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ApeCoin newsletter writer Vulkan shares views on the recent peak of the coin



  • ApeCoin newsletter writer Vulkan shares views on the recent peak of the coin seen in April.
  • A high of $25 was touched by the coin during the land sale of Otherside Meta.
  • An increased number of holders is resulting in a minimum number of people voting on DAO.

A tweet from ApeCoin newsletter writer Vulkan was shared recently commenting on Ape holders. 

As per the tweet shared, he stated that on the Otherside Meta land sale in April, the prices of ApeCoin touched a high of around $25. However, since then, that level was not touched. Also, the number of Ape holders has already recovered back to its peak after experiencing a similar dip post land sale.  

He considers it a positive sign for the growth and development of the ecosystem, and this metric will continue to increase companies like Gucci in the future. Increasing and spreading awareness adoption of ApeCoin is important; meanwhile, the company is developing new projects. 

Continuing his statement, he added that as the number of holders is increasing, there are minimum numbers of people voting on DAO proposals. The breakdown of the votes cast at each of the first 14 proposals.


For the upcoming proposals, less than 1% of addresses have voted. Also, the staking proposals have less than 3% of holders voting. As per his views, he hopes that the delegation system proposed by Maaria Bajwa can help improve these numbers, and more of the audience can participate as the DAO progresses. 
Concluding the tweet thread, he mentioned tracking the metrics in his weekly newsletter. For the additional charts, one can check out @1kbeetlejuice‘s @DuneAnalytics page.

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  • Source: https://www.todaynftnews.com/apecoin-newsletter-writer-vulkan-shares-views-on-the-recent-peak-of-the-coin/

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