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ApeSwap partnering with Floki to utilize the FlokiFi Locker Protocol




  • ApeSwap is reportedly partnering with Floki to use the FlokiFi Locker Protocol.
  • The total value locked of the leading BNBChain DEX and DeFi protocol ApeSwap is $113 million.
  • The partnership is aimed at securing a Liquidity Pool of tokens of projects listed on ApeSwap’s platform.

In a recent tweet shared on the official Twitter handle of Floki, it has been revealed that ApeSwap is partnering with Floki to use the FlokiFi Locker Protocol. The leading BSC DEX and DeFi platform, ApeSwap, has entered this strategic partnership to utilize Floki’s freshly released, innovative crypto locker solution, FlokiFi Locker

The partnership is intended to provide security to the Liquidity Pool (PL) token of projects that are listed on the platform. ApeSwap, the leading Automated Market Maker, has a Total Trade Volume of $17.3 billion and is present on the Binance Smart Chain Network, with a Total Value Locked being $113 million. 

ApeSwap has managed to emerge notably as one of the top DEXs on the BSC Chain, with around 10-15 projects reaching out to get listed on the Apeswap platform daily. 

Following the partnership, ApeSwap will adopt the FlokiFi Locker as its major protocol for locking LP tokens of projects that launch on its premium launchpad platform. In addition to this, FlokiFi will be recommended as the preferred LP locker solution by ApeSwap for projects that list on its platform. 

Moreover, it has been revealed that they will coordinate a Treasury Bill sale along with the ApeSwap team to boost the initial liquidity provided to the ApeSwap platform. If you are not aware of Treasury Bill, you must note that they are an innovative liquidity mining program of ApeSwap. 

The major role of these mining programs is to boost the initial liquidity provided to the ApeSwap platform. 

Along with the leading DEX and the Treasury Bill program, the ApeSwap protocol carries more in its lots, such as ApeSwap Lending Network, a premium launchpad, and a utility token staking platform.

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  • Source: https://www.todaynftnews.com/apeswap-partnering-with-floki-to-utilize-the-flokifi-locker-protocol/

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