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Amino: Delivering content to screens anywhere


Digital signage, in the form of graphics, information and video, is an increasingly popular communication tool used by healthcare, entertainment, retail, corporate, government and public transit entities.

Enabling reliable content delivery to screens anywhere is the core function of a media player. With screens deployed in a wide variety of environments, the media player must fulfill requirements for out-of-sight operation, low-touch management, and highly dependable functionality.

Our media players are designed to deliver high-quality audio and video, consequently Amino has been behind the screens in every imaginable location for over two decades. Media players used by enterprise and digital signage clientele must support various media formats from high quality audio and video to static graphic images. Displays are both portrait and landscape and content may be scheduled or delivered in realtime. The ability to integrate with a variety of hardware and software platforms is vital; and the devices must be easy to deploy and manage – wherever they are located. Amino’s H200 media player ticks all these boxes and more.

The robust H200 provides the reliability and security needed for deployment in all public spaces. Delivering AV1/HEVC 4Kp60 high quality video and 4K graphics, the device is VESA compliant with a tamper-proof ruggedized chassis. Additional benefits are out-of-sight operations, remote management, and optional Power-over-Ethernet, which eliminates the need for power cords. While the H200 is at the core of Amino’s Enterprise Solutions, additional value is provided through the H200 software development kit (SDK) and Amino Orchestrate, our cloud-based management platform.

The ability to have bespoke applications is integral to providing truly engaging digital signage services. They provide the unique interface, management and functionality needed for the diverse range of enterprise applications. Amino’s SDK gives technology providers the ability to create JavaScript, native or hybrid applications by developing against our APIs. Access to our knowledgebase and regular software maintenance releases accelerates development and time to market.

Centralised, touchless control of media players is critical in many environments. Amino Orchestrate is our cloud-based suite of tools to simplify management of geographically dispersed devices and content. Enabled by an intuitive, web-based, graphical user interface, it is easy to set up and modify devices. The platform helps users to assign firmware, configure profiles and provision content or apps – all with a few simple clicks. The platform also provides users with views of output streams, device parameters and other diagnostic data. In short, Amino Orchestrate gives users touchless management of deployed media players.

Amino’s enterprise solutions provide a balance of control and flexibility. Whether the requirements are for low latency video delivery, environmental and ambient temperature standards or advanced network security needs, Amino makes it easy and quick to deploy, manage, integrate and customise our media player.

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