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A Mobile App in Modern Business: What Makes It a Must-Have Thing?


As reported in the Global Digital review report, about 7.89 billion people live on the Earth as of October 2021. And 5.89 billion is the number of unique mobile phone users to date, and this number is constantly growing. At the beginning of 2022, there are even more mobile users, but what do all these numbers give us?

This information indicates that the mobile device market is constantly growing and developing. This digital expansion will continue for many more years until smartphones become commonplace even in the most impoverished and technologically backward countries. Today, more and more people prefer to buy goods using mobile apps. Another vivid example is gambling because all the free online slots work online, and many people access them using their mobile devices. This should make you think about the relevance of the mobile niche in your business. Keep reading to know what it will give to you.

How Do I Know My Business Needs a Mobile App?

It is important to understand that modern businesses cannot exist and develop normally if they are not available online. Let’s see what the mobile application gives both customers and business owners:

    Sales promotion. Firstly, ordering services or goods in a mobile app is much more convenient than through the site. Secondly, the application installed on a smartphone will one way or another flicker in front of a person’s eyes, reminding them of themselves. Thirdly, various functions can be integrated into the application itself, which will also help attract attention and increase sales. These are push notifications, a cumulative discount system, and various personal promotions for application users.

  • Expanding marketing opportunities. The application can access the smartphone’s GPS, camera, microphone, fingerprint scanner, and other modules. This allows developers to implement security features and significantly improve the experience for their customers, which would be impossible to implement on a website.
  • Increasing brand awareness. App development on iOS and Android is well suited to enhance image and recognition. The presence of the application confirms that your company keeps up with the times and is ready to offer customers the highest level in terms of service and convenience.
  • Simplified interaction with customers. The app can be implemented with a number of functions that will greatly facilitate the life of both users and you. Firstly, your customers will be able to enter personal data in order to simplify and speed up the ordering process with delivery in subsequent times. Secondly, the application creates a unified system of communication channels with the consumer, and this is the only way to achieve a modern level of customer service.
  • A better understanding of customer needs. Using the application for Android or iOS, you can better understand the characteristics of your audience: their age, social status, hobbies, level of financial well-being, and even the specifics of their activities. This will allow you to more accurately adjust to their needs and thoroughly satisfy their requests. And this is an incredibly cool tool for increasing audience loyalty and sales.

If you decide on your own mobile app, it is naturally worth ordering the development of an application for iOS and Android. Such an investment will inevitably pay off in the future; you just need to carefully approach the matter and correctly choose a digital agency that will develop it.

Features in Mobile Application Development

It should be understood that a mobile application is a kind of software created and optimized to work on a specific platform – iOS, Android, Windows, etc. It is also possible to create a cross-platform application that is optimized to work on all platforms, but such a service will cost more.

Here are some important features you need to know:

  • It only makes sense to invest in developing an Android or iOS application if you are sure that the majority of your client base uses smartphones;
  • App development is not cheap. You should be prepared to spend heavily, especially if you want to get an exemplary result. In order for the application to work stably, it should be developed by experienced programmers. Therefore, it is worth choosing a development company with a solid portfolio and good customer reviews;
  • You should at least roughly imagine what the application should be. Developers love clear technical specifications, so it is important to describe your vision, what features the application should have, and how it should look.

Also, when developing a mobile app for your business, it is necessary to take into account the variety of devices for which the solution is created. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches – and these devices have different characteristics, diagonals, and even aspect ratios. The developer must correctly adapt the application to the current configurations so that everything works flawlessly. This may seem like a trivial task, but in reality, adaptation sometimes results in many months of work.

Stages of Mobile App Development

Different studios look at the process of creating an app for Android and iOS differently, but in general, seven stages can be distinguished:

  • Analytics. At this stage, digital agency specialists analyze the market, study competitors, and research the specifics of the customer’s business. The ultimate goal is to get a reference for functionality and design as it will be the skeleton of a future development;
  • Formation of a technical task. The terms of reference is a thesis description of the functionality and design of the application with a list of functions, interface requirements, and security. At the same stage, an estimate is drawn up so that the customer understands what funds will be spent and where;
  • Prototyping and design development (UX/UI/IA design);
  • Code writing and development is the main stage;
  • Testing, searching for bugs, optimization. At this stage, QA specialists study and test the application, working through possible scenarios of interaction with the application,
    identify errors, and help developers fix them;
  • Publication of a mobile app in Play Market and App Store;
  • Support and maintenance. If you want to improve and expand the functionality of the application, then you should agree on support, but this is not a must.

At the end of this review, it is worth adding that the cost of developing an app for iOS and Android cannot be cheap because this is an incredibly complex and multi-layered task. To achieve the ultimate goal, which requires the involvement of dozens of specialists, namely programmers, designers, SEO specialists, and testers. But it will definitely pay you off well, especially if you are operating in an entertainment business.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: PlatoData.io

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