4 Benefits of Oracle EBS test automation



Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a broad suite of cloud software that provides organizations with all the tools they need to manage their business operations. Testing is the final step in a application release, which plays an essential role in ensuring the quality and the final product. You should test your Oracle EBS application to check whether it meets user requirements or not. Suppose you want to try your Oracle EBS application efficiently. In that case, you can use Oracle EBS Testing Tools as they help accelerate testing processes so that you can complete testing activities quickly and accurately. Let’s take a look at some benefits of Oracle EBS Test automation.


1. Test automation will help you to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Manual testing is when testers manually test applications by following a script and trying different combinations of inputs and outputs. This can be extremely laborious, time-consuming, and frustrating.

On the other hand, test automation automates all these tests to run independently, repeatedly, and at a minimal cost. Oracle EBS test automation provides companies with an automated testing method before they are released to production. Test automation is a way to improve quality, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing process.

2. Test Automation will allow you to test more of your application in the same amount of time.

Good test automation will allow you to test more of your application in the same amount of time. Resulting in less manual work for developers responsible for writing tests.

Regression testing: Regression tests ensure that any changes made to a system do not break existing functionality. Both functional and non-functional testing can be done with it.
Functionality is defined as those that measure how well an application works after making changes, like adding new features or changing existing ones.

Non-functional refers to measuring how well an application performs without making any changes.

Functional Testing: Functional testing verifies whether an application meets its requirement and does not show any errors. This includes things like logging in and creating accounts—also as other aspects such as navigation through pages/pages within pages, etc.

3. Test Automation is faster

There are no waiting periods between test executions as with manual testing.

Test automation is faster than manual testing. Test automation allows you to test more of your application in the same amount of time, which means there are no waiting periods between test executions and manual testing.
Test automation also allows you to run tests faster because it doesn’t require a human to perform the test.

4. Oracle ebs test automation will allow you to save your money.

The benefits of test automation are numerous. First, it will allow you to increase your efficiency. When it comes to testing an application, one of the most important things is that each step should be tested in isolation. If a particular feature or part of the code fails during testing, then all other parts won’t be affected because they have been tried before.

Test automation also helps by allowing you to run multiple tests at once and then analyze results after running them all together to determine if any parts were affected by any failures in other ones. This means that instead of having several people manually check their work, they go through their tests together as they move through each step on their schedule. This saves time because one person can do all those steps together instead. Hence, saving money and time.


Oracle E-Business Suite is a complex system that supports financial, HR, and operational. Reducing the implementation risk and integrating smoothly are essential factors in successfully implementing Oracle E-Business Suite.

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