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All safe codes – The Last of Us Part 2




Your comprehensive guide to all of the safe codes in The Last of Us Part 2.

As you explore the world in The Last of Us Part 2, you’re going to come across a number of secrets, including several safes that are just absolutely littered with supplies. Finding the code to these safes can be a bit difficult at times, so we’ve put together this handy guide to all the safe codes in The Last of Us Part 2.

This post will contain spoilers for all of The Last of Us Part 2. If you want to avoid spoilers, then we highly recommend not reading any further down below this image.

All safe codes - The Last of Us Part 2
Ellie overlooks the city in The Last of Us Part 2.

All safe codes

Alright, let’s get started. To make each safe easier to identify, we’ve included the name of each primary chapter, each encounter, as well as the general location/building of each safe. This should help comparing the codes to the safes more manageable.

Supermarket safe – Jackson – Patrol

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - supermarket safe code
You can unlock the first safe in the game while exploring the upper floor of the supermarket.

The first safe in The Last of Us Part 2 can be found during the Patrol encounter while playing as Ellie. After reaching the supermarket area, you’ll eventually head into a section that is filled with spores. While exploring the upper floor, you can locate a safe in one of the offices. This safe’s code is 07-20-13. Make sure you open it before when you first find it, as you can miss it if you continue too far ahead.

Bank vault – Seattle Day 1 – Downtown

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - bank vault
Use this code to unlock the bank vault and get the Pump Shotgun.

After reaching the “Fuck Fedra” gate, Ellie and Dina will explore a ruined downtown section of Seattle. There are a number of buildings you can enter here, but the Weston Bank holds the most valuable prize. Inside you can find a bank vault. You can unlock the vault using the code 60-23-06. You’ll find the Pump Shotgun inside.

Madison street safe – Seattle Day 1 – Downtown

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - madison street safe
Head through this gate to find a safe on the other side.

The next safe on our list can be found on Madison Street, at the Checkpoint Gate West 2. This is fairly close to the Valiant Music Shop, so look around if you’re having trouble finding it. The code for this safe is actually written on the massive list of gate codes you acquire earlier in the game. The safe combination here is 04-51.

Courthouse office safe – Seattle Day 1 – Downtown

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - courthouse office safe
Break the window and climb over the counter to find this safe inside the courthouse.

To find this next safe, players will need to head into the courthouse. Along the way, you’ll find yourself able to head into a small office area that requires you to break the glass open. A safe resides inside, underneath the main desk. The code to this safe is 86-07-22

Furniture Store safe – Seattle Day 1 – Capitol Hill

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - furniture store
This safe can be found in the back room of the furniture store.

This particular safe can be found inside of a small furniture store while exploring the Capitol Hill encounter. Head to the back room of the store and use the code 55-01-33 to open the safe and grab the contents inside.

Locker room door codeSeattle Day 1 – The Tunnels

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - locker room door
Here’s the code to the locker room in The Tunnels.

After making it into the tunnels, explore the area until you come across a locked door in a breakroom area that requires a code. There are some goodies hidden behind this door and you can use the code 15243 to unlock the door and gain access to the locker room before continuing forward.

Auto garage safe – Seattle Day 2 – Hillcrest

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - auto garage
Unlock the safe in the auto garage to get the Short Gun Holster.

The code to this safe can be found while exploring the Hillcrest area. This section of the game is rife with WLF soldiers, so make sure you move carefully through the houses and buildings. This particular safe can be found in the back of an auto garage building that has several infected locked inside. The code to the safe is 30-82-65.

Apartment safe – Seattle Day 2 – The Seraphites

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - apartment safe
Grab the wedding anniversary from the calendar to learn the combination to this safe.

One of the buildings that Ellie ducks into during this part of the game contains a safe in the bedroom closet. The combination itself can be gleamed from some nearby notes, though for the sake of making things easy we’ll include it here. The code to this safe is 08-10-83.

Weston’s Pharmacy Safe – Seattle Day 2 – The Seraphites

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - weston pharmacy safe
Head through Weston Pharmacy before moving to the hospital to find this next safe.

Still playing as Ellie, players will encounter this safe inside of an old and beat down Weston’s Pharmacy. The code to this particular safe is 38-55-23, and can be learned from notes around the area.

Flooded stash safe – Seattle Day 3 – The Flooded City

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - flooded stash location
Move the cart out of the way and crawl through to find a way to this safe in the Flooded City.

This stash can be found while making your way towards the aquarium using the boat that Ellie stole. At one point you will come to a room where you have to disembark and lift up a door using a nearby chain. There’s a safe in this room, hidden behind a locked gate on the right-hand side of the room. Use the stairs on the left side of the room to reach another area, then climb under some rubble to find a way to drop down into the fenced in section. The code to this stash is 70-12-64.

MS Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center safe – Seattle Day 1 – On Foot

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - ms corp safe location
Use the crack in the wall to slip inside this locked building to find another safe.

Finding and unlocking this safe will be helpful, as it will grant you access to a powerful pistol that takes down enemies quickly, especially when upgraded. The code to this safe is 17-38-07 and it can be found before you drop down into the trainyard.

Jasmine Bakery Safe – Seattle Day 1 – Hostile Territory

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - jasmine bakery safe
Break the window of the Jasmine Bakery to get access to this safe.

Players can find this safe inside of the small Jasmine Bakery after Abby heads off to find Owen at the aquarium. You’ll need to break open the windows to get access to the store. Once inside, head to the back and open up the safe using this code: 68-96-89.

Ship bridge safe – Seattle Day 1 – The Coast

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - ship bridge stash
You can unlock this safe to gain access to a Training Manual on the ship’s bridge.

After getting the Crossbow, players can make their way further up through the ship to the deck. There are several infected here, including Runners, Clickers, and even a Shambler. Before going too far, turn to the left and climb into the bridge, where a safe awaits you. The code to the safe is 90-77-01, and it has some useful items inside.

Apartment safe – Seattle Day 2 – The Shortcut

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - apartment 2 combination
Combine the two apartment numbers together to get this safe’s combination.

While on your way to the hospital, you’ll find yourself in a small apartment building with several notes and supplies hidden within it. Before dropping down and continuing, be sure to open up the safe in the bedroom using the code 30-23-04. This particular combination is found by putting two apartment numbers together using notes left by the survivors who uses to live here.

Gym lobby safe – Seattle Day 2 – The Descent

The Last of Us 2 safe codes - gym lobby combination
Use the same code as the wifi to open up this safe in the cleaning closet of the hotel.

While making your way through the derelict hotel, you’ll be able to find this safe inside of the janitorial closet outside of the gym near the top floors where you fall into the pool. The code for this safe is the same as the floor’s wifi, 12-18-79. Use the code to get access to the goodies inside.

Now that you’re equipped with each of the safe codes you can find, make sure you head back over to our The Last of Us Part 2 guide for even more helpful info. We’ve put a ton of great content together to help you make the most of your experience in Naughty Dog’s latest adventure.

Joshua holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has been exploring the world of video games for as long as he can remember. He enjoys everything from large-scale RPGs to small, bite-size indie gems and everything in between.



Cooking Simulator VR Lets You Cut Onions Without The Tears




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Coming later this year to PC VR headsets, Cooking Simulator VR is a port of the 2019 Cooking Simulator from Big Cheese Studio. The game transfers the original PC gameplay over to position-tracked VR controllers for more realistic control in the kitchen. Think Overcooked but with a little more finesse, though the same potential for utter chaos, should you desire it.

Check out the trailer above; as someone that struggles to chop an onion without either crying and/or cutting himself, this looks like a safer way for me to learn some culinary skills. Plus you can set fire to boxes and cook fish on them without trying to get away with insurance fraud afterward.

But Cooking Simulator VR isn’t just a slapstick playground; on top of a sandbox mode there’s also a career option, and the game features over 140 ingredients to help cook up over 80 recipes. As you play you can unlock new perks and skills by leveling up, too.

GameBoom itself is behind the VR version of Thief Simulator, too, and it’s also working on a VR version of Prison Simulator. These are all titles published by PlayWay, which also has other simulation titles like Tank Mechanic Simulator and, uh, Drug Dealer Simulator. We can only hope there’s a VR future for that one, I guess.

For now, Cooking Simulator VR will arrive in Q4 of 2020 on SteamVR. No word on possible Oculus Quest and PSVR ports, but we’d welcome them with open arms.


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Soul Scathe is an upcoming procedurally generated VR dungeon crawler for PC VR headsets from Bluelight Construct that’s due out this week on July 10th on Steam Early Access.

We first heard about Soul Scathe a year and a half ago, but development has been pretty quiet ever since. Originally slated for last week, Soul Scathe got a last-minute delay due to the Steam Summer sale presumably harming chances of the game being as visible to VR users. That makes sense, the Steam store is more likely to promote deals to users based on the algorithm over new releases.

The core of what makes Soul Scathe tick is the procedurally generated dungeons. As you venture into the dangerous constructs, you’ll uncover new secrets, find precious loot, and discover more each time using the reactive melee system and interactive rune-drawing powered magic. Don’t expect anything quite on the level of Blade & Sorcery in terms of physics and reactivity, but it sounds at least more advanced than just waggling your motion controller in the air.

Other details are light at the moment, but you will be able to level up and progress in Soul Scathe as well with lots of plans to add more content after it hits Early Access. The developer is planning to stay in Early Access for at least 6 months, potentially a full year, to incorporate player feedback in terms of new weapons, spells, combat mechanics, and enemies.

The final version of the game will include more types of dungeons, more content, an endless mode, puzzles during dungeons, and an alchemy system. There is a “strong possibility” the price will increase by the time it exist Early Access as well.

Keep an eye out here on UploadVR for our thoughts on Soul Scathe once we get the chance to play it for ourselves. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!


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Gorn Claims US PSVR Charts For June, Walking Dead & Beat Saber Squabble




May’s new PSVR games put in another strong month in the June 2020 PSVR charts.

Free Lives’ Gorn managed to rule the roost in the US, though battled its way to the fifth spot in the EU where, yes, Beat Saber reclaimed its crown. But last month’s big winner, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners still put in a strong showing, arriving in third in the US and second in the EU. Superhot VR took the second spot in the US and Beat Saber came in fourth. PSVR exclusive, Blood & Truth, scored third in the EU, followed by Superhot. It looks like Saints & Sinners and Gorn may have some real staying power.

The rest of the top 10 is your usual assortment of Batmen, Astro Bots, and Creeds. There weren’t any huge releases for PSVR in June, so we’re not too surprised with this result.

All eyes are on Marvel’s Iron Man VR to see if it can make a dent in the coming July list, though. The PSVR exclusive launched last Friday and managed to claim the second spot on the UK’s physical games sales chart for the week, beating out the likes of Animal Crossing. That bodes well for the next PlayStation Store charts, but keep in mind that these charts only track PlayStation Store sales.

Elsewhere PSVR is also looking forward to the VR update for Dreams on July 22nd, though we wouldn’t expect that to be listed on the PSVR chart as it can be played on a regular screen too. Budget Cuts just suffered another delay too.


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