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5 Ways To Raise Funds For Your Startup




Fundraising is going to be the death of me,” said Tom Walker, President and CEO of Rev1 Ventures, in an interview with Dave Keplin, CEO Likable Local.

Any entrepreneur who has gone down the startup route would testify that raising funds for a new business venture can be one of the most frustrating and discouraging aspects. You can be very passionate about your idea and go about trying your best to convince potential investors that it will be the next big thing. However, you may still not get the required funds in order to keep afloat.

While finding an investor is certainly feasible, any startup business owner should think of multiple different ways of raising capital for the business.

Here are five great ways to explore:

1. Friends and Family

Sometimes, people invest in the person and not in the idea. And who knows you better? Your friends and family! Turn to them first as they are more inclined to support your startup than total strangers. This can be the first round of your startup capital to get the ball rolling.

However, it may create a negative impact if your friends and family invest in your business. Should your startup fail, there may be problems in the relationship you have with them. A wedding ceremony of a distant cousin may result in a discussion on how well or how badly the startup is doing and could lead to a certain level of awkwardness. To ensure against these situations, it is advisable you are very clear about any risks involved upfront and not spin tales of profit that may be too good to be true. Also, only borrow money from people who you feel can afford the loss or would be mature about the loss. It is the wisest thing to do, I assure you!

2. Get a Bridging Loan

What is Bridging Loan?

Bridging loans are a specific category of short-term loans that are often easier, less stressful and quicker to get than most other traditional loans. They cover the financing of bricks and mortar buildings for offices, shops, stores, properties, as well as machinery, tax bills, insurance premiums and so on.

Even though they cater to a wide market, groups like Jubilee2000 still specialize in providing loans to startups and small businesses that may not otherwise have access to funding.

By working with a team of reputable money lenders, they are able to make arrangements for both short and long-term loans for projects that traditional banks may hesitate to fund.

3. Crowdfunding

One of the trendiest ways of raising funds in the world today is through crowdfunding. Basically, it is a brilliant way to raise funds from individual investors. Sites like Kickstarter are more popular than ever, where their particular focus is on helping receive lots of small donations from regular citizens and push it to fund startup projects or existing business where cash expansion is sought. In return, investors either get an innovative product or service or something else that you both agree on. It’s basically a win-win situation and works for everyone, especially projects that can’t get traditional loans (i.e. publishing a book through crowdfunding).

Also, there are other funding options like debt funding from Angel investors, capital firms and accredited investors. Teams like Fundable specialize in this particular area.

4. Business Partner

I don’t have the money but I have the ideas! Oh, you have the money? Let’s team up!
That sounds great. Most successful business owners today started out with business partners. Funds are pulled together and your money troubles are over. You won’t have to worry about the power being cut off in the middle of your working day just because you haven’t paid the electricity bill. However, note that when selecting a partner for your business, you need to ensure an alignment of goals, as there could end up being difference of opinion and it all could come crashing down. So make sure that all parties concerned agree to the direction the business is going. Having a buyout clause in your contract is also a great idea, as no one can predict the future!

5. Save costs

You save money to have more money, right?

Nothing may be scarcer than money – or a lack of it – when you start your business. We even have nightmares about it in our sleep. There is always a need to do something with money. However, you can save costs on your operations so that, at the end of the day, you have extra money to run with.

Employ pay as you go style. Don’t have redundant staff on your payroll. You need a writer? Look for a freelancer online to do the job, pay them, end of story. Having a writer on your payroll when you don’t need them daily would be a waste of money that could be beneficial to other areas of the business.

Share office space in a complex. If most of your work is online, I don’t see why you need a large office with a plush waiting room! When you share office space, you can also share utilities; computers, printers, copiers, even the coffee machine. Leave out capital purchases unless they are vital.

Look for Bargains! You may be amazed at the amount on discount you would get from suppliers. Save money you would spend on traveling for a business meeting and teleconference instead. Hire staff you need as interns from a college close by or a business school. Seriously, you would save a ton of money and discover that you can afford that new software to make your job easier.

Taking onboard some or all of this advice could be enough to kick start your very own business. So, why not start today?



Financial institutions can support COVID-19 crowdfunding campaigns




The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected the financial outlook for millions of people, and continues to cause significant fiscal distress to millions more, but such challenging times have also wrought a more resilient and resourceful financial system.

With the ingenuity of crowdfunding, considered to be one of the last decade’s greatest “success stories,” and such desperate times calling for bold new ways to finance a wide variety of COVID-19 relief efforts, we are now seeing an excellent opportunity for banks and other financial institutions to partner with crowdfunding platforms and campaigns, bolstering their efforts and impact.

COVID-19 crowdfunding: A world of possibilities to help others

Before considering how financial institutions can assist with crowdfunding campaigns, we must first look at the diverse array of impressive results from this financing option during the pandemic. As people choose between paying the rent or buying groceries, and countless other despairing circumstances, we must look to some of the more inventive ways businesses, entrepreneurs and people in general are using crowdfunding to provide the COVID-19 relief that cash-strapped consumers with maxed-out or poor credit do not have access to or the government has not provided.

Some great examples of COVID-19 crowdfunding at its best include the following:

The possibilities presented by crowdfunding in this age of the coronavirus are endless, and financial institutions can certainly lend their assistance. Here is how.

1. Acknowledge that crowdfunding is not a trend

Crowdfunding is a substantial and ever-so relevant means of financing all sorts of businesses, people and products. Denying its substantive contribution to the economy, especially in digital finance during this pandemic, is akin to wearing a monocle when you actually need glasses for both of your eyes. Do not be shortsighted on this. Crowdfunding is here to stay. In fact, countless crowdfunding businesses and platforms continue to make major moves within the markets globally. For example, Parpera from Australia, in coordination with the equity-crowdfunding platforms, hopes to rival the likes of GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

2. Be willing to invest in crowdfunded campaigns

This might seem contrary to the original purpose of these campaigns, but the right amount of seed-cash infusions to campaigns that are aligned with your goals as a company is a win-win for both you and the entrepreneurs or causes, especially now in such desperate times of need.

3. Get involved in the community and its crowdfunding efforts

This means that small businesses and medium-sized businesses within your institution’s community could use your help. Consider investing in crowdfunding campaigns similar to the ones mentioned earlier. Better yet, bridge the gaps between financial institutions and crowdfunding platforms and campaigns so that smaller businesses get the opportunities they need to survive through these difficult times.

4. Enable sustainable development goals (SDG)

Last month, the United Nations Development Program released a report proclaiming that digital finance is now allowing people from all over the world to customize and personalize their money-management experiences such that their financial needs have the potential to be more readily and sufficiently met. Financial institutions willing to work as a partner with crowdfunding platforms and campaigns will further these goals and set society up for a more robust rebound from any possible detrimental effects of the COVID-19 recession.

5. Lend your regulatory expertise to this relatively new industry

Other countries are already beginning to figure out better ways to regulate the crowdfunding financing industry, such as the recent updates to the European Union’s handling of crowdfunding regulations, set to take effect this fall. Well-established financial institutions can lend their support in defining the policies and standard operating procedures for crowdfunding even during such a chaotic time as the COVID-19 pandemic. Doing so will ensure fair and equitable financing for all, at least, in theory.

While originally born out of either philanthropy or early-adopting innovation, depending on the situation, person or product, crowdfunding has become an increasingly reliable means of providing COVID-19 economic relief when other organizations, including the government and some banks, cannot provide sufficient assistance. Financial institutions must lend their vast expertise, knowledge and resources to these worthy causes; after all, we are all in this together.


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Taking LSD Could Help Your Career




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Taking LSD Could Help Your Career

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Earn $10,249 a Year in FREE “Crypto Income”




Last December, I wrote to you about a new way to make money with cryptos.

It didn’t involve risking your money on high-risk crypto tokens. Instead, it was a way to earn safe, consistent income — for FREE — month after month.

In fact, as I’ll explain today, if you’d followed my advice, you could have earned as much as $10,249 over the past year.

But if you didn’t follow my advice, not to worry…

Because as I’m about to explain, you can still take advantage of this strategy today…

Let Me Introduce You to Sandy

Before I reveal this powerful income-generating strategy, let me introduce you to someone:

Her name is “Sandy” — or, as she’s more commonly known, Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy hit New York on October 29th, 2012. According to Business Insider, it was the “worst storm to hit the area since at least [the year] 1700.”

It dropped over 14 feet of water on lower Manhattan, and it left millions of residents without power, cell phone service, or the internet.

People had no way to get in touch with their loved ones, or to get access to emergency info.

But for residents of a tiny neighborhood in Brooklyn, it was quite a different story…

A Peer-to-Peer Network Saves the Day

When Sandy hit and the internet went down, a small group of technologists in an old industrial neighborhood called Red Hook sprang into action.

They set up a “peer-to-peer” network called a “local mesh network.” This enabled residents to connect to each other’s computers directly, so they could communicate.

Everyone else was trying to get online the traditional way: by connecting to a single server. But since that single server wasn’t working, they were out of luck.

Here’s an image that shows a traditional network versus a peer-to-peer network:

As you can see, there’s no “middleman” in the peer-to-peer network…

So there’s no single point of failure!

This Could be Huge

This type of peer-to-peer technology is a big deal…

The next time a natural disaster occurs — or God forbid, if there’s a terrorist strike — it could keep people online and connected.

This explains why Grandview Research estimates that, by 2025, such networks could turn into a market worth $11 billion.

It also explains why venture capitalists are pouring money into this sector. For example, Union Square Ventures recently invested $15 million into a peer-to-peer networking startup.

And as it turns out, you could profit from this deal, too.

Let me explain…

Introducing: Helium

Union Square Ventures is one of the most successful venture firms in the country.

It was an early investor in billion-dollar startups like Twitter and Tumblr.

And now it’s invested in a peer-to-peer networking startup called Helium.

Simply put, Helium has built a simple device that acts as a “hot spot.”

Once you put the device in your home, people in your neighborhood can use it to connect to each other instantly.

This device is a breakthrough. You see, when the Red Hook technologists set up their network during Hurricane Sandy, they encountered huge problems. For example:

  • They had to create their own custom software.
  • They were forced to rely on inefficient hardware and unsecure connections.
  • They had to pay huge electricity bills.

But Helium fixes all of these problems in one fell swoop. And now, during an emergency, a Helium network could mean the difference between life and death.

And that’s why Helium wants to incentivize you to set one up…

New Crypto: Helium Tokens

Simply put, if you set up a Helium network, you can earn real money.

Here’s how it works:

  • Helium has created a crypto-currency called Helium Tokens (HNT).
  • To earn these coins, you just need to set up and maintain a Helium network.
  • And because these coins are traded on various crypto exchanges, you can exchange them for real dollars.

Fred Wilson, a partner at Union Square Ventures, has earned roughly 8,266 Helium Tokens since he first set up his device a year ago.

Based on the current price for Helium Tokens, that works out to roughly $10,249 in extra income in the past year alone!

And now you have the chance to start earning income like that, too!

Cash-in on Cryptos Today

Keep in mind: to get started, you’ll need to pay a few hundred dollars for the Helium device.

But once you own the device, you essentially have a source of free income.

To learn more, visit Helium’s website here »

Happy investing!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan



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