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3 Enhancement Shaman themed cards revealed in Hearthstone’s Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion


Hearthstone’s Madness at the Darkmoon Faire’s card reveal season is finishing up its last day before the final card reveal stream. Previously mentioned in a teaser by Blizzard, the newly revealed cards are themed around Shaman’s melee focused talents from World of Warcraft.

The cards revealed are Inara Stormcrash, Cagematch Custodian, and Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer.

Inara Stormcrash is a five mana 4/5 legendary Shaman minion that gives your hero two extra power and Windfury during your turn. Cagematch Custodian is a two mana 2/2 common Shaman Elemental minion that has a Battlecry which draws a weapon from your deck. Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer is a three mana 3/2 rare Shaman weapon that gives a random friendly minion +1/+1 in combat stats after you swing with it.

Inara Stormcrash is a potent card on her own, the ability to trade life to control the board, or deal four free damage every turn will be vital to any aggressive or midrange Shaman deck. Her power in aggro-based strategies is also apparent because whenever you give your hero extra power, whether it be through a weapon or effect like Rockbiter Weapon, the power is doubled due to Windfury.

Cagematch Custodian is comparable to Rogue’s Cavern Shinyfinder in the Kobold’s & Catacombs expansion. The ability to tutor a weapon from your deck while developing onto the board cannot be underrated. While the weapon quality of the Shaman class isn’t as potent as Rogues, it can be expected that the class will find more tools within the upcoming expansion.

Whack-A-Gnoll as a weapon is hoping to fill that current void of quality weapons that Shaman is currently lacking with right now. As a three mana 3/2 weapon, it already curves nicely following the Cagematch Custodian. Being able to control the board while buffing your own will allow Shaman to be a contender for being able to keep control of the board.

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire will be released on Nov. 17. Players can pre-purchase the expansion in one of two different bundles from Blizzard’s online store or in the Hearthstone client.

Source: https://dotesports.com/hearthstone/news/3-enhancement-shaman-themed-cards-revealed-in-hearthstones-madness-at-the-darkmoon-faire-expansion

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