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Application of Actuators in the Automated World

Linear actuators are applied in almost all walks of our lives. From industry to our homes, linear actuators make our lives more comfortable, safer, and ecologically friendly.

In the manufacturing enterprises, actuators facilitate the performance of heavy works. They are especially useful for loading and unloading things, pushing and pulling, performing monotonous jobs and tasks that require top precision.

Choose Your Actuator Correctly

To choose a proper industrial actuator, you need to be either a specialist or to have very clear technical requirements. If it is not the case, you can ask a company’s representative to ask you. The most experienced and best manufacturers will provide you with a number of tools that will help you to make the right choice.

Progressive Automations linear actuator calculator is one of such tools. It makes the process of actuator selection easier for you even if you aren’t an engineer. To choose the best option for your project, you need just to provide the following specifications:

  • The max opening angle
  • The object’s height and width
  • The IP rate
  • The mounting points coordinates.

Other specifications might be needed if you want something specific. However, these features will be enough to provide you with the best options that will make your project work as expected. Just provide the mentioned specifications in the respective fields on the page with the tool, and get the recommendations.

Actuators for Industrial Application

In all industries, actuators play a special role. They are indispensable in the majority of moving parts of many mechanisms.


Linear actuators are widely used in the agricultural industry. They are able to withstand severe working conditions such as elevated dust levels, cold and hot weather, etc. Linear actuators do not require maintenance and are easy to manage.

They are widely used in:

  • Harvesters
  • Tractors
  • Spreaders, and similar.
Factory Machinery

In factories, actuators have been always used for automated applications. So, they are indispensable in:

  • Material handlers
  • For raising and lowering blades
  • Slurry tanks
  • Robotic arms, and similar.

Actuators for Domestic Applications

At home, actuators are irreplaceable, too, if you want to live in comfort. They can be used in different furniture pieces, installations, etc. So, let us have a look at the most common actuator use cases.

Actuators for the Living Room

Your living room can be changed completely with some linear actuators. Take an automated TV lift, for example. You can fix it behind a furniture piece, on a wall, in a cabinet, above the ceiling – just wherever you want. It allows you to liberate more space and create a high-tech atmosphere combined with coziness and comfort.

Automated panels enable you to change the decor according to your mood and circumstances.

Actuators in the Kitchen

Another place where actuators are indispensable is your kitchen. If you have been dreaming about more devices to facilitate your domestic tasks, or to arrange all those smaller items to have them by hand and use them comfortably, actuators are here to help.

A lift column installed in a kitchen cabinet will provide you with additional space for your domestic items. You can install several columns with platforms on the top and accommodate just any device, any number of devices that you need.

An automated lift rack can be hidden behind a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet or inside of it. There, you can organize those small things that are always needed: spices, kitchen utensils, or whatever you consider is ok for the rack.

Actuators in the Home Office

Your home office can benefit greatly from the use of actuators. Take a height-adjustable desk only. This item is a must-to-have in the office. Its benefits are immense, and it can be built by you.

Automated shelves require more work and skills. But they can liberate a lot of space and help you to keep your office things ordered.

Actuators in the Bed Room

Another place where you will for sure want to install actuators is the bed room. Automate the bed frame and arrange a spacious and comfortable storage box beneath. With a push of a button, you will be able to lift and lower your bed and use the storage box.

Actuators in the Patio

You can change your patio with a couple of powerful actuators and some imagination. Lift or foldable furniture, a lift TV cabinet, or whatever that comes to your mind can be built with linear actuators.

Bottom Line

Actuators might be applied in a variety of fields. You can use them both for industrial and for domestic applications. However, to make your project work make sure you are purchasing the right actuator. Some actuator parameters might be tricky. So, if you aren’t an engineer, it is recommended to consult a specialist, a manufacturer representative, to ensure you are getting the device that will work as expected.

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