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American Airlines Launches New Range Of Amenity Kits




American Airlines is launching a new range of amenity kits across selected international and premium transcontinental flights. The amenity kit bags are designed by Shinola and stocked with goodies from D.S. & Durga. Passengers on some routes will see the new amenity kits this week. Others will have to wait until later in the northern summer.

American Airlines is rolling out new amenity kits on selected long-haul and premium transcontinental routes. Photo: American Airlines

“American Airlines is introducing new onboard amenity kits for premium cabin customers in partnership with Shinola and D.S. & Durga,” says American Airlines in a statement. Perhaps over-emphasizing the role an amenity kit plays in most passenger’s lives, the airline goes on to say;

“These thoughtful and creative partners will help keep memories of customers’ travels top of mind, even when customers aren’t flying 35,000 feet in the air.”

New amenity kits rolled out on American’s London flights this week

The new amenity kits will be available to passengers in Flagship First, Flagship Business, and premium economy classes on flights between the United States and London from this week. This includes American Airlines London-bound flights departing from Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York Kennedy, and Seattle. The new kits will show up on other long-haul international and premium transcontinental flights throughout the summer.

But passengers will need to target flights operated by certain aircraft. London-bound passengers will need to fly on one of American’s Boeing 777-300ER services to snag a Flagship First seat. American’s Boeing 777-300ERs also feature Flagship Business and premium economy seating. Passengers in the main cabin miss out on the new amenity kits.

American’s domestic transcontinental passengers will need to book a seat on a premium seat heavy aircraft such as the Airbus A321T. According to reporting in The Points Guy, transcontinental passengers will see a small downgrade in their amenity kits. Transcontinental first class passengers will score a Flagship Business amenity kit. Transcontinental business class passengers will receive a premium economy amenity kit.


New Flagship First amenity kits. Photo: American Airlines
New Flagship Business amenity kits. Photo: American Airlines
New premium economy amenity kits. Photo: American Airlines

Fancy a desk clock made from a former American Airlines MD-80?

Shinola is a United States-based luxury design brand best known for its watches and leather goods. Shinola is also getting busy making clocks for American Airlines when not stitching new amenity bags for American Airlines.  Using metal from the now-retired McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft fleet, Shinola is making desk clocks.

Each clock dial is unique and bears small markings from the aircraft’s decades of service. Shinola is only making 1,000 of the clocks. American Airlines’ loyalists will be able to buy one with or without the airline’s vintage logo.


Shinola is now selling desk clocks made from former American Airlines MD-80 metal. Photo: Shinola

What is in the new American Airlines amenity kits?

What’s in the new amenity kits? Much of the product is standard, but helpfully so. Toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, and eye masks never go astray on a long flight. But the amenity kits will also include lip balms and lotions with scents made by New York-based perfumers D.S. & Durga.

American Airlines provides two samples of the scents. One is called Rose Atlantic. Apparently, it is inspired by “summers on the New England coast with aromas of wild rose and the salty sea.” But it is the Radio Bombay scent that sounds most interesting. D.S. & Durga says the scent channels “hot copper tubes warm the soft wood releasing the blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco, and cedar distillates.”

If you’re an airline amenity kit collector, best book a flight. Doug Parker will welcome the business. If you want one of Shinola’s limited edition American Airlines desk clocks, head to Shinola’s website.

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American Airlines Celebrates 80 Years of Service to Canada



American’s first ever international flight from Buffalo, New York to Toronto operated June 24, 1941, on a Douglas DC-3 aircraft.

TORONTO, June 24, 2021 /CNW/ – On June 24, 1941, American Airlines operated its first-ever international passenger flight from Buffalo, New York, to Toronto, Canada. The aircraft operating this historic flight was a Douglas DC-3 aircraft with 21 customers onboard.

Eighty years later, and despite the toughest year on record for the aviation industry due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Canada remains an integral part of American’s international network. The carrier has provided critical service during the pandemic from four airports: Calgary (YYC), Montreal (YUL), Toronto (YYZ) and Vancouver (YVR). Three additional stations, Halifax (YHZ), Quebec (YQB) and Ottawa (YOW), are scheduled to resume operations in Spring 2022.

“I want to thank and congratulate our incredible team members in Canada who have formed our proud history operating our Canadian routes for 80 years,” said José A. Freig, American’s Vice President of International Operations. “Our first flight to Toronto paved the way for our international network expansion, I am grateful to our customers, Toronto Pearson Airport, and our team members for being part of this remarkable journey.”

“Toronto Pearson is proud to be a part of this historic milestone for American Airlines,” said Craig Bradbrook, Chief Operating Officer at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. “Over the last 80 years, Toronto Pearson has grown to be Canada’s largest airport, and our strong partnership with American Airlines has been key to our growth story. This partnership will remain vital as travel restrictions begin to ease and we work collaboratively to continue prioritizing health and safety when welcoming back passengers.”

Other key milestones for American this summer include 39 years of service to London, including 30 years of flying to London Heathrow (LHR); 25 years of service to Rome (FCO); 20 years of service to Aguascalientes, Mexico (AGU); and a decade of service to Morelia, Mexico (MLM).

American Airlines Canada Summer Schedule:

Origin Destination Frequency
Toronto (YYZ) Charlotte (CLT) 2x Daily*
YYZ Chicago (ORD) 1x Daily*
YYZ Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) 1x Daily*
Calgary (YYC) DFW 2x Daily*
Montreal (YUL) CLT 1x Daily*
Vancouver (YVR) DFW 1x Daily*
*Schedules may vary

Restarting international travel safely

American is committed to the safe reopening of travel and has been working directly with policymakers at all levels as they work to establish acceptable travel protocols.

“We’re eager to build back our service to Canada as the recovery from the pandemic progresses,” said Nate Gatten, Senior Vice President of Global Government Affairs for American Airlines. “As Canadian officials consider the path forward for travel and deliberate the easing of restrictions still in place, American stands ready to reconnect friends and family, enable long-awaited getaways, and support the economic connection between the U.S. and Canada ― all with an unwavering focus on the health and safety of our customers and team members.”

American was the first U.S. airline to introduce VeriFLY, a mobile health passport which helps customers understand and verify their travel requirements. Customers can use the free VeriFLY app when travelling on American from all international destinations to the U.S.

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FCS Finland launches aircraft engine cooling system



FCS Finland launches aircraft engine cooling system

FCS Finland, a Finnish company that provides ground support solutions to minimize aircraft downtime, has launched a patented aircraft engine cooling system, the AFC-22.

This flagship product is a professional cooling system for aircraft engines, and a one-of-a-kind green product that connects to the aircraft engine’s exhaust nozzle using a special made vacuum adapter with a flexible hose. This configuration makes ambient air flow through the core engine. Custom fit adapters are available for any engine type.

This system greatly reduces aircraft downtime by cooling the engines in shorter time. This enables hot section maintenance and borescope inspections to be performed much sooner. It will also prevent the wear of the air starter motor because no cranking is required. FCS Finland reports that for example, by using the AFC-22, it only takes 45 minutes to reach the necessary  ≤45⁰C temperature for the hot section maintenance, while normal cooling time is upwards of 4-5 hours.

Decreased turnaround time provides both cost savings and a green initiative for the airlines. The AFC-22 limits the need for engine motoring and idling, helping to reduce the carbon footprint for each flight.

The AFC-22 currently custom adapts to four jet engines: Rolls-Royce Trent XWB, Rolls-Royce Trent 7000, CFM International CFM-56-5B and General Electric CF6-80E. Also, it will soon adapt to every turbo fan engine on the market. New engine adapters can be manufactured in as little as four weeks at FCS Finland’s facility in Turku, Finland.

“Since 2019 Finnair has been using a separate cooling tool AFC-22 manufactured by FCS Avionics. FCS developed the tool for Finnair’s specific need,” said Reijo Katiska, programme engineer, Trent XWB Finnair, technical operations. “Maintenance work gets to start much quicker after the flight. Also, especially on engine borescoping tasks, the tool is essential to keep heat at the desired level during the maintenance completion. Our experience with the AFC-22 is very positive and we consider it a necessary tool.  At Finnair, we plan to utilize the AFC-22 as much as possible in the future.”

“We are saving airlines time and money with the ability to cool engines up to six times faster, approximately 45 minutes versus four to five hours, and turning aircraft around much more quickly.  Every minute that an aircraft sits on the tarmac cooling, the engine is costing the airline money and making an environmental impact,” said Kimmo Hotanen, Sales and Customer Care, FCS Finland.  “There is no product like this in the marketplace and we have patents pending throughout the world.  We are getting a great deal of demand from airlines, cargo carriers and the military.  We are able to turn around orders within four to six weeks as we manufacture and assemble the equipment at our facility in Turku, Finland.”

The process of manufacturing and assembling the AFC-22 for an aircraft engine starts with contactless measurement using a 3D laser scanner, which traces every detail of the engine exhaust system. This process provides an accurate way to create adapters for all engine types.

The next step is the 3D design phase enabling complex and accurate shapes for any engine type, followed by a virtual fitting, allowing a shorter delivery time. The manufacturing process uses CNC machining and a computer guided process to cut seals.


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Flying economy on a Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-300



Less than a year old, the Airbus A220-300 (formerly known as the Bombardier CS300) is the newest narrow-body aircraft in the Delta Air Lines fleet and offers some of the latest technology and onboard amenities. The US carrier began flying the aircraft type back in December of 2020, which operates alongside a well-developed fleet of the shorter A220-100. AeroNewsX team member, Tyler Lorenz shares his views on the longer variant of the Bombardier developed jet, on a flight from Detroit, Michigan to Austin, Texas.

Flight Information:

Airline: Delta Air Lines (DL/DAL)

Aircraft: Airbus A220-300

Flight: DL2509

Route: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) – Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)

Seat: 22A

Booking experience:

“Despite not originally starting my journey in Detroit, Delta’s booking process was incredibly consumer-friendly as it allowed me to select my seats and pay for all of my flights together, including the transition through Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW) to Austin–Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). On this particular route, Delta Air Lines offers four different options; basic economy, main cabin, comfort plus, and first-class.”

“I elected to book a ‘main cabin’ ticket, as it includes perks such as free seat selection, a free carry-on bag, as well as earlier boarding than those booked in basic economy. The US carrier also does a good job of reminding customers of its COVID-19 procedures as well as mandating that masks must be worn at all times onboard all of its flights.”

Airport experience (Detroit):

“As I was a transiting passenger, I didn’t get to a landside experience of Detroit Airport, my short connecting time listed as 47 minutes, however boarding for the flight to Austin was scheduled to begin only 7 minutes after my arrival. Unfortunately, my flight from Newark arrived at gate A11 and the flight to Austin was set to leave from gate A71, which was at the opposite end of Detroit’s McNamara terminal. As the terminal is quite long, I originally had planned to ease my connection in Detroit by using the terminal’s ‘Express Tram,’ which has various stops throughout the terminal building.”

“However, that morning the express tram was closed which meant I had to walk essentially the full length of the terminal. The walk was not as long as I had anticipated, taking only around 7 to 8 minutes thanks to the help of various moving travelators along the concourse. I eventually arrived at gate A71 where priority boarding had already commenced. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Delta is boarding aircraft from back to front, with the exception of first-class passengers and Delta elite diamond medallion members who are allowed to board at any time.”

Overwing view from seat 22A
An overwing view from seat 22A onboard Delta Air Lines A220-300. Photo by Tyler Lorenz | AeroNewsX.

Aircraft cabin and seat:

“This particular Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-300 registered N303DU has a 2-3 seating configuration with 2 seats on the A/B side and a row of 3 seats with letters C, D and E. Delta sells certain seats as “preferred,” which can be selected for an extra charge, however, these seats do not have any advantages other than being further forward in the cabin.”

“I selected seat 22A, a window seat featuring two windows situated just on the end of the wing at no extra charge. One of my favourite features of this less than one-year-old Airbus aircraft is its massive windows, which are not available on other Airbus aircraft. This is mainly due to the fact that the A220 was originally developed by Bombardier as the Bombardier C Series.”

two large windows from seat 22A
The two large windows from seat 22A onboard the Airbus A220-300. Photo by Tyler Lorenz | AeroNewsX.

“The actual seat itself is incredibly comfortable and is the widest economy seat in the carrier’s fleet measuring 18.6cm wide, according to Delta Air Lines. As well as being wide, the seats offer a good amount of padding, while the seat pitch in the main cabin is listed as between 31-32 inches (79-81cm).”

“The seats recline in a ‘shell’ design where the bottom of the seat slides forward as the seat-back reclines which should result in fewer disturbances for the passengers behind you. Each seat also has a fully adjustable headrest as well as a centre armrest which can be moved up and down. Each pair or group of three seats has adjustable air vents as well as reading lights in the overhead console. While the pair of seats features a power outlet between the seats, the rows of 3 seats contain 2 power outlets located between the seats.”

seating onboard Delta Air Lines Airbus
A pair of seats onboard Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-300. Photo by Tyler Lorenz | AeroNewsX.

“Every seat on this aircraft comes with an inflight entertainment screen, featuring hours of entertainment, aircraft info, as well as other features such as Live TV. The inflight map on the A220 is provided in the form of Rockwell-Collins great “Airshow 3D” experience which features a number of interesting views.”

“The only issue with these screens is the fact that they do not tilt, so if the seat in front of you were to recline it could potentially make the inflight entertainment experience somewhat challenging. The seatback pocket only featured the aircraft’s safety card, while onboard WiFi is also available for purchase.”

The inflight entertainment screen onboard the Airbus A220-300. Photo by Tyler Lorenz | AeroNewsX.

“The tray table onboard the A220 is quite big and can be pulled closer or pushed further away from the seat. The tray table was surprising very clean and was able to hold a 15-inch laptop with ease. Overall, these seats had great legroom and in my opinion, are some of the best seats on a narrow-body aircraft in the US.”

“Another somewhat infamous feature of Delta’s A220 series aircraft is the fact that one of the rear lavatories features a window. The toilets are also incredibly spacious on the A220 and both were very modern and clean. The aircraft has a total of three toilets onboard and for me, the toilet without the window at the rear of the aircraft is just as spacious as the one featuring the loo with a view.”

toilet onboard the A220-300
The ‘loo with a view’ onboard the Airbus A220-300. Photo by Tyler Lorenz | AeroNewsX.

Flight experience:

“The actual experience onboard this flight to Austin, Texas was simple and perfectly forgettable, which isn’t a bad thing. Upon boarding the aircraft, every passenger received an alcohol sanitizing wipe so that they could clean the area around their seats.”

“While many other airlines in the US had stopped blocking seats onboard flights, Delta Air Lines remained unique in this area and continued to block off seats onboard its aircraft up until the end of April and was a very reassuring policy for passengers.”

Cabin layout onboard the Airbus A220-300
A view of the cabin layout onboard the Airbus A220-300. Photo by Tyler Lorenz | AeroNewsX.

“The carrier also now plays a video for passengers highlighting the precautions Delta has taken during the COVID-19 pandemic which is followed by the standard safety demonstration video. Overall, these COVID safe precautions do in fact help make flying with Delta feel incredibly safe and offer passengers a sense of reassurance amidst the pandemic.”

“After an on-time push back, the A220-300 ended up following a Delta 737-900ER to Detroit’s runway 22L. After a quick takeoff roll followed by a steep climb out, thanks to the powerful CFM engines and light load factor, flight DL2509 was on route to Austin with an estimated flight time of 2 hours and 47 minutes.”

Inflight service:

“Service did not begin immediately as our flight crew was advised that there would be a bit of turbulence as the aircraft departed from Detroit. After roughly 20 minutes inflight service began and mainly consisted of a snack bag. Currently, for the main cabin on nearly all of Delta’s flights, the inflight service consists of a single snack bag and nothing else. The bag’s contents tend to vary from flight to flight but are relatively similar, usually featuring two types of snacks, a small water bottle, napkin, and alcohol wipe.”

“This is certainly the one area of the flight that could be significantly improved, as it is an aspect of the flight where Delta is currently well behind in terms of its competitors. Therefore until full service resumes, I would highly recommend getting food and beverages prior to boarding a Delta Air Lines flight.”

snack bag onboard flight
The inflight snack bag onboard flight DL2509. Photo by Tyler Lorenz | AeroNewsX.

“Aside from the snack bag, the cabin crew were very friendly and passed around the cabin multiple times to collect any rubbish. After some brief turbulence, we climbed to our final cruising altitude of 40,000ft, where we would remain until our descent. It was an absolutely beautiful day for flying and some great views were offered over Texas with the beautiful A220 winglet on full display.”

Airbus A220-300 winglet
A view of the Airbus A220-300 winglet at 40,000 feet above Texas. Photo by Tyler Lorenz | AeroNewsX.

“Eventually, the aircraft touching down at Austin–Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) a few minutes earlier than scheduled and after a short the less than one-year-old Airbus A220 parked up at gate 10 at Austin’s beautiful Barbra Jordan terminal. Delta Air Lines then instructed passengers to disembark by row to allow for extra social distancing.”

Final Verdict:

“Overall, the A220-300 is the future of Delta’s narrow-body fleet, it is comfortable, quiet, and just an overall joy to fly. It is hard to think of a better narrow-body aircraft in the USA at the moment, the wide seats, the inflight entertainment, and 2-3 seating configuration all make the plane a pleasure to travel on. The carrier also doing a tremendous job at making sure the inflight experience is a COVID safe experience, with hand sanitisers outside lavatories, blocking middle seats, and the distribution of wipes when boarding.”

“Ultimately, I feel that it is time that Delta moves forward with improving its onboard service, while the snack bag is COVID safe, it just seems to be miles behind in comparison to its competitors, especially since this one lacked Delta’s delicious Biscoff cookies. While other airlines are back to offering full drink and snack services, Delta has insisted on a single snack bag for customers on most flights. However, I still enjoyed my experience onboard Delta’s A220-300 and would not be hesitant to book it again, especially over other narrowbody aircraft.”

  • Airport Experience (Detroit): 8/10
  • Cabin and seat: 9/10
  • Inflight service: 5/10
  • Overall experience: 7.3/10

By Tyler Lorenz, AeroNewsX

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Televangelist’s Boeing 747 Unlikely To Ever Leave Pinal Airpark



When a Boeing 747SP was delivered to US carrier TWA in 1980, few would have guessed the strange fate it would have over 20 years later. Some passenger jets remain passenger jets until they’re ready to be dismantled. Some might be lucky to have their lives extended with a freighter conversion. One 747SP, after flying for TWA, managed to serve Dubai Royalty before going to an American televangelist.

The 747SP in its most recent livery with Ernest Angley Ministries. Photo: Hansueli Krapf via Wikimedia Commons

The early life of 747 Line Number 441

When the Boeing 747SP with Line No. 441 rolled out of the factory in 1980, it was headed to major US carrier Trans World Airlines (TWA) under the registration N57203. The aircraft served under the TWA name for six years before being transferred to American Airlines in October 1986. With American, it was re-registered as N602AA.

The aircraft would go on to fly with American Airlines for eight solid years before finding a new owner on the other side of the world…

The 747SP’s original livery. Photo: Maarten Visser via Wikimedia Commons 

After flying everyday commercial passengers around the world, this jet would take on a fairly different role, joining the Dubai Air Wing as a VIP aircraft in December 1994. In this role, it would be registered as A6-SMM.

This aircraft ‘operator’ serves the government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to that, however, the Dubai Air Wing operates flights for the Dubai Royal Family, including the Emir of Dubai.

An aircraft on a mission

After flying with the Dubai Air Wing for 10 years, A6-SMM would then be re-registered to P4-FSH. Its new operator would be Ernest Angley Ministries.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Ernest Angley was a prominent televangelist (television evangelist/preacher). The North Carolina native ran a fairly successful ministry, sharing his religion with followers around the world. Angley passed away last month at the age of 99.

The following blurb is how USA Today describes Angely’s ministry at the time of his jumbo jet purchase:

“Angley was spawning a megachurch that brought in so much money that by 2005 he was able to buy a $26 million Boeing 747, which he used for overseas mission trips.”

The aircraft held on to the two red stripes that lined the aircraft of the Dubai Air Wing (TWA’s red stripes are similar but wrap around the nose). However, the 747 would lose the UAE flag on the tail, and be replaced by a large colorful star. The aircraft would be given the name “Star Triple Seven.”

With the range offered by the 747SP, Star Triple Seven would travel to distant regions of the world, including embarking on an African tour. Its time with Ernest Angely Ministries would last about 13 years until its withdrawl from use in March 2018. Since then, it has been stored at Pinal Airpark in Marana, Arizona.

Mounting maintenance bills

It was in 2019 that The Christian Post reported that Angley and his ministry were unable to pay for repairs needed on the 747SP. A source reportedly said,

“The value in that plane is parts, and I will tell you even if they parted the whole plane out, I would say you’d be lucky to get a million bucks,”

The 747SP joins numerous other old 747s at Pinal Airpark. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr 

We know a few things about the current state of the aircraft from two sources. notes that the aircraft remains stored at Pinal Airpark, while says that registered owner and operator remains Ernest Angley Ministries.

At this point, given the age of the aircraft, and the limited role 747SPs offer, it’s unlikely the jet will fly out of Pinal. Indeed, of the few 747SPs still active, one of the more notable ones is ‘SOFIA’ operated by NASA– an extremely niche operation.

Thus, it would be quite a miracle if Star Triple Seven manages to extend its service life. Of course, given the aircraft’s most recent role, rising from the dead should be a message it’s familiar with.

Did you know about this particular 747SP? Let us know in the comments.

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