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Another Austrian Airlines Boeing 767 Leaves Vienna For The Last Time





Austrian Airlines has bid farewell to another of its Boeing 767 aircraft. Following the retirement of OE-LAT earlier this year, OE-LAX became the latest aircraft to fly the Austrian nest earlier today. It is the second of three 767 aircraft destined to leave the fleet.

Austrian Airlines, Boeing 767, Retirement
OE-LAX (pictured) departed from Vienna for the final time this morning. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

The global fleet has taken a massive hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the Lufthansa Group has disposed of many of its oldest and least efficient aircraft, with even more being sent to long-term storage. Sadly, three Austrian Airlines’ Boeing 767 aircraft are among the most aging aircraft in the entire Lufthansa Group fleet, meaning they were bound to feel the impact of cuts.

Farewell LAX

Earlier today, OE-LAX became the second Boeing 767 to depart the airline’s Vienna hub for the last time. The aircraft left Vienna at 07:05 this morning as OS1411. With the aircraft’s ultimate destination is Oscoda–Wurtsmith Airport in Michigan, this isn’t where it flew.

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Instead, having crossed the Atlantic, the aircraft landed at Bangor Airport in Maine. Here it will undergo customs clearance to enter the United States of America. Following its stopover, the aircraft will continue to its final destination in Michigan. The leg to Michigan will depart to its final destination with flight number OS1413.

Austrian Airlines, Boeing 767, Retirement
Austrian Airlines is retiring half of its Boeing 767 fleet. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

About the aircraft

According to Austrian, OE-LAX was delivered by Boeing in December 1992. However, Austrian Airlines wasn’t its first operator. Instead, the aircraft belonged to Lauda Air. It flew with Lauda Air until 2004, when the airline was taken over by Austrian Airlines. This saw the aircraft merge into the Lufthansa Group airline’s fleet.


Since joining the Lauda fleet almost 30 years ago, OE-LAX has clocked up quite the service record. According to Austrian Airlines, the aircraft has completed 19,600 landings. This equates to over 133,600 flight hours. In other words, if the aircraft had flown 133,600 non-stop since being delivered, it would’ve flown for over 15 years.

One more to leave the fleet

Of the six Austrian Airlines Boeing 767s, three will leave the airline’s fleet. OE-LAT was the first aircraft to leave the fleet back at the start of March. Following OE-LAX’s departure today, the airline is left with four aircraft.


Austrian Airlines, Boeing 767, Retirement
The aircraft being retired are some of the oldest in the entire Lufthansa Group fleet. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

OE-LAW is the oldest of these at 28.7 years of age. It is due to depart from the fleet later this year, although an exact date is yet to be revealed by Austrian Airlines. The three Boeing 767s have been purchased by MonoCoque Diversified.

Once OE-LAW departs, Austrian will be left with three Boeing 767’s with an average age of 21.6 years. These will be OE-LAE (20.5 years), OE-LAY (22.4 years), and OE-LAZ (21.8 years).

What do you make of the latest Boeing 767 departure? Will you miss OE-LAX? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!

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Southwest’s Plan To Attract More Business Travelers





Southwest Airlines is aiming to gain a bigger slice of the post-COVID business segment, Andrew Watterson, Southwest Airlines EVP, and Chief Commercial Officer, recently said. The low-cost carrier is taking advantage of the current commercial environment in the US to do it. Let’s investigate further.

Southwest is looking to increase its number of business travelers. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Southwest’s plans

The business travel market is one of the biggest question marks for the post-COVID world. There are mixed opinions regarding the importance this segment will have going forward. Some say it will never be the same, impacted by the appearance of new technologies embraced by companies like Zoom. Others say face-to-face business interactions will never go out of style.

While Southwest’s CEO, Gary Kelly, said last year on CNBC that business travel recovery might take up to ten years, the airline is still planning to attract this segment going forward.

Today, at a CAPA Live event, Southwest CCO Andrew Watterson said,

“Post-COVID, we will have a better offering to business travelers as well as our enhanced network for leisure travel as well. So we expect to take a bigger slice of the reduced pie of business travel post-COVID. And so, we think we’ll end up in a better spot than we were pre-COVID.”

Southwest Airlines is launching flights from 17 additional stations. Photo: Vincenzo Pace / Simple Flying

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How will Southwest achieve its goal?

Southwest’s plan to attract new business travelers depends mainly on two pillars. The first one is accessing new airports, increasing the number of bases from which it flies. The second one is the launch of a project appealing to large corporations instead of single customers.

In the last year, Southwest has opened up 17 additional stations across the United States. This number includes launching flights from some highly contested hubs like Chicago O’Hare, Houston’s Bush Intercontinental, and Miami’s International.


Adding to that, Southwest has expanded its presence in the global distribution system (GDS) network. This has allowed the airline to enhance its corporate travel game through agreements with Travelport and Amadeus.

Combining both aspects give Southwest a tremendous edge. Watterson said,

“We’re going into more business-friendly airports in the East and the Central of the country. We’re already there in the West of the country, combined with being able to distribute to corporations more seamlessly with GDS’s. We kept doing that project throughout COVID, and now we are going live with all the major GDSs. And so, we think when that comes together, we will have a better offering to business travelers.” 

Southwest Boeing 737-700
Southwest expects the worst of the pandemic has already passed. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

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The Southwest of the future

Southwest Airlines will continue to be a leisure-focused airline. In the last year, the two things that have boosted Southwest have been its financial strength and employee engagement.

Thanks to the compromise from Southwest’s employees, the airline has been able to open up at least 17 new stations, added Watterson.

Last month, Chairman and CEO Gary Kelly said in a statement,

“While the pandemic is not over, we believe the worst is behind us, in terms of the severity of the negative impact on travel demand.”

Going forward, the airline is excited about its recent big order for aircraft with Boeing.

“That combined with continuing to match supply and demand, the same market we’ve developed, we’ll just keep managing that and deploying incremental capacity to the demand we see,” added Watterson.

What do you think of Southwest’s plans to attract business travelers? Let us know in the comments.

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Boeing 737 Classic Operator Canadian North Wants Three -700s




From Simple Flying – link to source story

by Sumit Singh | May 12, 2021

Canadian North president and CEO Chris Avery has shared that his airline is expecting three Boeing 737-700 aircraft this summer. The carrier plays a crucial role in serving communities across Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. It is now looking to make the most of the unexpected opportunities brought about by the pandemic by upgrading its fleet.

Canadian North 737-300
The company is a wholly Inuit-owned airline based in Kanata, Ontario. Photo: Canadian North

Overcoming the challenges

Boeing 737s make up the biggest portion of Canadian North’s fleet. The airline has a mix of -200, 200C -300, -300(QC), -400, and -400C aircraft in its holdings. Despite the diverse range of 15 737s, the carrier is interested in upgrading to meet its sustainability and efficiency targets.

In a talk with CAPA Live, Avery highlights that the industry conditions before the pandemic made it a challenge for his airline to get hold of an aircraft such as the 737-700. The 737 MAX was grounded, and passenger demand was at an all-time high across the continents. So, getting hold of a -700 at a reasonable price was, understandably, a tough task.

Moreover, the regions that Canadian North serves generally have low populations. As Avery explains it, adding another flight to Clyde River is not the same as providing an extra service to Las Vegas. Therefore, the carrier has to be more reserved with its fleet renewals.

Canadian North Aircraft
Avery emphasizes that the communities that his airline reaches see the impact of climate change first hand. Photo: Canadian North

Ready to take the leap

Nonetheless, the pandemic caused a significant shift amid the downturn in passenger activity. So, the situation is allowing for the operator to transition.Advertisement:

“Getting hold of 737 NG aircraft was cost-prohibitive for us because our scheduled business is reliant on low utilization … We also have a sizable charter business in the West, specializing in workforce movement for the oil sands, and more recently, liquefied natural gas work in northern BC. And again, that’s low utilization flying because we’re flying for the customers when they want,” Avery told CAPA Live.

“… but because of COVID, we’re now able to access next-generation 737 aircraft at lower ownership costs, which are more fuel-efficient and better for the environment than the classic aircraft that we operate. So, we’re moving up the chain and moving up to more fuel-efficient aircraft.”Advertisement:

KLM Boeing 737-700
The 737-700 is a favorite in the industry. Photo: KLM

Keeping in communication

Canadian North also holds 13 ATR 42s. It also has a British Aerospace BAe 146, which it inherited from First Air. These turboprops are praised by airlines working in remote areas for their ability to take off and land in tough conditions.

Altogether, the airline in talks with ATR and Boeing about further renewing the fleet. The two manufacturers understand the economics of the airline. So, after the parties conclude on the right solution in the next chapter, there may be further additions this decade. Until then, Canadian North will be looking to put the 737 NG’s promoted superior, efficiency, reliability, and high-value returns to the test.

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Ryanair To Open Zagreb Base Early Amid Croatia Airlines Competition





Ryanair will open its Zagreb Airport base more than a month earlier than planned this summer, in July, much to the disapproval of Croatia Airlines. Ryanair has also announced two new routes to Zagreb, and it is appealing against the state aid provided to Croatia Airlines last year.

Ryanair is intensifying its expansion in Croatia as it aims to overtake Croatia Airlines in seat capacity by next year. Photo: Getty Images

Ryanair will come to Zagreb Airport sooner than planned

Ryanair has brought forward the opening of its new Lauda base in Zagreb Airport, just over a month after it was first announced. Instead of 1st September, the base will now open on 23rd July.

At the same time, Ryanair has announced two new routes to Zagreb: Malmö in Sweden and Weeze Airport near Düsseldorf in Germany. The total number of Ryanair’s new routes to Zagreb now stands at 14.

As we reported last month, Croatia Airlines is highly unhappy with Ryanair’s arrival in its base airport. The national airline of Croatia is arguing that Ryanair has been offered unfair financial terms by Zagreb Airport at Croatia Airlines’ expense.

Ryanair has responded robustly to Croatia Airlines’ PR campaign by launching an appeal to the Court of Justice of the European Union against the state aid that the Government of Croatia provided to Croatia Airlines. Croatia Airlines received a cash injection in 2020 for COVID-19 reasons, but also in 2019 to cover its operational losses.

Croatia Airlines government aid Dash and Airbus
Ryanair is appealing the Croatian Government’s decision to provide state aid to Croatia Airlines. Photo: Getty Images

So which routes is Ryanair launching?

Ryanair is launching 14 new routes out of Zagreb, though it has indicated that it plans to operate as many as 40 by the end of 2022, and that it wants to overtake Croatia Airlines as the busiest airline in Zagreb and all of Croatia.


The new routes are, in the order of launch date:

  • Brussels Charleroi, 2nd June
  • Milan Bergamo, 17th June
  • London Stansted, 23rd July
  • Rome Ciampino, 23rd July
  • Gothenburg, 23rd July
  • Oslo Sandefjord, 1st September
  • Karlsruhe/Baden Baden, 2nd September
  • Paris Beauvais, 2nd September
  • Memmingen, 3rd September
  • Frankfurt Hahn, 3rd September
  • Dortmund, 3rd September
  • Podgorica, 4th September
  • Malmö, 4th September
  • Düsseldorf Weeze, 4th September

London Stansted, Rome Ciampino, and Gothenburg are all launching on 23rd July instead of early September as originally planned. Milan Bergamo is launching in mid-June instead of July as originally planned.


Lauda A320
Zagreb Airport will be a Lauda Europe base for Ryanair, so flights with aircraft based there will be operated by Airbus A320s. Photo: Getty Images

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How has Croatia Airlines responded?

Croatia Airlines has not made any operational moves so far to respond to the arrival of Ryanair on its home territory. The airline has held talks with Ryanair and the Croatian Government with the intention to see its own fees at Zagreb Airport reduced.

However, Zagreb Airport is not budging, at least so far. The airport has not offered any specific deal to Ryanair: it has announced an incentives program that offers major discounts on flight operations for airlines that launch new routes to the airport.

Ryanair has done exactly that: the airline has launched 14 brand new routes that have never been served out of Zagreb. But Croatia Airlines does not see it that way, and it wants its own fees at Zagreb lowered on the basis that it accounts for half of its passenger traffic.

What do you think of the emerging battle between Ryanair and Croatia Airlines? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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United expands beer, wine and snacks to nearly all flights over two hours




Starting June 1, United Airlines customers on most flights over two hours will be able to purchase beer, wine and White Claw® Hard Seltzer, making United the first major airline to offer the hard seltzer onboard its aircraft. On June 15, United will introduce a revamped menu of for-purchase snacks and brand-new premium cabin meal options on most flights over 1,500 miles and hub-to-hub flights over 800 miles or more than two hours. Customers will be able to purchase these offerings from the Buy-On-Board menu using United’s new mobile wallet technology.

New Adult Beverage Menu

United’s revamped adult beverage menu features a number of options sourced locally from United’s hubs, along with customer favorites from iconic brands. The new menu includes:

  • White Claw® Mango
  • Breckenridge Brewery Juice Drop Hazy IPA
  • Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale
  • Michelob ULTRA®
  • Stella Artois®
  • Red, white and sparkling wine options

New Snack Boxes

United’s new snack boxes offer three distinct experiences for travelers of all ages and tastes:

  • Tapas Box: Hummus, bruschetta, breadstick crackers, flatbread crackers, sea salt almonds, olives, dark chocolate sea salt caramel
  • Takeoff Box: Salami, apricots, gouda cheese spread, white cheddar cheese spread, multigrain crackers, cream crackers, smoked almonds, Toblerone®
  • Recline Box: Pirate’s Booty® white cheddar puffs, honey mustard pretzels, gummi bears, OREO® cookies

New A la Carte Options

In addition to the popular Pringles® Classic potato chips, United is adding three new a la carte snacks to its menu to give customers a larger variety of options, including high-protein and gluten-free options. The revamped menu includes:

  • Trü Frü Banana Bites: hyper-dried bananas covered in dark chocolate
  • Food Should Taste Good™ Chips & Salsa Box: gluten-free, sweet potato “tortilla” chips with roasted pepper salsa
  • GourmetNut Mega Omega Trail Mix: snack mix with walnuts, dried mango, almonds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds

How Contactless Payment Works:

To purchase select drinks and snack items onboard a flight, United’s contactless payment system allows customers to store their payment information in a digital wallet on the United app and on prior to departure.

  • Once in flight, customers can access a menu to view available items either on the United app and in Hemispheres.
  • Rather than handing the flight attendant a credit card, the flight attendant will ask for the customer’s name and seat to confirm the card on file.
  • Once confirmed, customers will receive their products and the card on file will be charged accordingly.

New Domestic Premium Cabin Menu Items

United is also introducing brand-new meal offerings to customers seated in domestic premium cabins on flights over 1,500 miles and hub-to-hub flights over 800 miles. The enhanced meal service includes a choice of entrees – including fresher options like egg scramble with plant-based chorizo and grilled chicken breast with orzo and lemon basil pesto – sides and dessert. United has also partnered with Eli’s Cheesecake to create a uniquely United chocolate pie flavor called “Pie in the Sky.” The meals will be served on one tray, with items individually wrapped, to limit person-to-person contact and further the safety of our employees and customers.

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