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Apex Legends: Escape Season 11 Release Date Announced

Apex Legends
"The Legends are taking a vacation and they're ready for some fun in the sun...or at least, they think they are."

“The Legends are taking a vacation and they’re ready for some fun in the sun…or at least, they think they are.” / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends: Escape, the title’s upcoming 11th season, is officially set to launch on Nov. 2, 2021, Respawn Entertainment announced Thursday.

The reveal of the Apex Legends: Escape Season 11 release date was made via a four-minute and 4-second launch trailer. After what was a pretty horrifying unraveling of just who the simulacrum Ash really is, it seems Respawn Entertainment wants to get its community a moment of brief relaxation in the sunshine.

The trailer opens up with a Nessie bobblehead flanked by a view of what appears to be the new Tropical Islands map.

Soon enough, the camera pans to Mirage who casually tells Bangalore, “Anita, you are going to love it here.” Meanwhile, Octane, Rampart, and Crypto are seen arriving in their own boat.

True to her nature, Bangalore just isn’t buying it, mentioning that this isn’t a vacation and that “no good can come from this place.”

Despite the pristine waves, exotic wildlife and 54-year-old Fuse stealing the show shirtless, Bangalore refuses to let her guard down.

Soon enough, it quickly proves to be the right choice as, upon waking up from a nap, Mirage is nearly turned into lunch by some sort of dinosaur-looking carnivore.

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The real action soon begins as Caustic, Rampart and Revenant begin closing in on Mirage and Bangalore. Just as things look dire, however, Ash comes out of nowhere to save the day with her leaked “Arc Snare” Tactical Ability.

After taking them down, Ash then uses her “Marked for Death” Passive Ability, and directs Mirage and Bangalore to follow her lead. The trio then gets ambushed by Wattson, Pathfinder and Seer, but they are promptly shut down by Ash.

Ultimately, our main cast then gets attacked by a pack of giant spiders and an alien dragon, so it seems this map could have more of an emphasis on A.I. enemies.

Horizon, Gibraltar and Octane then enter the fray for a showdown before Ash uses her “Phase Breach” Ultimate Ability to get to safety.

Mirage then tells Ash he’s done fighting with her, then seemingly gets backstabbed by her and wakes back up immediately on the beach.

There, it seems to have all been a dream before he sees all of the enemy legends lying defeated on the shore. Ash then appears to ask Mirage to follow her, who then reluctantly leaves his beach chair to do so.

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