A True Representative Of The Peak Mobile Gaming Experience?
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A true representative of the peak mobile gaming experience?

A true representative of the peak mobile gaming experience?

From the uncertain glances looming upon it by the gaming industry back a decade ago to stretching itself as an estimated $94.8 Billion Global Market Value in the year 2022… It’s undeniably the truth that mobile phone gaming has come a long way!

A true representative of the peak mobile gaming experience?

Having an intense session of mobile gaming can be a source of great fun and excitement. It’s come down to becoming a generational next definition of passing time when idle. This is so because of its portability, utilities, and overall being a simple piece of technological advancement in the field of mobile phones. Since it caught momentum and mass appeal, mobile gaming now has its own Esports Market as well, which is expanding at an exponential rate!

A person is more likely to check out their phone than the computer to spend a bit of time in leisure. However, while it’s plausible to a certain extent that modern mobile phones are giving somewhat of a competition to PCs, gaming consoles etc. because of the portability, cost, ease of use, it’s still not the definite choice for a hardcore gaming enthusiast.

Today, in this article, we will figure out the plight of gamers trying to enjoy playing on a mobile. There will be several mobile gaming issues that we discuss, and we will also reveal a ‘one-stop solution’ which claims to tackle these problems.

Heating Issues

Gamers that are very passionate or are professionals such as Esports players, casters etc. tend to play games for longer periods that can even span over a day, at times. This kind of experience is not possible on mobile devices. You can’t spend a day, let alone more than an hour or two, of uninterrupted gaming on the phone. This is because of the heating issue that arises with the passage of time, even the best of gaming mobile phone suffer from this. These phones promise to offer a console like gaming experience for Esports and resource demanding games such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Genshin Impact etc. It’s true to a certain extent, but a gamer can’t play consistently for an enjoyable period as the device will start to heat up tremendously, causing physical inconvenience.

Is there a solution for this?

Yes, with the revolutionary Liquid Cooling 3.0 it’s possible to play games from AAA studios on mobile, comfortably over hours long end. Whether it’s an Esports professional or a casual passionate gamer, everyone can play their favorite games for longer part of the day.

These days, it’s a hot trend to offer mobile gaming enthusiasts with game specific optimizations. One such example is the POCO F4 GT. Beside having the Liquid Cooling 3.0, it also comes with a specialized optimization for a very popular game called Genshin Impact. It’s a huge size game, supports cross-platform playing and is very demanding of memory resources. This ensures one can play this game without having to worry about the phone turning into a fireball furnace!

Performance Issues

One of the key aspects of gaming is performance. Just being playable is a thing of the past. Gamers, even the most casual ones, will want to play on a device that can run the game smoothly and yet be able to multitask. It’s not just about gaming anymore, multitasking has become an integral part of the progressive society. This is where PC gaming runs ahead of console gaming, but can gaming phones do it too? The answer inclines more towards a ‘NO’.

Let alone multitasking, mobile gaming doesn’t offer a stellar performance in running a game, itself. It’s very important to consider what was stated earlier, to enjoy a game you need to play it without compromise. Even gaming phones that promise to run heavyweight games start to throw frame rate drops, stuttering and occasional freezes at the user. Along with heating issues, if the performance also starts to dip out, it really becomes very aggravating. It happens, as even with the best processors in the mobile, heating problems will intervene from letting the game draw the best performance out of the chip. The phone will work charmingly at first, but the smoothness will start to fade away, significantly, as the processor gets infested with throttling due to the heat generated.

With such conditions, it becomes almost impractical to do other tasks on the phone while running the game in the background. The mobile device will lag excruciatingly to an extreme.

Is there a solution for this?

Yes, there’s a fix for this. Similar to PC gaming, you need to look into the foundational cause to resolve performance issues. It’s related to the heating issues discussed earlier. Performance dips are a testament to heating. To include the latest generation chip into the phone can eliminate multitasking woes, but will it be close to a future-proof concept?

No, to be able to multitask and face no performance issues in the long run, a little clever tweaking can do wonders! Innovation at an architectural level is needed to keep the device cool at all times. Liquid Cooling 3.0 is a capable workaround, but POCO went a step ahead to offer smooth and consistent performance. In the upcoming F4 GT variant, featuring an optimized Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the two most heating components of a phone, the SoC and charging ICs, are put far away from each other in the rear build.

A true representative of the peak mobile gaming experience?

This ensures heat distribution is able to sustain performance. The result of this is an astoundingly upgraded performance on mobile gaming phones! Now, a gamer can not only play, but also attend a call, watch a YouTube video, put on a Spotify playlist and a screen recorder running in the background without any performance compromise!

This type of architectural innovation, coupled with Liquid Cooling 3.0 Technology and the reliable Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, puts forward the POCO F4 GT as an ideal choice for people who want more from their phone and for longer!

A true representative of the peak mobile gaming experience?

The problem of charging, aesthetic and design

Irrespective of PC or console gaming, aesthetic and design has become an important criterion when it comes to purchasing a product. It defines and infuses a persona into the phone and the owner. The same is now the case with gaming phones, as well. For a modern gaming phone, a modern approach to the design is complimentary. If you look in the mobile market these days, a lot of phones may have decent configurations, but they lack design to such an extent that no customer ever purchases them.

Is there a solution for this?

This, however, has been looked into by POCO! The design of the phone is phenomenal and very appealing. Besides, the phone has magnetic pop-up triggers to help you win this highly intense CoD Mobile multiplayer lobbies, which would normally fill up your entire screen with buttons. It’s also very cool that these triggers are retractable, implying you can pop them back into their slots when not needed for gaming. As such, offers an adaptive aesthetic of the ‘casual classy’ and the ‘geeky gamer’ feel. Interestingly, there exists a certain subset of users would rather their phones not look very eye-catching or stand out from the crowd. This move by POCO was probably done to take care of it. If you don’t want your F4 GT to look futuristic or showy, simply pop down the magnetic triggers!

In terms of charging, comfort has been taken care of. Gaming mobiles would earlier disregard the problem of discomfort when playing while charging. This was a serious letdown for the passionate gamers who suffered, evidently, from poor battery backup and hand positioning. POCO F4 GT takes care of both:

  • The poor battery drawback
  • Hand positioning of phone while charging

Users won’t have to worry about putting their phone on charge frequently if they decide to buy the F4 GT. Why? Well, after all, it’s an unprecedented move by POCO in this field! The F4 GT is equipped with dual battery which can juice up the phone to 100% within 20 minutes.

A true representative of the peak mobile gaming experience?

There’s even a 120W HyperCharge feature, along with the dual batteries of 2350mAh each. So, even if you are playing heavy games, watching high resolution movies etc. the phone will not take more than 30 mins to attain complete charge

F4 GT has an L-shape cable that comes with the box, which makes sure the user doesn’t face discomfort and annoyance while trying to use the phone when put on charge. The cable doesn’t obstruct the user’s grip over the phone. Thus, one can play games, watch movies while charging without even the slightest of physical inconvenience.

Screen Experience and Lag

With heating and performance issues, the device in general starts to deliver a slow response to touch. This isn’t an immediate effect of using a device at its full potential. Though, gradually, with the passage of time, the user will come to notice that their device is not being as responsive as it used to be before. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have anything to do with, beside the fact that the device just has poor characteristic touch sampling rate.

This certainly is a serious setback if the user desires to experience an apex performance. Well, fret not! POCO F4 GT has your back again! The phone, obviously, has a 120Hz FLAT AMOLED Display, as any other flagship device would have, but it also went a step ahead and included an amazing 480Hz touch sampling rate. This implies, the phone looks for new screen input every 2.08ms. Overall, both these features combine to offer a buttery smooth and lightning-fast experience of browsing and scrolling at all times. Makes you want to keep scrolling forever!
Since, the phone is also intended for everyday usage along with hardcore gaming, it also features a 1920Hz PWM dimming, an advanced dimming technology that protects the user’s eyes in low light environment, especially, when gaming at night. It can hold colour accuracy while not hurting the eyes even after long periods of usage. So, whether the user is gaming, watching a movie, reading an e-book, the eyes will be safe while still offering a rich visual experience

A true representative of the peak mobile gaming experience?

For gamers, there’s even more to expect from the screen; 10x Super Resolution Touch, a display technology that allows the screen to react to micro movements, it’s especially useful for battle royale games and MOBA games, fast and accurate. Something that is subtle yet going to be acknowledged by the professional gamers.

Last but not the least, POCO F4 GT display has set 15 performance records over at DisplayMate, one of the pioneers in worldwide standard for image and picture quality. Needless to say, the phone also comfortably ticks off the boxes needed for an A+ grade.

All these features put together, again, make it clear that the phone is intended not just for heavy gaming but is also a convenient piece of technology for everyday use.

Budget, Hype and the Community


It’s understandable that not everyone may have the budget for a very high spec PC, or a console. Hence, if you want a near console-like gaming experience with portability and other utilities, a gaming phone would be the ideal choice. Now, the phone we listed i.e., the POCO F4 GT has its price not yet revealed. Though, it boasts a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Liquid Cooling 3.0, 120W HyperCharge among other subtle but very important features which we discussed earlier. After searching on the internet and local stores around, one may be able to find mobile devices with similar configuration over $800. But one needs to consider that POCO has been cost-effective, relatively, and as such our guess is that this phone will be somewhere around $700. The exact price will be unveiled at the time of launch, next week, hopefully.
In the meantime, do let us know what you believe is going to be the price of this phone. Is it going to fit in your budget?

Pre-Launch Hype

A true representative of the peak mobile gaming experience?

Sales Info

If you are interested in buying the new smartphone, it is available through the official AliExpress POCO store, starting at €499 for the 128 GB version and €599 for the 256 GB version. Poco will also release a new Poco Watch with a 1.6-inch AMOLED screen and a battery life of up to 14 days, also available on the AliExpress POCO official store, starting at €59.99.

Also you can get access to POCO F4 GT from POCO official store:

POCO F4 GT Price
(Central European Time)
Country Model Start time(Central European Time) End Time(Central European Time) RAM+ROM RRP Early birds
Germany/France/Italy /Spain POCO F4 GT April 26th 15:00 April 30th 00:00 8+128 €599 €499
12+256 €699 €599
Product link France https://ams-event.po.co/fr/2022sales/poco-f4-gt
Spain https://ams-event.po.co/es/2022sales/poco-f4-gt
Italy https://ams-event.po.co/it/2022sales/poco-f4-gt
Germany https://ams-event.po.co/de/2022launch/poco-f4-gt
Other countries https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004109010855.html

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: PlatoData.io

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