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9 exercise tips for desk-bound workers




I’ve built an entire company around the idea that stronger people live longer, happier, healthier lives. The science supports this, and it’s commonsense as well.

It’s easier than most people think to get stronger, fitter, and healthier. That’s especially true for desk workers, such as digital marketers and ecommerce merchants.

Here are nine tips for desk-bound personnel to get stronger and healthier.

9 exercise tips

Morning routine. A morning routine can prepare you for a productive day — and a healthy life.


My morning routine includes biking four miles roundtrip to Starbucks. The trip wakes me up and focuses my thoughts. Plus, biking is a fun, low impact sport.

But it doesn’t have to be biking. Occasionally I’ll walk in the morning as an alternative. Walking is terrific exercise — 10,000 daily steps is a common benchmark.

Regardless, a bike ride, a walk, a run: all are productive ways to start your day.

Small exercise sets. This technique is popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline, a Russian trainer. He calls it “greasing the groove.”


Do a specific exercise routine in small sets throughout the day to improve and increase your stamina.

A common “greasing the groove” exercise is pull-ups. Install a door-mounted pull-up bar. Every time you pass it, do a few pull-ups. If you’re unable to complete a pull-up, try a “negative” — jump and grab the bar with your chin above it and slowly lower yourself down. Before long, you’ll be doing pull-ups!

Push-upsAnother “greasing the groove” exercise is pushups. Do pushups every hour throughout the workday. The number should be manageable and well below your maximum. Soon you’ll be doing many more.

Work on a skill. A friend has a freakish ability to walk on his hands. Years ago, he decided this was a goal — to walk on his hands. He practiced every day until he could do it very well.

I’m working on the skill of riding a unicycle. I bike dozens of miles a week, but unicycles are difficult for me.

Setting a goal for a new physical skill has many benefits, such as providing certainty in an uncertain time.

Leave your desk hourly. Set a timer to leave your desk and move around for at least a few minutes every hour.

Uninterrupted work drives productivity. But the health benefits of moving around for at least a few minutes every hour are equally compelling. I typically set a timer. Some days I walk a bit. Other days I use a rowing machine in my garage for two minutes. That’s a manageable rowing distance that doesn’t get me too sweaty or out of breath. Afterward, I’m clear-headed and ready to work.

Walk-and-talk. Hold company meetings during a walk or even a ride.

WalkingI’m on many Zoom meetings. But not every meeting requires me to be in front of a computer. For those, I have a 2-mile loop around my neighborhood where I can walk and talk. I plug in my headphones, grab a pocket-sized notepad, and take off. Sometimes, for an added challenge, I’ll wear a weighted vest.

I’ve even conducted meetings while biking. But it’s not the best for safety and common courtesy.

Consider a garage gym. Build a garage gym (or a home gym) or just grab a kettlebell.

Garage gym iconsThis is what Fringe Sport is all about. We are believers in garage gyms. We all tend to use fitness tools more often when they are convenient. Building a complete garage gym is easier and less expensive than you might imagine. But for this article, remember that having the workout gear nearby makes it easier to use.

Get a buddy. Accountability is a motivator to meet your health goals. Consider teaming up with a family member or friend to track each other’s progress and stay on track. Put out a buddy call on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Get a coach. A coach is like a buddy for hire. Years ago, during the first few years of my strength journey, I coached myself. Once I retained a professional trainer, I made much faster gains and improved my form. Today there are more tools than ever for coaches and clients to interact.

Do something! As we say at Fringe Sport, “We’re all fighting the couch.” Something, anything in the strength and fitness sphere, is better than nothing.



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TikTok’s Chinese rival Kuaishou becomes a popular online bazaar




In China, short video apps aren’t just for mindless time killing. These services are becoming online bazaars where users can examine products, see how they are grown and made, and ask sellers questions during live sessions.

Kuaishou, the main rival of TikTok’s Chinese version (Douyin), announced that it accumulated 500 million e-commerce orders in August, a strong sign for the app’s monetization effort — and probably a conducive condition for its upcoming public listing.

On the heels of the announcement, Reuters reported that Kuaishou, a Tencent-backed company behind TikTok clone Zynn, is looking to raise up to $5 billion from an initial public offering in Hong Kong as early as January. The company declined to comment, but a source with knowledge of the matter confirmed the details with TechCrunch.

There are intricacies in the claim of “500 million orders.” It doesn’t exclude canceled orders or refunds, and Kuaishou won’t reveal what its actual sales were. The company also said the number made it China’s fourth-largest e-commerce player following Alibaba, and Pinduoduo.

It’s hard to verify the claim as there are no comparable figures from these firms during the period, but let’s work with what’s available. Pinduoduo previously said it logged over 7 billion orders in the first six months of 2019. That means it averaged 1.16 billion orders per month, more than doubling Kuaishou’s volume.

Kuaishou’s figure, however, does indicate that many users have bought or at least considered buying through its video platform.

The app, known for its celebration of vernacular and even mundane user content, boasts 300 million daily active users at the latest, which suggests on average its users made at least one order during the month. Many of the products sold were produce grown by its large base of rural users. The app gained ground in small towns and far-flung regions early on exactly because its content algorithms didn’t intend to favor the “glamorous”.

Over time, it gathered pace among Chinese urbanites who found themselves enjoying others’ candid filming of country life and happily ordering their farm products. The focus on bringing rural produce to urban areas also squares nicely with China’s push to invigorate its rural economy, and it’s not rare to see Kuaishou using terms like “poverty-alleviation” in its social media campaign.

Douyin, which leans towards polished videos from “influencers”, also enables its content creators to monetize — through both sharing ad revenue and hawking products. With a DAU twice as big as Kuaishou’s at 600 million, the app vows to bring 80 billion yuan ($11.8 billion) of income to creators in the coming year, the chief executive of ByteDance China, Kelly Zhang, said recently at Douyin’s creator conference.


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After 20 years of ecommerce, change is the only certainty




Platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy have steadily grew in popularity. This screenshot of Amazon's home page is from August 1999. The site sold mostly books then. Source: Wayback Machine.

Platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy have steadily grown in popularity. This screenshot of Amazon’s home page is from August 1999. The site sold mostly books then. Source: Wayback Machine.

Designing, building, and launching a website is just the beginning of an ecommerce business. Attracting and converting visitors is the next, all-important step. A website alone does not guarantee anything.

This is where marketing comes in. Consumers need to find your site and, once there, have a reason to buy from you. Traffic from search engines — via organic listings and ads — can help with the former. Other marketing tools include email and ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many other websites.

But the most critical factor in long-term success is the ability to change and adapt. Plan for change from the start. Don’t build an ecommerce site that is difficult (expensive) to alter or redo. It limits your potential.

The Basics

At the basic level, a site needs fresh content — product descriptions, photos, videos, prices — to help visitors make an initial purchase decision and return for more. For some markets, this is easy. Take shaving. Consumers will always need razors. But even razors have innovations and new ideas, such as three blades or five blades or auto-restocks via subscriptions.

Most products have new or upgraded releases and alternative uses. If your site is quick to receive these updates, compose compelling descriptions of why they are better or different or exciting. You have then given shoppers reasons to keep coming back. Some sites do this with blog posts and news articles.

In my business of selling science fiction memorabilia, an individual staff member knew all about new products and could write clever and funny descriptions about them. This made my site stand out and gain more customers. It helps if your ecommerce site can integrate with a publishing platform such as WordPress. (Or perhaps WordPress is also your ecommerce platform via a plugin, such as WooCommerce.)


Over time the accepted look and feel of ecommerce sites evolve. What was once a good-looking site can become dated and stale. Visitors need to feel confident that you are a reliable business — their money is safe, and you will deliver what you say. New customers tend to evaluate a site based on its appearance. It’s difficult, however, for an insider to look at a site with fresh eyes, as new a visitor would see it. But it’s essential.

Perhaps your site requires a new template. Maybe the menu structure or navigation needs a revamp. You may need to move to a new platform to keep the site looking modern. These changes are relatively straightforward if you have planned, ensured that the content is portable, and maintained control.

What was once a good looking site can become dated and stale.


When I launched in 2000, most online transactions were done from individual websites. All I had to do was make sure that mine was better than my competitors and appeared higher on the search results. In time, however, third-party platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy began to dominate.

Thus the final type of change is strategic. Decide whether to list your products on these platforms. The decision is not easy. Do you list all of your products on those channels or just the bestsellers or clearance items? Do you set the same prices across channels or make the items on your own site cheaper? Can you vary prices in this manner without violating the third-party platform’s rules? In the E.U., for example, it is illegal for Amazon to forbid sellers from setting lower prices elsewhere.

Further, listing on third-party platforms creates competition for your own site. But can you afford not to use these platforms?

Consider the risks, too, such as being at the whim of the platform. Initially, Amazon was a small percentage of my sales, but it grew to exceed 75 percent. Staying on Amazon’s good side became vital — even to the point of putting Amazon’s shoppers ahead of those from my own site.

Inevitable Change

The point is that change is inevitable. Any company that does not evolve will surely die. Remember that the purpose of your business is to earn profits. Your website is a tool to make money. Change it or, indeed, move away from it as needed.


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