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An upcoming Windows 10 version offers search without Cortana



Windows 10 continues to evolve and offer users more of what they want.

The latest round of source says that Microsoft is pushing Cortana to focus more on productivity while the company is unifying the search function with Microsoft Office 365.

The insider build version that Microsoft released just recently (Windows 10 version 18317) is all set to change how users are able to use functions such as search and Windows 10 features such as Cortana on, you guessed it, Windows.

Various publications have recently mentioned how Microsoft, as a company, wants to work on repositioning its digital assistant Cortana as a digital assistant that is mainly focused on increasing the productivity of the user.

Moreover, the company also has shown a desire to integrate the search function with its Office 365 offering.

At the time of writing this report, Windows 10 offers users a single box for text which appears on the main taskbar.

Windows 10 users have no choice but to use this box for their desired searches as well as Cortana commands.

In order to search or something, all that the user has to do is to type out a word or more.

Once the user does that, Windows 10 automatically searches the Start menu along with documents and settings.

However, if the user makes use of the same text box to type out a command that says something like ‘tell me a great job right now”, Windows 10 is unable to perform any kind of search.

Instead of performing the search, what Windows 10 does is that it delivers the command to Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana.

When the Windows 10 operating system does that, Cortana is able to duly oblige and provides results.

However, things are going to get repositioned in the latest build version of Windows 10.

Microsoft is aiming to have users utilize the text box solely for activities such as searching.

In order to give Cortana any kind of commands, Windows 10 users will now have to speak to the digital assistant and/or perform a separate and extra click on the button which belongs to Cortana, on the Windows 10 taskbar.

There is hiding the fact that the community often criticized Microsoft for such a combination of the two above-mentioned features.

To some, they simply did not go well with the overall Windows 10 user interface.

Part of the reason why this is happening is that some feel that there is really no specific reason as to why the company should bundle both the functions together.

It is well known that both functions are able to respond to the user’s typed commands.

Hence, it makes a lot of sense to make use of the same text box for a total of two different things.

That might also help the company to save some space as well.

The other thing to note here is that, searches have become very popular in the last couple of years.

Because of that, it is highly likely that a lot of Windows 10 users actually got introduced to the company’s digital assistant, Cortana, while searching for something and looking at the results.


If Microsoft does go ahead and separates the two functions then that should do a good job of making the whole Windows 10 interface slightly more logical than before.

News sources also indicate that the company has also disentangled the settings pages to further benefit Windows 10 users.

Apart from that, Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to promise users some more big changes that the company would bring to the operating system’s search experience.

These features will become particularly visible to those users who make use of Microsoft Office 365 as a part of a corporation or something similar.

Microsoft will unify all searches whether users invoke Teams or Bing or Office or Windows.

As a result of that, no matter the place from where the user begins his/her search, he/she will have no problems in finding (just to take an example) documents which may appear in the corporate Microsoft SharePoint or even something like OneDrive for Business.

The same would apply to conversations that take place via Yammer or Teams.

Let’s not forget the addition of contacts from the official company address boo as well.

Readers should understand that Microsoft is not really abandoning Cortana.

However, the company is simply making some pretty meaningful changes to give Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, a bit more focus.

To take an example, the latest Windows 10 Insider preview version comes with the inclusion of an integration feature between Outlook, Cortana and Microsoft To-Do app’s tasks.

Most of us would really know that Cortana has long gained the ability to assist users in setting reminders for them.

The new integration feature, for the end user, would mean that now Windows 10 will show all these reminders visible in Microsoft Outlook as well as Microsoft To-Do app.

It is also true that Microsoft has given plenty of indications that the Cortana button that resides currently on the main Windows taskbar may actually not be the digital assistant’s final home after all.

There are plenty of rumors going around circulating in the community that for quite a while now, Microsoft has been thinking about eventually moving the whole Cortana functionality directly into the Windows 10 Action Center.

In such a scenario, Windows 10 will use Cortana to handle all sorts of notifications amongst other things.


Cyber Security

Best Sandbox Software



Table of Contents

The Best Sandbox Software for Testing Windows Programs in a Safe Environment

When testing a new app, use a sandbox environment to protect your machine from malicious software.

When testing a new, unfamiliar app, there’s just one surefire way to keep your computer safe: use a sandbox environment.

The sandbox environment is isolated from the rest of your system if the application is insecure, dangerous, part of an adware package, or maybe a virus. That usually entails the absence of any impediment, such as a virus or other malware. It’s as simple as deleting the offending post from the system.

Isn’t that fantastic? There are a few distinct sandbox programmes available for Windows users. Here are two of the best, in no particular order.

1. Turn on the Windows 10 Sandbox feature.

If you have Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education, you may take use of a number of new features. The sandbox function, which you can enable with a few simple clicks, is one of the best (and most hidden) of these.

To enable Windows Sandbox, go to Start, type “windows features” into the search box, and then select “Turn Windows features on or off.” Scroll down in the new window and check the “Windows Sandbox” box, then click OK and restart your computer.

You should be able to find “windows sandbox” in the Start menu now. You’ll find it there, click it to open it, and you’ll be good to go.


Windows Update Error 0x80092004

If you don’t see the Sandbox option, check your motherboard BIOS (usually by pressing the Delete, F2 or F8 keys when your PC is loading) to determine if hardware virtualization is enabled.

2. BitBox  option (Browser in the Box)

This programme, which stands for “Browser in the Box,” is intended exclusively for online browsing in a sandbox environment. It’s available in Chrome and Firefox versions, and it’s essentially a VirtualBox instance of Linux created exclusively for browsing, so it uses a little more memory than the other options on this list.

BitBox has the capacity to download files to your physical PC, so you must determine if you want this to happen and configure BitBox accordingly. It takes important safeguards, such as turning off your microphone and monitoring all host-BitBox contacts, to make it a safe and secure option.

 3. BufferZone

BufferZone is an endpoint sandboxing tool, which means that if you’re going to portions of the Internet that could be risky for your computer’s security, or if someone passes you a USB stick that you don’t trust (it happens to everyone, right? ), it’s a good idea to run things through BufferZone first. It’s simple to add new apps to run through BufferZone, and it’s compatible with all major web browsers.

You don’t need to do much tweaking to get it up and running, which is a benefit over alternative sandbox software. BufferZone makes it difficult for web-based harmful software to get onto your PC by enclosing your chosen activities in a safe Virtual Zone. Everything you run through it becomes “read-only,” ensuring that no malware may write itself to your hard disc.

4. Sandboxie

Sandboxie is a popular and widely used tool for sandboxing and isolating programmes from the underlying Windows operating system. Sandboxie is both lightweight and free, which are two wonderful features. Sandboxie allows you to install and run nearly any Windows programme. You can use Sandboxie to run any already installed programme, such as your web browser, in addition to installing software. Simply choose “Sandbox -> Default Box -> Run Sandboxed -> Run Web browser” from the menu. Select “Run Any Program” if you want to run another programme.


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A broad yellow border around the window indicates that you are in a sandboxed environment when you launch a programme in Sandbox mode. Sandboxie is available in both free and premium editions, with the free version lacking some key features such as required apps, multiple sandboxes, and so on. The free version, on the other hand, should serve for most home users.


Another popular and free sandboxing application is Shade Sandbox. Shade’s user interface is significantly simpler, intuitive, and beginner-friendly than Sandboxie’s.

Simply drag and drop an application into the Shade Sandbox window to sandbox it. The application will be automatically sandboxed the next time you run it.

All of your browsing history, temporary files, cookies, Windows registry, system files, and other items are well segregated from the operating system when you use Shade Sandbox. Any files you download with Shade will be saved in the Virtual Downloads folder, which you may access via the Shade interface. Shade Sandbox is a sandbox programme with a simple user interface that is perfect for beginners.

6. Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze works in a very different way from the sandbox apps mentioned above. Toolwiz Time Freeze produces a virtual clone of your whole system settings and files and saves the state when you install it. Simply reboot the machine after utilising the application you want to test, and it will be restored immediately. When you want to thoroughly test a programme with no restrictions but don’t want the programme to make any changes to the host operating system, this type of application comes in handy.


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7. Shadow Defender

Toolwiz Time Freeze is similar to Shadow Defender. You will be prompted to virtualize your system disc and any additional drives you want when you install and initialize the software. Any changes made to the system after it has been virtualized are lost the next time the system is rebooted.

Of course, you can always define which files and folders Shadow Mode should not affect. This allows you to pick and choose which changes you want to preserve and which ones you don’t. When in Shadow Mode, all you have to do is click the “Commit Now” button in the main window to save a downloaded file or commit to a system change.

8. Create a Virtual Machine

Light virtualization is what all of the aforementioned sandbox programs perform. That is, the apps you’re evaluating are still functioning, albeit in a limited capacity, on the host operating system. If you want complete virtualization, you can use Virtual Box or VMware to create a virtual machine with the operating system of your choice.

After you’ve played around with these Windows sandbox applications, why not put your real PC to the test by running some benchmarks? Visit our guides on how to benchmark your CPU and stress-test your GPU in Windows 10 for more information.

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IT Server Management



IT Server Management- Organizations require server infrastructure to conduct the majority of their IT operations, such as data storage, website hosting, email, and application development. Even though the majority of organisations have switched to cloud services (which use servers in vast, far-flung data centres), some still use in-house servers or operate in a hybrid environment. You must keep track of hardware, software, security, and backups to guarantee that your servers are constantly in good working order.

Table of Contents

What is IT Server Management?

IT server administration is a method of overseeing and maintaining servers so that they run at their best. It includes hardware, software, security, and backup administration. Its main goal is to reduce server slowdowns and downtime, build safe environments, and ensure that servers continue to satisfy an organization’s needs as it expands.

What is a Virtual Server?

A virtual server, unlike a standard physical server that runs on a single machine, allows multiple servers to be hosted on a single piece of hardware. It aids efficiency by allowing more work to be done with less hardware. When compared to physical servers, they can be a little more difficult to administer. Anyone who works with servers should be familiar with both physical and virtual servers in order to identify which environment is best for their requirements.


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Server Management Basics

The following components are managed by the server manager:

  • Hardware – It keeps an eye on your important hardware components like RAM and CPU to make sure they’re working properly.
  • Software – It regularly updates software, firmware, and operating systems.
  • Security – Deploy security measures like antivirus tools, firewalls, access control, and encryption.


Creates a cloud or physical backup copy of your data and has a recovery strategy in place.
Choosing Server Manager Tools

IT administrators can monitor and improve the overall health of their servers by using IT server management software. It also keeps track of prior outages and event logs in order to spot any repeating difficulties or trends. When selecting an IT server tool, keep the following considerations in mind to guarantee that your investment is profitable.

Vendor Compatibility

It’s possible that you’re happy with your present hardware provider. However, you may need to update and replace devices that aren’t supported by your existing provider at some point. Choose an IT server tool that does not tie you to a single vendor. Even if all of your equipment is from the same manufacturer, be sure it works with different vendors.

Try Out Various Tools First

All of your apps, including your IT server management tool, consume a significant amount of your time and resources. Typically, software is designed to meet people who have certain needs or are of a given size. Having said that, you should avoid purchasing a tool that will have a large impact on resources or slow down operations. Most providers offer free trials; take advantage of them before committing to a single vendor.


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Meets Your Requirements

Each piece of software has its own set of characteristics. Try to match the tool you’ll acquire to the server requirements of your firm. Although some may provide an exceptionally complete package, you should avoid purchasing software that has features you will never use. Those who live in limited spaces should stick to the basics. For a larger setting, you might want to look into a solution that can handle complexity and includes group-management capabilities. Just stay away from complicated instruments that may become unusable in the future.

Server Management Roles

Select a server administration tool that allows you to offer limited access to management consoles. You can provide authorised workers access to reports in this way, allowing them to create their own analytics.

Scaling Server Monitoring

The computing requirements are always changing. Companies should think about investing in an IT server management platform that can scale up and down as needed. Purchasing scalable tools is advantageous because you don’t have to retrain and familiarise your personnel with new software; instead, you simply purchase an update within the same product family.

Automating Server Management Processes

Manually assessing the performance of a server environment has become more challenging as sophisticated server systems have become more popular. You’ll need to automate the time-consuming and labor-intensive server administration activities. Most server administration activities can be reduced to a bare minimum with the help of a reliable IT server tool.


AI-based network analysis VMware to purchase Nyansa

Last Thoughts

You may avoid downtime, security breaches, and poor server performance by using an effective IT server management application.

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Ecuador’s Largest Bank Continued to Experience Service Disruptions Following Cyberattack



Following a cyberattack on the country’s main bank a few days ago, customers of Ecuador’s largest bank continued to endure service delays on Friday.

Long lineups gathered outside Pichincha bank offices, and tens of thousands of people flocked to social media to vent their frustrations. People have complained about not being able to use the bank’s online or mobile app services. ATMs functioned reasonably well, and branches stayed open.

In a statement released Monday, the bank said it had discovered a “cybersecurity problem in our systems” that had “partially suspended our services.”

“We are accomplishing the impossible,” said Fidel Egas, the company’s largest stakeholder. They seek to hold us responsible for a situation in which we are the victims.”

The government’s Bank Superintendency dispatched a delegation to the bank’s headquarters to keep an eye on the issues and potential remedies.

That bank has roughly 1.5 million customers and a $1.5 billion client base.

The post Ecuador’s Largest Bank Continued to Experience Service Disruptions Following Cyberattack appeared first on Cybers Guards.
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How to Choose Your IT Inventory Management Software



How to Choose Your IT Inventory Management Software- Organizing your inventory necessitates a high level of precision. If you don’t want to have excessive purchases, insufficient supplies, or shipping delays, you must avoid tracking, counting, or forecasting errors. While some people still use manual inventory today, IT inventory management software is now available to help you optimise your everyday operations and reduce supply chain blunders.

Table of Contents

What is an IT Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software is a method for tracking and maintaining stocked objects or assets that combines technology and practises. It allows merchants to keep track of and arrange their inventory, whether it’s raw materials or finished goods ready for distribution to vendors or end customers.

Why is it Necessary to Have a Good Inventory Management Software?

Inventory is one of a company’s most important assets. Managing an effective inventory system is more difficult than many people believe. It’s an important aspect of the supply chain, and getting it wrong could cost you money.


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Here are a few reasons why IT inventory management is advantageous to your company.

Monitor incoming and outgoing inventory meticulously

You may increase your profitability, performance, and general efficiency by automatically tracking incoming and exiting inventory. The product lifecycle is improved by employing IT inventory management software, from price to delivery.

Automate to simplify fulfilment complexities

When retailers invest in automated inventory, they may avoid the complications that other merchants face and instead enjoy the benefits of a smooth supply chain operation. You can tackle a variety of tracking and fulfilment difficulties with the help of IT inventory management software. It may pinpoint the exact location of products and direct orders that fit certain criteria to a specific facility for fulfilment.

Streamline warehouse management

A smart warehouse management system ensures that you always know where everything is. If your team is unable to locate a product, it will slow down the entire process and cause delays. Thankfully, IT inventory management software can help you with this, improving your management operations in the process.

What Should You Look for in Inventory Management Software?

Inventory tracking

You must keep track of the status of raw materials and finished goods along the supply chain while adopting inventory controls. You can automate inventory tracking using IT inventory management, eliminating the need to execute time-consuming operations manually. When systems create invoices, they can generate tracking numbers, saving time and effort that can be put to better use elsewhere.


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Inventory barcoding

Because manually entering codes is time-consuming, barcoding is now commonly used to manage and control inventory. Barcodes not only eliminate frequent mistakes associated with manual entry, but they also automate operations that require connectivity with other components of inventory management.

Inventory management becomes more consistent when data is collected, stored, and organised digitally. You can enhance inventory accuracy, speed up product replenishment, and eliminate paper-based documentation with barcode scanners.


Analytics aids organisations in better understanding their own performance as well as the habits of their customers. Pre-defined reports are provided by IT inventory management software, allowing you to obtain the critical KPIs you require.

Regular updates

Regular updates, such as inventory counts, are provided by IT inventory management software. This ensures that out-of-stock commodities are not ordered, and it helps you to keep track of the number of raw materials on hand so that you can repurchase them as needed.


You’re probably utilising a variety of management tools to run your company. Your inventory should, ideally, be connected with any other back-end programmes you use. Otherwise, you’d have to manually enter data, which would take a long time.

Typically, inventory management software is integrated with warehouse management, accounting software, purchasing systems, and other systems. You can streamline your supply chain and save money and time in the long run if these numerous apps can connect with one another.


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