those criteria, Hungarian laws demand no quarantine. 

How Is It in Las Vegas?

When most casino lovers think of gambling, they think of Las Vegas. The city is a popular destination for many in the casino world. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, after all.

In the United States, all buildings (including casinos) must accept service dogs. It’s a federal, equal-opportunity policy. Most buildings also accept therapy dogs because trained dogs are unlikely to cause problems. Many hotels offer pet-sitting services while their owners enjoy the casinos. 

Owners have the right to carry their service or therapy dogs into any federal building. However, the dogs must not pose a threat to guests or property. Many places will ask for proof of insurance for possible damages to furniture and upholstery. 

Do Casinos Accept Dogs Other Than Service or Therapy Ones?

Service dogs aid people with sensory or other disabilities. They’re allowed inside most premises worldwide. Owners only need to keep their documentation updated and carry it at all times.  

Therapy dogs don’t always offer the same kind of support. For this reason, not all casinos accept them. Pet dogs are rarely accepted, except for special occasions. It’s still possible to find casinos with pet-sitting areas. 


Service dogs are allowed almost everywhere. Some casinos may restrict therapy pets, so check their regulations beforehand. Service and therapy dogs must have updated vaccination documents and microchips. Additionally, they must be registered at the entrance in many casinos. Pet-friendly casinos have external areas for pets and pet-sitting services. You can also find pet-friendly casino hotels. 

Plan ahead of the holiday trip to the casino with your pet. Mind the pet travelling regulations, and maintain vaccination records and other supporting documents. If you don’t want to leave your four-legged best friend behind, there are plenty of options for you! 


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