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6 Questions for Michelle O’Connor of Uphold



Each week we ask the buidlers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector for their thoughts on the industry… and we throw in a few random zingers to keep them on their toes!

This week our 6 Questions go to Michelle O’Connor, VP of Marketing at Uphold

Michelle is passionate about building the future of inclusive finance through emerging technologies to both streamline and empower businesses and consumers through transparency and financial inclusion. She has spoken on FinTech, blockchain and digital financial services and community building efforts, and was recently recognized as one of the ‘Most Inspirational Women in Tech 2019.’

Earlier in her career, she founded a hybrid marketing agency bridging the gap between traditional media, public relations, social media, and community marketing.  In this role she focused on lifestyle brands, providing strategic and lean marketing strategies along with social media, public relations, and community programs.

1 — Which two superpowers would you most want to have, and how would you combine them for good… or evil?

Without a doubt, I’d choose the ability to time travel and freeze time. How amazing would it be to wake up one day, think to yourself, I want to go back to meet Ada Lovelace, a renowned mathematician who is widely considered to be the first computer programmer way back in the mid-1800s?! To experience the world alongside Ada, knowing the world as it is now (in large part a result of her early work) — would be utterly inspiring.

My fascination with freezing time may be a direct result of growing up watching Evie Garland on the 1980’s show Out of This World freeze time, and how those scenarios played out. Now, more than ever, I’d love to have the ability to freeze things as they are, and in parallel fast-track the vaccine for coronavirus, then unfreeze time — and go back to before this all started.

2 — If you were investing in startup companies right now, what kind of blockchain-based business opportunity would catch your eye?

Blockchain companies working in healthcare are especially interesting; specifically those that improving medical record-keeping. This is important to me, as we need to ameliorate the level of care and democratize access for people who are under-insured or not insured.

Identifying trends across medical history, including family history, medication, allergies, and have it owned by the patient and accessible anytime, anywhere, regardless of their insurance status — game-changing.

3 — What’s the unlikeliest-to-happen thing on your bucket list?

Sadly, the thing that I would love most to do, is the most unlikely. Unplug from all social media and sail around the world with my family.

4 — If there is a future for cryptocurrencies, what is the main hurdle the industry needs to overcome. And if not, what does the future of money look like to you?

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the need for alternatives to the legacy financial system.

Cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and digital assets face two main challenges as it stands now — established and consistent regulation to nurture mainstream adoption, and a reduction in speculation. At the moment if you look up Bitcoin, or any of the top cryptos — everyone’s writing about their price, rather than the applications. (Editor’s note: Well, not everyone…)

As a real-world digital alternative to fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies need to shift from speculation to everyday use. Those changes have already taken place in countries where inflation and currency devaluation is more prevalent like Venezuela and Argentina. There, the need for stability and ease of use has driven acceptance of Bitcoin and other digital assets. In the U.S. we’re seeing currency debasement as the stimulus prints trillions of dollars — heading toward an inevitable devolution of the USD and piquing interest in alternative currencies like cryptocurrencies.

The bridge from old to new money systems used to be a long one, and you couldn’t quite see the other side — we’re closer than ever today.

5 — Tell us about a hidden talent – and give us a link to prove it!

Is gardening a talent? Not sure, but I love gardening and this year has taken it to the next level with three raised beds growing 20 different fruits and vegetables.

6 — From smart contracts, to DAPPs, to NFTs, to DeFi we have seen so many of the next “killer apps” for crypto, but none have really taken off quite yet. What will stick?

That’s the billion-dollar question…

What if it’s not the next killer app — but the next wave of use? If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the need to expect the unexpected. What you’ve planned for can be upended overnight.

The winning solutions have to be designed around a real-world need or problem. Is there a need for something, what is the market fit? Companies that succeed need to design with their potential customer in mind. If they need what you’re building — especially now, being strategic and focused on improving what’s already been introduced.



Bitcoin Sees Largest Exchange Inflows Since March 2020 Crash

Another bearish signal for Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency sees the largest exchange inflows from external wallets last seen in March 2020.



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Another bearish signal for Bitcoin has been looming around the corner with the digital asset seeing the largest inflows from external wallets to spot exchanges last seen in March 2020, signifying investors are ready to sell-off their holdings.

Bitcoin Sees the Highest Daily Spike in Exchange Inflows

Having already lost over 50% of its value from its all-time high in just two months, numerous technical indicators are signaling Bitcoin towards even more adverse price reactions.

Following reports of the digital asset crossing the much-dreaded “death cross”, new on-chain data reveals that investors are depositing massive portions of their holdings to exchanges in order to cash out their holdings.

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For instance, data from CryptoQuant shows that on June 21 Bitcoin saw the highest daily spike in inflows from external wallets to spot exchanges, last seen during the COVID-19 induced March 2020 crash, that took the cryptocurrency to as low as $3,000.

Even though the leading cryptocurrency has recovered more than $10,000 from the previous weeks, the digital asset has indeed weakened due to China’s brutal crypto crackdown.

Stablecoin Inflows Drop Considerably

At the same time, data from CryptoQuant indicates that the stablecoin inflows to exchanges seem to have dropped as investors turn bearish on Bitcoin.

For instance, during the first five months of the year, the circulating supply of stablecoins was on a steady rise and accelerated somewhat as the market sold off in May. However, stablecoin issuance came to a standstill at the beginning of June as bearish trends took over the Bitcoin market.

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Since then, stablecoin inflows to exchanges have fallen to their lowest level last seen in October 2020.

Usually, stablecoin inflows are viewed as bullish catalysts. However, CryptoQuant’s recent newsletter warns of similar spikes in stablecoin issuance in the past followed by a prolonged price declines:

 “After the bottom of the last bear market (2018-2019), we saw a steady rise in issuance events. At the top (June 28, 2019) of this bullish period, there was a large issuance event (the two big spikes in July-August 2019 are due to USDT ETH issuance). It looks like the same is happening right now.”

#Bitcoin #Bitcoin Inflows

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Dogecoin Gets Hit the Hardest Among Top 10 Coins, Plunges Over 20%

Dogecoin has gotten hit the hardest among the top 10 coins and saw its second-worst day of the year on June 22 by plunging down over 36% to $0.17.



Table of Contents

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Meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin gets hit the hardest among the top 10 coins and saw its second-worst day of the year on June 22 by plunging down over 36% to $0.17, the lowest level since Apr. 23.

Dogecoin Gets Hit the Hardest Among Top 10 Coins

On May 19, joke cryptocurrency Dogecoin shed over 55% within a single day, but it managed to climb back to almost half of the losses before the daily close.

The meme-based coin is currently trading 77% lower since May 8, from its current all-time high of $0.74 on May 8. The market cap, which was $34.97 billion on June 21, has now slid down to $27.22B in just the last 24 hours.

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Dogecoin is currently the biggest loser among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, plunging over 20%, despite major altcoins like XRP, Binance Coin, and Polkadot experiencing double-digit losses.

The value of popular cryptocurrencies remained weak on June 22 after the crypto market witnessed a massive crash a day earlier, following China’s intensified crackdown on Bitcoin.

Over the bigger picture, Dogecoin looks weak that needs upside catalysts to rebound from current levels.

For instance, if Dogecoin declines below the support at $0.25, it will head towards the next support level at $0.2250. A successful test of the support at $0.2250 will push the cryptocurrency towards the next support at $0.2150.

Dogecoin-Branded NASCAR Crashes Like DOGE

Stefan Parsons’ car emblazoned with the Dogecoin logo crashed into the wall during Stage 2 at Nashville Superspeedway on June 19th. Fans of meme-based cryptocurrency fans pushed the hashtag #dogecar trend on Twitter.

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The car was sponsored by Springates, a manufacturer of auto parts whose CEO is a DOGE enthusiast. Parson escaped unhurt but the value of the cryptocurrency did not.

DOGE has a long history on the NASCAR tracks. In April 2014, for instance, Dogecoin fans raised 68 million DOGE worth about $42,000 at the time, via a Reddit campaign to sponsor Josh Wise’s Ford Fusion car. Interestingly, Wise raced in the same team as Stefan Parsons’ father Phil.

#DOGE #Dogecoin

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VanEck to Launch a Mutual Fund that Invests in BTC Futures

Global investment manager VanEck has recently filed an introductory prospectus to launch a mutual fund that put its money into BTC Futures.



Table of Contents

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Global investment manager VanEck has recently filed an introductory prospectus to launch a mutual fund that put its money into BTC Futures through its Cayman Islands-based subordinate. Rest, it has been revealed that the fund may also put some of its unsettled assets into the United States treasuries. 

VanEck to Initiate a Mutual Fund That Invests in BTC Futures

The Bitcoin Strategy Fund is not going to have any exposure to the spot price of the top crypto asset and it said:

“The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing, under normal circumstances, in bitcoin futures contracts (“Bitcoin Futures”), as well as pooled investment vehicles and exchange-traded products that provide exposure to bitcoin (together with Bitcoin Futures, “Bitcoin Investments”). The Fund does not invest in bitcoin or other digital assets directly.”

In addition to this, it has already been reported that the global investment manager VanEck has filed requisitions for both Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs earlier this year.

However, the United States Securities and Exchange have not approved any of them as of yet. 

Moreover, the SEC has initiated the process of looking for additional comments to affirm whether or not it should checklist the Bitcoin ETF proposal of VanEck.

Mike Novogratz Comments on China Crypto Crackdown

The CEO of Galaxy Digital, Michael Novogratz has recently released a statement sharing his opinion on the effect of the ongoing China crackdown on crypto.

Novogratz took it to Twitter and said:

“China news isn’t good. Xi is an authoritarian leader who wants control over things. $BTC is the opposite of authoritarianism. Chinese citizens will always find a way to move assets outside the system but they are making it harder. Will take some time to play out. Keep the faith.”

Novogratz is sure that the Chinese Crypto owners will be able to shift their assets outside China, but it will take some time.

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#BTC futures #Mutual Fund #VanEck

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Yearn Finance (YFI) and Synthetix (SNX) Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

Synthetix and Yearn Finance are sinking. If $7 falls, SNX/USDT may halve to $4—or worse. Meanwhile, YFI/USDT is on the cusp of falling further to $26k.



Table of Contents

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Synthetix and Yearn Finance are sinking. If $7 falls, SNX/USDT may halve to $4—or worse. Meanwhile, YFI/USDT is on the cusp of falling further to $26k.

Yearn Finance (YFI)

The automated aggregator allows DeFi investors to draw maximum yields from various protocols. YFI is central to the platform.

Past Performance of YFI

The YFI/USDT is still under the shadow of sellers who dominated in the second half of May 2021.

Bears are in control, and liquidation across the board may flatten out attempts to revive bulls.

Presently, YFI is down nine percent against the USD and ETH on the last trading day.

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Day-Ahead and what to Expect

The path of least resistance is southwards.

Although Ethereum’s fundamentals might rejuvenate YFI/USDT price action, candlestick arrangement, and BTC weakness combine to deflate optimistic bulls.

YFI bear bars are banding along with the lower BB, signaling selling pressure below $40k and the middle BB.

YFI/USDT Technical Analysis

YFI Price Daily Chart for June 22

Losses of June 21 were perpendicular, pointing to sellers’ convictions.

Accordingly, every high may present a selling opportunity for YFI/USDT bears, targeting $26k or May 2021 lows.

Unexpected gains from spot levels, preferably with high trading volumes, reversing June 21 losses may trigger a revival with targets at $40k for YFI.

Conversely, further dumps firmly place YFI/USDT price action to sellers.

Synthetix (SNX)

The decentralized derivatives trading DeFi protocol uses SNX as its token. In addition, the platform plans to adopt Optimism as its Layer-2 scaling option.

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Past Performance of SNX

SNX sellers have reversed over 80 percent of gains made during the steep increase from November 2020 to 2021 peaks of February 2021.

Losses may continue considering the state of price action, favoring sellers.

SNX is down double-digits as of writing, falling 11 percent against the USD on the last trading day.

Meanwhile, trading volumes rose to $78 million, suggesting possible offloading.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

SNX sellers, based on price action in the daily chart, are motoring ahead.

At spot rates, dips below $7 confirming June 21 draw-down may see another dump down towards $4—visible reaction points of November and December 2021.

SNX/USDT Technical Analysis

SNX Price Daily Chart for June 22

Confirmation of SNX/USDT bear bar of June 21 below $7 could cement sellers’ conviction.

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In that case, SNX prices may halve to $4.

Conversely, suppose prices find support at spot rates, reversing June 21 losses despite the intense selling pressure. In that case, SNX could lift off above $8 to $14 in the medium term.

#DeFi #SNX #SNX/USDT #Synthetix #YFI #YFI/USDT

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