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Addius the Tormentor WoW: How to Beat


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The Addius The Tormentor World Quest can be found in Revendreth

The Addius The Tormentor World Quest can be found in Revendreth / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

There are many types of World Quests Shadowlands but one type, in particular, tends to be harder than the others: pet battle world quests. Players always have a tough time with these types of World Quests especially the Addius The Tormentor’s “The Mind Games of Addius”. Here’s how to beat Addius The Tormentor. 

Addius relies on one pet for all of the encounter, a Wretch. This one single pet will require all three of the players’ members to take it down. Players can try a combination of Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Zandalari Kneebiter, and whichever pet of choice for the third.

Players should start their fight by throwing out a Decoy, this will keep the Wretch occupied. Once that’s done, players can change over to their Zandalari Kneebiter and begin dealing with Black Claw, boosting their attacks for a few turns. They can follow that up with Hunting Party, and then choose Bloodfang. They can do all of this for the Zandalari Kneebiter’s full duration. Once it falls, they can swap in the Pandaren Dragonling.

With the Pandaren Dragonling sent in, they should begin with Bombing Run to set up what would be the end the battle. Breath can deal some damage before the Wretch uses Mind Games. When under Mind Games, going with Option 1, sacrifice your health, is the better choice health is not an issue. That sets up enough time for the Bombing Run to come in and finish up the last remaining HP of the Wretch. If that doesn’t do it, then players can use their third and final pet to finish the job. 

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