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5 ways to increase your gaming skills


5 ways to increase your gaming skills

In our world today, gaming has become more popular than ever and people of all ages are picking up this hobby, with some even playing professionally to earn a living. Many people are gaming for the sheer fun and entertainment of the virtual world however, others game as a professional sport which is more serious and demanding physically and mentally. If you are a gamer who is looking to improve your gaming skills by taking it to the next level, stick around because this article will explore 5 ways that you can do just that.

5. Try CBD

CBD is a very popular substance that is consumed by people from all walks of life. This ingredient is one of the main active ingredients found in the cannabis plant and it is commonly used to treat several medical conditions without making the consumer high. When you consume CBD, you can expect to feel a calming and relaxing effect on your body and mind. We create endocannabinoids in our bodies which are neurotransmitters responsible for joining the cannabinoid receptors in our body’s nervous system. The result of this is relief from pain as well as inflammation which is what CBD is most commonly used to treat.

As a gamer, CBD will benefit you by increasing your focus while playing (anecdotally speaking). There are many options for consumption and gamers, but the most recommended one is vaping. If you’re interested in this method, check out MagicVaporizers here. They have a wide range of devices for every budget, so you will surely find the most suitable device for you. CBD will also make you feel calm and prevent situations where your emotions outsmart your performance, especially when playing live games against other players. Some side effects of gaming include headaches and anxiety during gameplay, which CBD can help heal.

4. Practice regularly

If you are gaming professionally, you will need to practice regularly so that you can master this skill. This requires you to devote time to practice sessions. Practicing becomes important because most professional eSports gaming competitors play video games as a full-time job so if you want to stand a chance at winning against them, you will need to start becoming more dedicated to practice. Just be sure to not get trapped in front of the screen for too long and ensure that you go outside to get some vitamin D for your health and wellbeing. When practicing, also focus on playing a variety of different video games across genres instead of just focusing on one type of game. This will strengthen your skillset and make you a better player.

3. Watch other gamers

To perfect your skills, you can opt for the effective method of watching expert players during live-streaming competitions or televised events. An even better option is to attend a competition in person because this way you can be around players who have similar interests that you have and this presents an opportunity to get some first-hand tips and advice. However, if you prefer streaming, you can find professionals streaming on sites such as Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube occasionally.

2. Take breaks

People play games as a form of fun and entertainment but many also play as a form of escapism when they are feeling depressed or stressed with life. As much as gaming can be an effective way to calm you down, you need to take breaks. To balance your time indoors and you’re over-exposure to technology, you need to make time to be outside so that you can receive the necessary nutrients from the Sun. The sun will also help rebalance your hormonal and sleeping cycle which gets disturbed when you are over-exposed to blue light. It’s also equally as important to exercise and move your body in between sessions.

1. Join or create a gaming community

Lastly, you should consider joining a local club or finding players online to create a gaming community or support system. As far as hobbies go, video games are an isolated hobby so if you can find a community of gamers that you can interact with, you can add a social aspect into your gaming experience by engaging in competitive gaming and team-based gaming. Teammates are great and so is getting a mentor which will help you easily learn new skills.

Let us know if you have any other tips for increasing gaming skills. This is not an exhaustive list so I’m sure there are many other great ideas out there. 

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