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7 Dreams That Came To Life Because Of Crowdfunding at Dreamwallets




7 Dreams That Came To Life Because Of Crowdfunding at Dreamwallets

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Very well quoted by Eleanor Roosevelt. Only the ones who hold faith in their dreams and move ahead in the direction of pursuing them can live those dreams. But while we are in gear to accomplish our mission, we need to follow the right path and also fetch the correct support system for ourselves. Legitimate efforts when get combined with favourable backing, the results are exemplary.This is exactly what happened when aspiring campaigners turned to Dreamwallets, the best crowdfunding platform in India. On starting a campaign based on their dream and getting the valuable support of their backers, they could accomplish what they set out for.

Following are the 7 dreams that could come to life in the year 2016 with their crowdfunding journey commencing at Dreamwallets:


  1. Paani – 2014 and 2015 were the worst years for the farmers of India when the number of suicides by these hardworking ranchers was somewhere close to 15000 for these two years combined. The situation was particularly worse in the state of Maharashtra which faced the harshest drought of the whole century. Gaurav Dagaonkar raised an amount of around Rs. 108000 against his target of Rs.100000. The entire collection was given to Fulora Foundation for their Global Parli project which aims at working for sustainable solutions to minimise the ill-effects of drought on the farmers in villages in Beed district of Maharashtra. The campaigner initiating the project and 40 backers who extended their valuable support played a significant role in improving lives of struggling croppers of India.Purified Water for Pure Souls
  2. Purified Water for Pure Souls – With an ambition of providing safe drinking water to the children of Ashanilaya Orphanage in Bangalore, Kumar Abhisek Bhuyan started a campaign on Dreamwallets. 39 backers helped with collection of Rs.55250 to surpass the target amount of Rs.50000. This campaign proved to be of greathelp in providing safe drinking water to the orphan and homeless children of the orphanage and save them from the hazards of polluted water they used to drink.

3. Meri Pyari Gudiya – Girls not getting the affection and importance in all the ways they deserve is not a new scenario to Indians. Some social evils such as child marriage, female foeticide, female illiteracy, and all possible ways of gender bias have fortuitously managed to thrive in our country. To provoke the thoughts, make the country realise thetrue worth of girl child, and support the cause ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ Aniket Kar initiated the campaign named ‘Meri Pyari Gudiya’ on Dreamwallets. The project aimed to raise an amount of Rs.32000 to be used in recording a song which depicts significance of girl child from the eyes of a father. The campaigners could successfully raise the desired amount with thesupport of 15 backers who made their invaluable contribution!

Voice of Voiceless4. Voice of Voiceless – Coexist- A group of animal-loving people based in Pune is passionately promoting coexistence between humans and animals. The campaign ‘Voice of Voiceless’ aimed to raise a modest amount of Rs.50000 to be able to further their efforts in ensuring a better life for stray animals. Their endeavours in this direction include sterilisation and immunisation of stray animals, offering them medical rescue and first aid in the event of injuries or medical issues.It also included placing water bowls for them on streets, securing them with a home by finding people ready to adopt them, educating people of Pune against cruelty and motivating them to be sensitive and caring towards stray animals. The amount raised by the campaign was far above their target!

Mission Fight the Cold5. Mission Fight the Cold – Winter chill takes toll of as many as 700 to 800 lives every year in India! An appreciable initiative was taken by Shakti Das through his campaign ‘Mission Fight the Cold’ in which he aspired to raise a small but valuable amount of Rs.25000. This amount was to be used in buying blankets to be distributed to the indigent homeless spending their nights on streets even during this chilly weather.  With this amount at his disposal, around 200 good quality blankets could be distributed to such people. But all thanks to Dreamwallets and the overwhelming response from the contributors that the collections of Rs.29802 exceeded the target by over Rs.4000, which meant distribution of around 40 more blankets over and above the target!

Edges of Love6. Edges of Love – All of us would have heard and watched numerous stories of love so far, but the creativity with which the campaigner Harshit Nagar and his team depicted the love that exists amongst us at different stages of life is beyond words to express. The collections of this campaign also surpassed its target of Rs.300000,and another dream came to life with the help of Dreamwallets and 60 backers supporting this ambition.
Pinjra7. Pinjra – TheIndianwoman, is worshipped as Goddess all through the country, yet also treated as a source of amusement. What an irony! People offer prayers to Goddess so that their aspirations are fulfilled, yet the ambitions of a woman are contemptuously ignored and suppressed. Aiming to create a short film about six women with different emotions, Pramod Sanghi turned to Dreamwallets for raising an amount of Rs.300000 to be able to meet the expenses for the short film. With 47 backers showing their excellent support, an amount of Rs.304000 could be raised by the campaigner.

Just like Walt Disney, we at Dreamwallets too believe that ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’.

Now is the right time to get going and chase your dream just like the campaigners of the above projects did! It would be a matter of immense pleasure and pride for us at Dreamwallets to be a part of your ambition. So if you have a dream living within you but are facing financial constraints, don’t allow them to the roadblocks. Start a campaign now at Dreamwallets and kickstart your journey to victory!



Cannabis and the 2020 Election




Next month, five states will be voting on seven ballot measures to legalize cannabis. A variety of proposals, including constitutional amendments, statutory initiatives, and alternative measures, could establish new medical cannabis markets in two states and expand legalization to include adult use legalization in four states. Three of these proposals would enshrine cannabis possession and consumption within state constitutions.

This article will explore the proposals themselves as well as the short-term implications of legalization on existing license holders and the industry.

2020 cannabis ballot measures policy focus

State-by-State Review


Arizona voters have another opportunity to legalize cannabis next month, after narrowly defeating adult use legislation four years ago. In recent years, the Copper State’s medical cannabis market has seen significant MSO expansion, and new mandatory testing requirements launch at the beginning of November.

There are roughly 150 medical cannabis licenses in the state currently — all of which would receive priority status in the application process for adult use licensing. Additionally, diversity applicants and applicants in areas currently lacking cannabis retail access would be fast-tracked applicants.

Prop. 207 does include local control and opt-out provisions, and a new 16% tax would direct revenue to a variety of funds, while retail operators would be able to launch delivery services as soon as 2023.


Mississippi could become the 34th state to legalize cannabis for medical use, but two competing measures are creating complications on the ballot. A citizen-driven campaign led to the placement of Initiative 65, while the legislature responded with Alternative Initiative 65A.

Initiative 65 establishes a medical cannabis program similar to the program structure of many other states; with clearly defined qualifying conditions, possession limits, taxes, registration fees, and a regulator — the state health department. The alternative includes no definitions and only allows smokable cannabis products for terminally ill patients, leaving a highly restrictive market requiring enabling legislation.

Previous bills have been proposed, but never brought to a vote — leaving some skeptical that anything at all may come of Initiative 65A.


Montana’s existing medical cannabis program relies on a system of caregivers who cultivate cannabis and make manufactured products, including edibles and concentrates. Additionally, there is a limited number of licensed dispensaries throughout the state. Legalization would be a major evolution for Montana, which has seen multiple ballot initiatives and legislative interventions in recent years.

Two measures have been placed: one constitutional amendment to set the age of 21 as the minimum buying age and a measure to establish a commercial adult use market. While no early sales provisions are included, Montana companies would be the only businesses able to start sales for the first year after legalization.

New Jersey

New Jersey voters may make history, legalizing the adult use of cannabis and triggering a race among Mid-Atlantic states to implement sales first. While all of New Jersey’s neighbors have existing medical cannabis programs, none have taken steps to expand further. In recent years, numerous regional state legislatures have attempted to legalize, and Public Question 1 may tip the scales for an entire region with over 50 million residents.

The text of the amendment is brief, but it establishes a definition for ‘cannabis’ while permitting possession, use, and industry operations for adults ages 21 and up. The existing Cannabis Regulatory Commission would be tasked with regulating the industry, but the state legislature must first come to an agreement and pass enabling legislation.

Currently, New Jersey’s medical market includes roughly fifteen licenses, including cultivation and manufacturing, as well as a limited number of dispensaries. The next phase for cannabis in NJ is uncharted territory for now: it is unclear if existing licenses will be given the first opportunity to serve the general public.

Given licensing delays and a slow rollout in Illinois, lawsuits and delays could be in New Jersey’s future — with some analysts suggesting a four-year timeline from amendment passage to full implementation. This may be good news for MSOs, including Columbia Care, Verano, and Acreage Holdings, among others.

South Dakota

South Dakota has long been unfriendly to cannabis in all forms and has some of the nation’s strictest marijuana possession penalties. While other non-medical states have at least given a nod to low-THC medical hemp programs, the Mount Rushmore state hadn’t established any kind of hemp or cannabis program at all until the legislature passed industrial hemp legalization this past spring.

Now, the state could make history as the first to legalize cannabis for medical and adult use purposes at the same time. Two proposals are on the ballot: an initiated measure to launch a medical cannabis program, and a constitutional amendment to fully legalize cannabis, with provisions including adult use, a medical program, and expanded hemp legalization.

Medical use is enshrined in both proposals, while the constitutional amendment would prevent the legislature from any type of statutory tampering to limit a retail market. The constitutional amendment would establish a commercial market for both adult use and medical purposes. Medical use would include home cultivation. As there is no cannabis market in the state at this time, no businesses would be able to take advantage of “early sales” provisions, as seen in other states.


Previously, medical cannabis programs and commercial licensing schemes predated adult use legalization, and the majority of these proposals came into existence by way of the ballot. In most of the earliest states to fully legalize, this was the case: Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, and Nevada all had some form of voter-approved medical cannabis legislation first.

Implementation of adult-use legalization has, however, varied across the states. In these proposals, Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey have existing medical cannabis infrastructures, but the implementation of adult use will likely lead to program changes.

Some legalization measures have allowed for existing medical dispensaries to launch sales to adults during a period of late-stage rulemaking. These businesses have operated under modified compliance rules, with track-and-trace requirements and varying tax rates until legalization rules are completed.

After Oregon voters approved legalization in 2014, the state’s medical market rapidly expanded with early sales on the horizon. At one point, there were more medical dispensaries in the state than Starbucks or McDonald’s locations. That number later dropped as businesses converted their licenses over.

For some of the states with legalization on the ballot this year, the transition out of medical will pose challenges: product shortages, long customer lines, new tax rates, uncertainty over product offerings, and testing requirements on top of an already difficult pandemic business environment.

Overall, legalization measures promise to bring a significant impact to consumers and patients in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. It’s hard to quantify the short-term improvements to consumers and industry operators, as passage of these initiatives will set off a flurry of legislative and regulatory discussion over the holidays and into the spring. Existing licensees and hopeful applicants should keep an eye for new opportunities: public comment periods, application deadlines, and new sales opportunities on the horizon.


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Cuomo advisor predicts New York will legalize pot in April




New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s advisor on marijuana policy said this week the Empire State could legalize weed in April of next year with a bill that would serve as a model for other states looking to allow recreational pot in the United States.

Axel Bernabe, assistant counselor to Governor Cuomo, was a guest on the Under The Canopy series, recently launched by Canopy Growth, where he discussed cannabis legalization efforts in New York. According to Bernabe, a bill to legalize marijuana will be introduced through the state budget in January again, while he expects legalization to take effect by April. 

As New Jersey appears ready to legalize marijuana this November, Bernabe said the Cuomo administration has been watching its neighbor “closely.”

“We’re watching New Jersey closely. We’ve always been confident that we’d get to this before New Jersey, so if they pass the referendum they still have to have an agreement between the governor and the Senate over there,” he said.

“If New Jersey can beat us to it, they’ll get a gold star but I still think we’re gonna set the model for this,” Bernabe added, referring to the bill’s social equity provisions, among other things. 

During the interview, Bernabe also said that New York has been monitoring how legalization has been unfolding in Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts, but has also consulted with states on the West Coast, where the legal pot industry is larger and more developed. 

Regarding hemp, Cuomo’s advisor said the state will release its guidelines and regulations for CBD consumer products early next year as well.

“Those products are already out there, so there’s no sense in pretending they’re not,” Bernabe explained. 

For this reason, the governor and his team have been working on guidelines, which will include maximum dose per serving labeling and warnings about potential THC content in various hemp-derived products. New York has copied a lot of Florida’s hemp regulations while crafting its own policies, Bernabe stated, before telling Canopy Growth’s David Culver that the administration is currently putting the finishing touches to the guidelines. 

Although Governor Cuomo promised his state would legalize weed soon, marijuana legalization was left out of the New York state budget for 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, which hit the state particularly badly earlier this year.

Cuomo previously proposed working in conjunction with the neighboring states of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania on coordinating a recreational marijuana system for the region. 


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PURA Concludes Farmersville Meetings – Deal Imminent




Dallas, TX – October 20, 2020 – OTC PR WIRE — Puration, Inc. (OTC PINK: PURA) today announced that CEO Brian Shibley concluded a key meeting yesterday essential to finalizing the acquisition of 72-acre property in Farmersville, Texas central to the company’s recently announced Farmersville Brands strategy.  “The acquisition is imminent. Look for an announcement very soon,” said Mr. Shibley.

PURA has scheduled the release of a comprehensive update this Friday, October 23, 2020, to provide the latest information on progress with the Farmersville Brand strategy. The Friday update this Friday will include the latest on the company’s planned dividend of PAO Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: PAOG) stock in conjunction with PURA’s sale of its cannabis cultivation business to PAOG.

For more information on Puration, visit

Disclaimer/Safe Harbor:

This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act. The statements reflect the Company’s current views with respect to future events that involve risks and uncertainties. Among others, these risks include the expectation that any of the companies mentioned herein will achieve significant sales, the failure to meet schedule or performance requirements of the companies’ contracts, the companies’ liquidity position, the companies’ ability to obtain new contracts, the emergence of competitors with greater financial resources and the impact of competitive pricing. In the light of these uncertainties, the forward-looking events referred to in this release might not occur. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Puration, Inc.
Brian Shibley,
(800) 861-1350


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