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Apex Legends Player Finds World’s Edge ‘Pit of Death’

Apex Legends

One Apex Legends player has discovered a "pit of death" on the World's Edge map that has the potential to trap players indefinitely.

One Apex Legends player has discovered a “pit of death” on the World’s Edge map that has the potential to trap players indefinitely. / Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends player has discovered a “pit of death” on the World’s Edge map that has the potential to trap players indefinitely.

It’s not uncommon to find small cracks and crevices where players can clip through the map or slip and get stuck. Most multiplayer online games will run into this problem on a map sooner or later. There simply isn’t a way to test every single inch of a map in a timely manner before release. Fortunately, with a well-meaning player base like the one in Apex Legends, problems like these are found and—more often than not—solved efficiently.

The “pit” was highlighted in a Reddit post published on the official Apex Legends subreddit board by Nezan on Monday, Sept. 6.

The post includes a short clip of what appears to be a Caustic player getting trapped in a crack in the ice and rock formation on the map. Their teammates are doing their best to help get him out. At one point, the Lifeline player gets too close and slips into the pit, themselves. Eventually, the team’s Octane managed to throw his launch pad down in the pit to rescue the Caustic, but it disappeared before the Lifeline could use it to escape, as well.

Obviously, having an area like this on a map can prove deadly for players. Those unable to escape would eventually be caught and killed by the environment or stumbled upon by opposing players and effortlessly eliminated.

Nezan isn’t the first one to discover the pit, however. The replies to their post are full of others recounting their own encounters with the pit and how they got out.

“This happened to me, pathfinder zip saved me,” wrote Anomalocaris1.

Others theorized that a Horizon’s lift ability would be able to easily free them, to which Nezan agreed—a higher mobility legend would’ve likely worked wonders. They explained that they had tried nearly everything from grenades to other tacticals, but “the space it falls into nullifies them.” This could have been what happened to Octane’s pad.

A few users shared methods they used to climb out of the pit. Auchenai explained that they climbed the eastern ice wall and then faced south about halfway through. This “can be done with every legend,” they wrote.

Another, Igris-, agreed, stating that all they had to do was face “forward” while jumping left.

Nezan has since stated they will be clipping the ordeal and sending it to developers to take care of. At the time of writing, Respawn Entertainment has not acknowledged the pit nor announced a patch to fix it.

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