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Activision Targets Popular Cheat Seller Ahead of Vanguard Launch

Call of Duty

Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard is mere days away, set to drop on Friday, Nov. 5. With Vanguard right around the corner, Activision is heavily investing in its efforts to minimize cheating on the newest CoD. Activision’s legal division sent a cease and desist letter to a popular cheat provider on Friday, Oct. 29.

The provider quickly put out a statement in their Discord announcing that they will be permanently closing sales and shutting down all of their cheats tied to “all Call of Duty or Activision related titles.”

The legal action marks a big step forward in Activision’s efforts to address the cheating problem prevalent throughout its Call of Duty titles, chief among them being Warzone. The letter now gives the cheat provider no choice but to shut down and thus stem the flow of new cheats into the CoD world.

The cheat providers did insert an indirect jab aimed at RICHOCHET at the end of their statement. RICOCHET is the new, recently announced anti-cheat system that will arriving to Vanguard upon launch and Warzone at a time later this year.

The system was announced, in detail, on Oct. 13 confirming a rumor that emerged a couple months ago in August from popular CoD leaker Tom Henderson. Henderson’s tweet revealed that Activision was allegedly, developing new anti-cheat system Vanguard that would also be implemented in Warzone.

Given that a major provider of Call of Duty cheats is shutting down, Vanguard and future seasons of Warzone may be a lot more pleasurable of an experience. Though, given the pervasiveness of cheat developers and sellers, players will just have to wait and cease if Activision’s cease and desist letters pays dividends.

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