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After border clash with China, India to continue strengthening ties with U.S., others, experts say




Indian policemen push barricades to place them in the center of a a road leading to historic India Gate, during a one-day nationwide Janata (civil) curfew imposed as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 on March 22, 2020 in New Delhi, India.

Yawar Nazir | Getty Images

India’s border clash with China in June is likely to accelerate a trend where New Delhi continues to build and strengthen strategic partnerships with the United States and others to protect its national interests, experts told CNBC. 

The stand-off in the Himalayas began in May and a violent June face-off killed 20 Indian soldiers, putting pressure on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to respond. China did not disclose if there were casualties on its side. 

Former diplomats and political commentators have said the altercation in June was a “turning point” in one of Asia’s most important bilateral relationships. For its part, New Delhi introduced measures in recent months aimed at either sidelining or banning Chinese companies from one of the world’s largest consumer markets, including restricting Chinese investments into India even before the border clash happened. 

“The border clash with China is likely to accelerate a trend that was already happening,” Akhil Bery, South Asia analyst at political risk consultancy Eurasia Group, told CNBC. 

On the international front, experts said that New Delhi is aiming to strengthen its various bilateral and multilateral partnerships. That includes the important India-U.S. relationship, which is said to have progressed well in recent years, as well as New Delhi’s strategic partnership with Moscow and bilateral ties with the European Union. 

Strengthening of the Quad

One of the areas in India’s efforts to shore up its external ties is the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue — an informal strategic dialogue between the United States, India, Japan and Australia, known commonly as the Quad. Language used by the U.S. State Department describes the Quad’s “collective efforts to advance a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific.”

“Clearly, a major plank in external balancing is that to strengthen the unity and cohesion of the quadrilateral partnership,” Rajiv Bhatia, a distinguished fellow in the foreign policy studies program at think-tank Gateway House, told CNBC. Bhatia was also the former Indian ambassador to Myanmar and Mexico. 

“Quite a few steps have been taken and I think my research shows that this cohesion would go up in the same proportion as China shows its aggressiveness towards these four countries, in particular, and the region in general,” he said. 

Historically, India has always maintained a level of strategic autonomy in the way it conducted foreign policy. That meant New Delhi avoided being part of any formal alliances as it pursued its interests at an international level. 

Experts argue that establishing closer ties with members of the Quad does not go against India’s strategic autonomy, and that none of the four countries involved would seek to turn the partnership into a formalized military alliance. 

Shift in India’s position

There has been a shift in India’s position where New Delhi doesn’t necessarily see the need to choose between strategic autonomy and strategic partnerships, according to Harsh Pant, head of the strategic studies program at the Observer Research Foundation. 

“There is a growing consensus that it is building strategic partnerships that enhances India’s strategic autonomy,” he told CNBC, adding that China’s recent moves “hasn’t left much choice” for New Delhi other than to strengthen its engagement with the Quad. 

I think we would see a new chapter in which India would assert itself, India would focus on increasing its economic strength, India would shore up its partnerships, and India would remain resolute militarily.

Rajiv Bhatia

Former Indian Ambassador to Myanmar and Mexico

Former ambassador Bhatia explained there is little doubt that India is open to the idea of a stronger diplomatic and political partnership where the first and foremost focus is on “encouraging China to follow international law and international norms.” 

There are ways to deepen cooperation within the Quad, experts said. That includes India inviting Australia to this year’s Malabar naval exercises — a trilateral naval exercise between India, the United States and Japan. Though in recent years New Delhi resisted the idea of including Canberra in the joint-exercises out of concern over provoking Beijing, Bhatia said since May, India has “traveled past the stage to worry about China’s sensitivity.” 

Other ways that the Quad can strengthen its partnership include greater trade linkages, collaborating on infrastructure development and sharing of intelligence, according to Eurasia Group’s Bery. 

“Other potential areas of cooperation include on cybersecurity, disaster responses and even on counterterrorism,” he said by email. 

Future of India-China relationship

Still, China remains a large neighbor. It is one of India’s biggest trading partners and had invested prominently into Indian technology start-ups. New Delhi has no choice but to continue engaging with Beijing, experts said. 

Though the cooperativeness and cordiality seen in recent years between the two nuclear-armed neighbors may not be at the same level as it had once been, according to former ambassador Bhatia. 

“I think we would see a new chapter in which India would assert itself, India would focus on increasing its economic strength, India would shore up its partnerships, and India would remain resolute militarily. India is essentially ready to live in the new era when the geopolitics of Indo-Pacific has been changing rapidly,” he said. 



The SEC made the award public without naming the whistleblower




The main goal of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to make investors’ financial life easier in order to protect them. More and more people are entering the financial market in order to make their future brighter. To make sure that they are protected, they need to be secured. The U.S. market is growing, so the need for protection is also becoming bigger. The nation’s exchange rate in the global market is already competing with the biggest financial countries. Americans are always streaming for a better quality of life, that is why they need to produce new jobs and improve the standard of security. When interacting with stocks and trading, one can never be fully safe but it is always nice when the regulations are helping you to find the proper ways of working. Investing is a kind of sport, so by now, its the best way for them to start investing without the fear of getting scammed.

The SEC has the eye of the tiger when it comes to seeing the key principles in the security of the world.

SEC makes a new whistleblower bounty

The SEC made the award public on Monday. They have not defined the whistleblower or the entity included in its probes. They are investing $2.4 million in a tipster in order to analyze and deliver a fulfilling action. All of the entries were induced by the watchdog. They will benefit from every little detail of this investigation, also, the whiteboard needs to report every information to the SEC during 120 days of internal disclosure.

The process of the decision-making will take some time because the agency is still dealing with thousands of requests for awards and tips.

More than $250 million to 97 individuals

Information from whistleblowers has been the most important key in helping to detect the violations. They are the best in protecting the investors and the marketplace. They are very committed to their work. The SEC has awarded 97 individuals with $523 million after declaring its first award in 2012. The SEC’s biggest award within whistleblower was $50 million shared by two employees in march of 2018. Now the power of U.S. regulations is rewarded as a part of the financial reforms set in 2010. This will give the workers the biggest encouragement and motivation to speak up about wrongdoings.

The Sec works with many other institutions, including congress and other federal agencies. They are major enforcement authority. Each year the SEC brings hundreds or actions in order to save companies and individuals with unfair actions. They also support the investor’s education,  they are giving them the public report on their website which introduces the revealing documents that public companies need to acknowledge in order to file with the commission.


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New Zealand regulator imposes new guidelines on CLSA’s local license




CLSA premium limited gives some financial services for people who trade. The company offers some leveraged FX trading with security. The management of the company is focused on investments, capital markets, and wealth management for corporate clients around the world. The company was founded in 1986 by journalists. They have offices in the 21 biggest cities in the Asia-pacific region. They employ almost 2k people in their offices. China’s largest investment banks have given CLSA $1.3 billion This Asian security house is well-known for its long term work within the FX market.

In the summer this company started to take some action in order to better its business. The company hoped that they would be improved by the new plan, because they needed new, greater value in order to return some benefits to their shareholders in the long term.

New rules

CLSA Premium Limited, which is the foreign exchange broker, said that they will be having new rules soon, given by FMA (Financial Markets Authority ) of New Zealand. As New Zealand has some extra requirements over derivatives issuer license. This is happening because of the CLSA Premium has failed the audit work for the subsidiary, so the FMA added some new conditions in order to prevent CLSAP’s customers and users. It will allow them to decrease prices for open positions with retail investors. CLSA will get some capital from investors in order to meet obligations. These conditions will be taken off from 22th of September 2020 and will be last as long as FMA is satisfied with the company’s new accomplishments. FMA is taking care of every company since they would like to have a healthy environment. They are searching for Anti-money laundering and finance terrorism in order to make it stop. In order to reduce the negative operations in New Zealand, the group plans to continue development.

Secure FX trading in New Zealand

As the retail trading industry is a new thing in New Zealand, they are very careful with it. The country has several advantages if someone would like to trade in there. Their economy is nicely developed and the FX trading is expanding daily. The country has witnessed dozens of financial scams and massive hits, that is why their security is on a high level for now.

The FMA of New Zealand is responsible for dealing with the country’s failures and misfortunes by letting them the ability to grow protection through modern methods of regulations. Today FX brokers in New Zealand are highly motivated by the ability to trust a trader and have honest relationships with them with nice service. The people’s funds are safe and the customer service is developing over time.  The main duty of FMA, which is ensuring that all brokers are following strict guidelines given by the regulatory organization is motivational for some companies. They also need a license in order to be trustworthy and believable.


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BlizzCon will return as an online-only event in February 2021




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Blizzcon will be held online on February 19-20, 2021

After cancelling this year’s BlizzCon convention due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Blizzard has announced that it will hold a replacement show online. BlizzConline (yep) will be held on February 19th-20th, 2021 with all the latest news around its popular franchises including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Hearthstone and Starcraft.

Blizzard announced major new titles at BlizzCon 2019, including Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2, so we’ll likely get some updates about those. It will also hold a “Community Showcase” that will allow “cosplay crafters, artists, and other community creators to participate in the show and put their talent on display through a mix of world-class competition and exciting exhibitions,” Blizzard wrote.

Those activities might not be as fun online as in-person, but as Blizzard notes, they’ll be more accessible, as gamers from around the world can tune in. The company said it it still has a lot of planning to do and that it would be “some time” before it can reveal more details.

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