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5 Weird and Funny Casino Facts


People have been fascinated by gambling since ancient times. The history of gambling stretches through the centuries. Even in times of online casinos, real casinos like Las Vegas are very popular. In addition to the fun of playing, there are some funny and curious casino facts that should not only bring a smile to the faces of casino fans.

Incredible number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, the Eldorado of gambling, not only casinos are lined up. In order to offer visitors a comfortable experience, the casinos also have connected accommodation options. The number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas is almost unbelievable. There are more than 150,000 of them. Visitors usually spend a few days in the city and can choose from luxury categories to basic accommodation. Many casinos allow high rollers to stay in luxury hotels for free in order to make their stay in the gambler’s paradise as pleasant as possible.

Play without looking at the clock

In Las Vegas you can do without clocks. This is the case both in public and in the casinos themselves. This tradition probably dates back to before smartphones existed, and the intention behind it is clear. Visitors should forget about the time while playing and devote themselves entirely to entertainment without looking at the clock. By the way, you don’t need to travel to Las Vegas for a great casino experience without time pressure. Modern Internet casinos such as Rocket Casino allow you to play comfortably from home whenever you want.

Colorful sea of lights in Las Vegas

Las Vegas glitters in all colors at night, thanks to the neon signs, which consist of around 20,000 kilometers of neon tubes. This could circle half the globe. This incredible amount is maintained by a multitude of technicians and electricians who work day and night to replace or repair faulty lighting. However, high electricity costs have recently led to many casinos switching to LED lighting. However, this economical alternative in no way affects the flair of the casino metropolis, on the contrary. Far more spectacular lighting effects are possible with LEDs.

Gambling for prison inmates

What is particularly curious is that the Nevada State Penitentiary had an actual casino from 1932 to 1967. Gambling was allowed to distract the prisoners and the casino was run by the inmates. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps or poker were the most popular casino games in prison. Not only inmates could play for real money, but the guards would also join in the game rounds from time to time. Even though the prison casino closed again after 35 years, you can imagine that it always had enough visitors.

The world’s smallest casino

For this we leave Las Vegas and travel to London. There was the Winora Casino, the smallest casino in the world. However, it had no fixed address, but was accommodated in one of the well-known London taxis. Winora was equipped with a gaming table and dealer, and there was also a bar. In addition, a screen was installed on which the British betting enthusiasts could follow sporting events live. Unfortunately, it was just a promotion by English casino operators that made headlines in 2016 and was not continued after that.


Source: Plato Data Intelligence: PlatoData.io

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