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Amsted Automotive Expands Global Powder Metallurgy Capacity by Forming a Joint Venture with Anhui HOFO Mechanical and Electrical Co. Ltd.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amsted Automotive has formed a joint venture with Anhui HOFO Mechanical and Electrical Co. Ltd. The new venture is called BN-HOFO Material Technology (Anhui) Ltd., or BN-HOFO for short. BN-HOFO joins the technology resources of Amsted Automotive’s Burgess-Norton business unit with HOFO’s in-country manufacturing and technology base to further improve Burgess-Norton’s position as a leader in powder metal component manufacturing.

“The agreement combines Burgess-Norton’s more than 60 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of precision powder metal components with HOFO’s world-class facility in China and extensive engagement in the local market,” said Jeremy Holt, President of Amsted Automotive.

The joint venture will address the existing demands of the local Chinese powder metal market for large, complex components and the growing market for electric vehicle components. BN-HOFO has the largest powder metal press in China, which will enable Amsted Automotive to provide solutions for the rapidly emerging need for powder metallurgy materials and technologies in Asia and with global customers.

Burgess-Norton will have the unique opportunity to increase its reach into the domestic China market with globally competitive powder metal technologies and materials, allowing Amsted Automotive to expand its footprint in powder metallurgy worldwide. The joint venture will be positioned to produce production-ready components in 2022.

About Amsted Automotive
Amsted Automotive is the merger of two of its century-old, core Tier 1 automotive supply business units, Means Industries and Burgess Norton, to form a new and innovative technology team. Our combined group offers an expanded global presence with 16 facilities in North America, Asia and Europe to adequately serve the global customer base with a robust manufacturing footprint producing over 100 million components and assemblies annually. Amsted Automotive combines process design and engineering expertise so that it can serve as both an agile and global leader in advanced metal-forming, powder metal manufacturing and electro-mechanical clutch design. Ultimately, Amsted Automotive offers leading-edge electrified and advanced propulsion solution for customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

About Burgess-Norton
Founded in Geneva, Illinois, in 1903, Burgess-Norton built the core of its business on piston pins. It has produced millions of units for all types of internal combustion engines in North America as well as many leading international customers throughout the automotive and truck markets. In 1954, Burgess-Norton introduced powder metal technology. Over the years, it has established a global reputation for quality and value — a direct result of its commitment to developing innovative solutions for its customers in targeted component markets, including drivetrain and transmission. Company headquarters are in Geneva, Illinois.

About Anhui HOFO Mechanical and Electrical Co. Ltd.
Anhui HOFO Mechanical and Electrical Co. Ltd. is the largest automotive A/C clutch manufacturer with leading sales of spun pulleys in China and strong technical know-how in multiple metal processing disciplines. Company headquarters are in Bengbu, Anhui Province, China.

Cole Quinnell
[email protected]

SOURCE Amsted Automotive

Amsted Automotive Expands Global Powder Metallurgy Capacity by Forming a Joint Venture with Anhui HOFO Mechanical and Electrical Co. Ltd.

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Amsted Automotive Expands Global Powder Metallurgy Capacity by Forming a Joint Venture with Anhui HOFO Mechanical and Electrical Co. Ltd.

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