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5 Actionable Ways to Level Up Your Marketing Game


5 Actionable Ways to Level Up Your Marketing Game

Wondering how you can up your marketing game to the next level? But not sure where to start?

It’s difficult to cut through all the internet noise and find ready-to-implement, actionable marketing strategies that also have a proven track record.

The right marketing strategy at the right time can unlock more revenue, growth, and new opportunities for your business.

To do this, you might have to venture out of familiar marketing waters and try out different things that may or may not work. Nonetheless, you come out with greater marketing acuity—and remember—your marketing game-changer may just be round the corner!

Let’s take a look at 5 actionable strategies that you can apply to your marketing to take it up a notch.

#1 Generate leads through forms

5 Actionable Ways to Level Up Your Marketing Game

Nearly 49.7% of marketers believe that forms are their highest-converting lead generation medium.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. In the world of digital marketing today, generating the right leads and subsequently nurturing them with the right marketing is absolutely essential.

No prospect is willing to jump at your product and immediately make a purchase. You need to carefully target them, deliver messaging that caters to their specific problems and pain points, and ultimately come out on top with a winning proposition.

The very first step in this process?

Actually generating leads from all the traffic you get to all your online channels. Forms are a great way to do this, and if done right, could bring in more conversions and customers for your business. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Always keep the user at the centre—make the form-filling process as seamless as possible
  • Add relevant and eye-catching CTAs to your form to reduce bounce rates and improve leads
  • Avoid a complicated and clunky user experience by having too many fields or unnecessary text
  • Optimise your forms for mobile. It’s likely that a good chunk of your traffic is coming from there
  • Get the design of your lead capture form right. While a plain-looking form might get the job done, they lead to higher bounce rates

New to using forms and thinking about how you can maximally exploit the channel for your marketing strategy? Click here to learn more about form building.

#2 Leverage the power of influencer marketing

5 Actionable Ways to Level Up Your Marketing Game

Smartphones today have almost become a technological extension of our physical selves. They’re portals to endless digital experiences, and we’ve always got them on us.

Against this backdrop, social media has always been a goldmine for marketers—and for good reason. Almost everyone has a profile on their social platform that they like, and follow different personalities on there who resonate with them.

Here’s a cool fact about social media celebrities: About 14% of 18-24-year-olds have bought something in the last 6 months because their favorite personality on social media recommended the product.

If you’re a business, how can you then tap into this powerful hold that nano, micro, and macro celebrities have over their audiences?

The answer lies in a deftly implemented influencer marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is growing by leaps and bounds today. Be it large brand endorsements by TikTok and Instagram content creators or key opinion leaders who have expertise in a certain niche, businesses are turning to influencers to spread the gospel about their products.

Like with any marketing strategy/medium, you need to make a call if influencer marketing is the right channel for your business or if it’s the right time to invest in the same.

Here are a few things that you ought to keep in mind:

  • Determine precisely what your influencer marketing efforts aim to achieve—it needn’t be new customers always
  • Identify audience personas clearly. Once you have them, find out which influencers might be the best fit for each persona
  • Think about the 3 Rs of influencer marketing—reach, resonance, and relevance
  • Collaboration and strong communication with influencers for relationship-building throughout the campaign is key
  • Focus on KPIs that move the marketing needle, not vanity metrics such as likes and comments on influencer posts

Wondering if there’s a marketplace where brands can find relevant micro-influencers and vice-versa? Check out Ainfluencer—a completely free and easy-to-use influencer marketing marketplace.

#3 Focus on conversion rate optimization

5 Actionable Ways to Level Up Your Marketing Game

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is slowly becoming a focused area of expertise within the larger umbrella of digital marketing.

It’s no longer enough to simply generate traffic to your digital touchpoints. Be it your main website homepage, blog, or pricing page, you simply can’t cross your fingers in the hope that visitors convert to leads and thenceforth paying customers.

You need a robust conversion rate optimization plan to understand why your conversion rates are low, how they can be optimised, and experiment with A/B tests to see which changes in your marketing material yield the best results.

Usually, conversation optimization is focused on improving user experience through better website workflows, enriching existing content, and split-testing copy or design. Here are some specific things to consider while you’re trying to get the most out of your CRO efforts:

  • Have a clear idea as to what your conversion funnel will look like. Map visitors to different stages in the funnel and target accordingly
  • Exploit customer voice to the maximum—social proof speaks louder than any form of savvy marketing
  • Make use of video content like explainers on your landing pages and blogs
  • Place forms strategically at different touchpoints on your website to capture leads and nurture them later on
  • Deploy pop-ups on your website and set relevant triggers. Popular pop-up types include exit-intent banners, sliding pop-ups, modals, etc

If you’re looking to optimise your website and blog pages for maximising conversions, check out WatchThemLive, a tool that allows you to understand how users are interacting with your website content through heatmaps, session recordings, deep analytics, and more.

#4 Exploit email marketing to boost prospects and sales

5 Actionable Ways to Level Up Your Marketing Game

It’s an often-cited stat, but nevertheless a strong testament to how powerful email marketing can be:

For $1 dollar spent on email marketing, you get $38 in return.

That translates to a return on investment of about 3700%.

Crafting the right email marketing strategy and implementing it the right way can open countless doors for your business—from creating awareness about your brand to nurturing prospects down your marketing funnel to directly converting them from the get-go.

As with any strategy, getting your email marketing pipeline down properly is crucial. Here are some tips to help you with this:

  • Segment your email audience into groups and target them accordingly with different messaging
  • Personalise your subject lines—it can be the difference between poor email open rates and otherwise
  • Keep email designs and layouts simple. Focus more on the copy and messaging
  • Test your emails with split tests extensively. Iterate your email marketing campaigns on the go
  • Place your main message and CTAs towards the top. Having a hierarchy/structure to your emails makes them more palatable

#5 Explore webinar marketing for engagement

5 Actionable Ways to Level Up Your Marketing Game

Webinar marketing is a lead generation medium leveraged by businesses to provide upfront value to users. While the focus is on delivering value, webinars create engagement around your brand and serve as a high-intent touchpoint to convert attendees to leads.

Webinars usually comprise a presentation by a thought leader or key opinion leader in a particular niche followed by a Q&A session with the speaker. They allow marketers to introduce subtle nudges and gain targeted leads that they can further nurture down their marketing funnel.

Here’s why marketers are increasingly turning to webinars for generating leads and engagement: nearly 20-40% of those who attend a webinar session convert to qualified leads.

You can explore webinars as a marketing channel for your business—consider these pointers to maximise your returns from the medium:

  • Have clarity on your target audience and hone in relevant influencers and key opinion leaders for that group
  • Identify webinar topics that are not just relevant but exciting for your audience
  • Provide the right nudges in the form of discounts and offers for those who actually attend your seminar
  • Promote your webinars well in advance. A general rule of thumb to follow is to promote a month before the actual date
  • Introduce interactive material during the sessions to keep audience engagement levels high

Ready to up your marketing ante with these strategies?

It’s a given that a marketing strategy that works for a brand or business may not be the one that works for you.

But with the 5 actionable strategies discussed in this article— you’re surely on the right path—and well on your way to finding out which channel/strategy is best suited to you. The key here is to experiment by adding different elements to your marketing mix, learn what works and what doesn’t, and iterate from there on.

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