A Breakthrough Resistance, Earnings on the Horizon


NYSE:DIS Disney ( NYSE:DIS ), a leading name in global entertainment, recently broke through a significant resistance level at 103.58, showing potential for further upside. With a soon-to-be-released earnings report and strong fundamental performance, the stage seems set for an exciting play.

Technical Outlook:

Disney’s stock price broke through a key resistance level at 103.58 on May 8th then shortly fell after. This shift suggests a possible bullish sentiment in the market. Coupled with the upcoming earnings report, this breakthrough could act as a catalyst for a retest of this level and potentially push the price towards the next target level at 106.25.

Fundamental Performance:

Disney’s financial performance shows encouraging signs. The Earnings Per Share (EPS) has grown by 36.60% YoY to $1.82, a positive indication despite it being lower than the 2018 figure. The Book Value Per Share and Sales Per Share have also grown YoY, suggesting an increase in the company’s underlying assets and revenue growth.

The company’s profitability ratios have improved, with an increase in Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Assets (ROA), Gross Profit Margin, Operating Profit Margin, and Net Profit Margin. These figures suggest improved cost management, operational efficiency, and overall profitability.

Disney’s activity ratios show an increase in Total Asset Turnover and Inventory Turnover, indicating more efficient use of assets and inventory management.

In terms of financial health, Disney has reduced its Long-term Debt to Capital ratio and Financial Leverage, suggesting a decrease in risk as the company has become less reliant on external liabilities.

Valuation and Growth:

Disney’s current P/E ratio is higher than its 5-year average, which might suggest overvaluation, while its lower Price/Book Value ratio could indicate potential undervaluation based on net assets. A comparison with industry averages would provide a more comprehensive perspective.

The company has shown positive revenue growth. However, the EPS growth rate is negative on a 5-year average, indicating some earnings instability.


Disney’s stock presents a compelling opportunity, with the recent technical breakout and robust fundamentals. Investors, however, should consider the mixed growth rates and valuation signals. As always, thorough research and possibly consultation with a financial advisor are recommended before making any investment decisions.


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