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Aircraft Registration Number Database


By connecting to our aircraft tail numbers database, you can form your own airplane tail numbers list for unlimited purposes! The data in the Aircraft Numbers Database can also be reached through the API services. An even more functional way to reach wider data would be through our other API systems combined. Here’s how: 

International aircraft registration number API may be combined with some other APIs for a better outcome. For example, it becomes more helpful once it is used with airline names or ICAO codes of airline. If you choose our Premium package you will also get the possibility to use information about arrivals, departures, and airports. The API key allows you to access our complete list of APIs. The more details you display on your platform the better for your customer experience. 

Besides our international aircraft tail number API for the aviation industry, our Premium users have access to more information about each aircraft such as arrival and departure information, location and countless more. Our customer support is here for any details you may want to discuss. Have a look at our database download if you just need certain information. 

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  • Source: https://aviation-edge.com/aircraft-registration-number-database/

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