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3 Best Healer Weapon Combos in New World

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3 Best Healer Weapon Combos in New World

Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

As in any MMO game, Healers have quickly become essential to New World team compositions in order to win battles. They cannot only heal though, they must be able to go on the offensive or defensive if necessary, making their weapon combination essential.

Since the Life Staff is the only weapon in New World so far that provides healing it will be apart of every class. Nevertheless, when paired different primary weapons it can drastically alter people’s playstyle. Given the need for Healers to play around their to be able to provide healing, it only makes sense for Healers to prioritize close-range weaponry.

Without any further ado, here are the three best Healer weapon combos in New World:

3 Best Healer Weapon Combos in New World

The Life Staff is essential to any Healer weapon combination / Photo of Amazon Games

The Hatchet provides fantastic lifesteal allow players to sustain their health and survive longer. This ability meshes perfectly with the Life Staff as the pair makes Healers very tough to kill, thus allowing them to continue healing their teammates as well as themselves.

3 Best Healer Weapon Combos in New World

The large damage output of the Great Axe allows Healers to defend themselves well. / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

As its name suggests, the Great Axe deals great amounts of damage and offers a large area of effect, meaning it thrives at crowd control. It also extremely easy to hit enemies with this weapon, and frequently more than one enemy can be hit at a time if multiple are within close range. The Great Axe is an excellent compliment to the Life Staff as it allows Healers to fend off incoming threats and quickly go back to healing their team and themselves.

3 Best Healer Weapon Combos New World

The Sword & Shield weapon provides excellent damage and protection if needed, allowing healers to keep doing their job. / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

The Sword & Shield allows players to play either defensively or offensively depending on the necessity of the team. This versatility pairs well alongside the Life Staff as it allows Healers to remain flexible and adapt at a moment’s notice. Moreover, it brings excellent defensive capability while enabling Healers to focus on healing their allies.

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