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5 Biggest Changes in League of Legends Patch 11.14


League of Legends

Tahm Kench's rework is among the many changes coming for patch 11.14

Tahm Kench’s rework is among the many changes coming for patch 11.14 / Photo by Riot Games

Riot Games have released League of Legends’ 11.14 patch notes which is set to release tomorrow. The patch brings about multiple champion buffs, nerfs and tuning as well as a few item tweaks. With that being said, here are the 5 biggest changes in League of Legends patch 11.14.

Tahm Kench Rework

Tahm Kench’s rework is by far the biggest change in all of patch 11.14. His Devour is now an ultimate and has been made slightly more powerful. Riot hopes that with this mini-rework they can unlock him from this sort of “pro-play” hell and make him a more successful as a support.

Lillia Buffs and Change

Apart from Tahm Kench’s rework, Lillia received the most love out of everything in the patch. The changes made her less of a fast jungle clear go into Summoner’s Rift and bonk opponent’s heads and run away type champion and focused her into being a dueler. 

Stridebreaker Nerfs

Ever since its addition to the game — alongside other items due to the item overhaul — Stridebreaker has been essentially a must-have item for many top laners. Champions like Gnar and Nocturne saw their popularity and strength rise due to this item. For this patch, Riot decided to tone it down a bit with the health it gives as well as the slow it creates. They also decided to tone down the benefits Ornn gives to it.

Xin Zhao Nerf

At the moment, Xin Zhao might be at the top of the competitive food chain when it comes to the jungle position. Couple that with nerfs to Rumble and Udyr who dominated the jungle for a long time, Riot has seen the need to make sure he doesn’t become too overwhelming. A slight nerf to his W, making its cooldown be increased as the game goes on, does that perfectly. 

Nocturne Nerf

As a champion who greatly benefited from Stridebreaker, Nocturne was a menace in the top lane. Strikebreaker wasn’t the only thing that made him strong, as his ability to clear waves and latch onto enemies from a screen away was a unique danger. A good way to real him back was taking a look at his wave clear capabilities, which is exactly what Riot did — decreasing his passive’s damage and healing gained by 50%. 

For more information on the 11.14 patch notes, click here

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