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An Apex fan builds their own Wingman and it’s the real deal

A beloved gun given the faithful recreation it deserves.

The post An Apex fan builds their own Wingman and it’s the real deal appeared first on Dot Esports.

An Apex fan builds their own Wingman and it’s the real deal

The Wingman pistol continues to be one of Apex Legends’ most iconic weapons, gaining near-mythical status in its early incarnations dominating the meta. Respawn itself may have recognized this with the release of a toy replica, but this incredible build by u/purehjeffs brings it to life in a step beyond what’s come before it. From its complete suite of sound effects to a reload mechanism perfectly pulled straight from the game itself, it’s easy to forget it’s only supposed to be an initial prototype.

In the comments beneath the video, purehjeffs offered insight into its creation, explaining this prototype took roughly two months to get to where it is now. The majority of that time was dedicated to the modeling process of the Wingman itself. It’s clear to see the time spent on that 3D print paid dividends in the final product. The flick of a switch pushes away both rails on the gun, freeing its empty drum for a reload in impressive mimicry of the in-game equivalent.

What really sets it apart, however, is its use of audio.

Everything from pulling the trigger to each step of the reload has its sounds from Apex featured. A live LED ammo counter beneath the sights updates with each shot fired and each re-insertion of the drum. A built-in delay on the audio board used means it isn’t perfectly on beat but a small-scale build requires an equally small audio board, where there are limited buying and replacement options. Regardless, it doesn’t detract from the overall presentation.

It didn’t detract from the impression it left on fellow fans either, many eager to lavish them with compliments and a few already hoping to see a version available for sale. But purehjeffs points out the intention was never anything of the sort, the Wingman remaining a fun personal project for now.


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