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9 Best Types of Beginner-friendly Weed Strains to Buy Online

Buying weed online comes with a lot of complications. You have to choose the right platform, pick out the strain that you want to buy, check out the legalities of buying weed in your state and so much more. Things are pretty complicated, not to mention that they can get a bit out of hand when you use online stores for buying weed.

Before you think, “Where should I buy my weed online?” you must be wondering about the types of strains that you can buy. Nine out of ten times, this is where most of the people struggle with. When you are buying from a local grower, you can contact them, sniff a few variants and choose the one that catches your attention. You can’t do the same online.

So, we have done the research for you and sorted out some of the best strains of weed that you can consider buying online.

• Blue Dream

If you are looking for a potent Sativa-dominant strain for smoking up, the blue dream is a pretty great choice for online purchase. It has an undertone of skunk and pungent smell with sweet lingering flavor that makes it ideal for beginners and advanced smokers too. The strain has recreational and medicinal properties and gets rid of anxiety and stress by inducing a lingering full-body high. The THC levels are moderate in the strain, which reflects the effects it has. You won’t get high as quickly and can have a calming sensation for prolonged periods.

• Cannatonic

If there’s one primary reason why cannatonic has the popularity that it has, it is due to the balanced levels of THC and CBD levels in the strain. It has potent therapeutic benefits on the body and deals with complaints of pain and inflammation that many individuals often complain about. The strain also induces psychoactive impacts due to the high THC, which can leave you calm and relaxed after you smoke it. The blend of pine and herbal flavor of this strain further makes it ideal for beginners.

• Northern Lights

No, we aren’t talking about Aurora or the beautiful northern lights that you see up in the sky. Instead, we are talking about the northern lights weed strain. It is an Indica-dominant strain that has very high impacts and can induce instant calmness and drowsiness the moment you smoke it up. The flavor profile of this strain is quite complex yet sweet and subtle enough with pine and citrus that makes it suitable for beginners. The CBD levels in the strain are quite high too, which means it has potent medicinal properties.

• Harlequin

Another popular high-quality cannabis strain that is worth considering is Harlequin. This is a CBD-enriched strain, which means that you get to enjoy the beauty of its medicinal properties and treat concerns of pain, discomfort and inflammation that you are likely struggling with. The strain also has beneficial impacts in treating anxiety and depression. It induces a full-body high so you won’t feel out of the body or disoriented after smoking it.

• Blueberry

Just like the name suggests, Blueberry has a sweet and berry-like flavor profile that makes it perfect for beginners who don’t want the skunky and pungent smell of cannabis. This is an Indica-dominant strain and has a plethora of benefits in treating issues like anxiety, insomnia, stress and even relieving depression. The strain has a fruity and lavender like taste and smell to it, which makes it very easier to smoke without feeling like you are choking on a bunch of blunt smoke, which can be terrifying for beginners.

• Jack Herer

Unlike all the strains that we have shared, the Jack Herer is quite a complicated one, to begin with. It is a cross between three different strains and has a very strong flavor profile that some people enjoy and some don’t. It is a Sativa-dominant strain and has uplifting and euphoric impacts that will leave you feeling happy and energized throughout the time you are smoking it. As for the flavor profile, the strain has a blend of fruity, peppery and herbal tastes and smell to it that many smokers relish.

• Granddaddy Purple

Many first-time weed smokers have a bad understanding of this strain. GDP is hands down one of the most subtle weed strains that you will smoke. It is not too strong and won’t make you feel uncomfortable and lightheaded the moment you smoke it in, which is always a good thing. The strain has a blend of berry and grape-like aroma and flavor to it, which many beginner smokers enjoy. As for its effects, it brings in a sense of calmness and reduces panic, anxiety and stress.

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9 Best Types of Beginner-friendly Weed Strains to Buy Online

• Hindu Kush

If we had to include an OG strain that every beginner weed smoker has tasted, it has to be the Hindu Kush. This is an Indica-dominant strain that is very common and accessible across online stores. The strain has uplifting and euphoric impacts on the body and leaves you to feel happy and high at the moment. The combination of citrus and peppery flavor profile further makes it a good pick for beginners.

• Orange Bud

Last on the list worth mentioning is the Orange Bud. It has very mellow effects due to the moderate THC levels in the strain. The flavor profile is citrusy and sweet, which again is pretty great if you don’t want to choke on the smoke of weed. This is also one of the best strains for depression, so if you want to relax at the moment and have a quiet time in, this is a good weed strain to start with.

If this is your first time buying and trying weed, these are some of the most popular strains that you can consider looking into. Always ensure that you buy the strains that will match your requirements and the kind of budget that you have to spare. We hope this article gives you an insight into some of our top picks.

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