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Apex Legends Pick Rates for June 2021

Apex Legends

We’ve compiled the Apex Legends pick rates for June 2021.

We’ve compiled the Apex Legends pick rates for June 2021. / Respawn Entertainment

We’ve compiled the Apex Legends pick rates for June 2021.

Staying in the know on who you could meet on the battlefield is crucial to any player’s strategy plan. After all, it’s much easier to prepare if you know the likelihood of who you’ll be facing down. Fortunately, Apex Legends Status has you covered. We’ve been able to compile the rates at which players pick certain legends thanks to that helpful tool.

The legends pick rates for June 2021 are:

The top three most popular legends are Octane, Wraith, and Bloodhound, respectively. Meanwhile, the least popular legends are Rampart, Crypto, and Wattson.

This isn’t surprising, as Wattson has been facing some accidental issues with her abilities in recent months. Rampart and Crypto tend to be situational picks rather than all-around characters.

Meanwhile, Octane leads the pack thanks to his agility and rapid ability use. Wraith is currently benefiting from the removal of Low Profile and Bloodhound’s tracking during matches has only ever been useful.

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