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Apex Legends’ midseason ranked split brings competitive to Kings Canyon

Apex Legends’ midseason ranked split brings competitive to Kings Canyon

Apex Legends’ midseason ranked split kicked off today, moving the competitive playlist exclusively to Kings Canyon for the remainder of the season. The split was scheduled for last week, but Respawn postponed it after the Evolution event caused a series of crippling issues to the game.

The split means Kings Canyon will be the only map for competitive play until the shooter’s 11th season kicks off, presumably in late October or early November. Olympus sits out of the competitive rotation for good during Emergence but will return to ranked in the future. The floating city was also the second map in the Legacy ranked rotation.

The second half of the ranked season was slated to go live on Sept. 21, but Respawn pushed the date back by a week due to the server issues after the Evolution patch. Pros and streamers called for Respawn to extend the split date, and the studio seemingly listened. This means the second split will be slightly shorter.

The ranked season kicked off on an overhauled version of World’s Edge, with three gargantuan new points of interest. Train Yard, a particularly problematic area, turned into Landslide, a barren pit where the yard used to be. Refinery saw the lion’s share of the changes, however.

The less-than-popular POI turned into Climatizer at the beginning of season 10. The new POI is a large area with two symmetric buildings connected by gondolas, and the rail carts offer safe passage between the two, sheltering players from the seething lava below. Gondolas aren’t entirely safe, however, since players are vulnerable to enemy fire and grenades inside the carts.

The map update to World’s Edge also took out the popular Sorting Factory and replaced it with Lava Siphon. The new area also boasts several buildings connected by gondolas close to a larger building that opens different rotation paths.

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