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249+ MS Excel Shortcuts Keys in PDF | Excel Keyboard Shortcuts




MS Excel Shortcuts Keys, when starting with Microsoft Excel, knowing a few ms excel shortcuts keys will reduce your work time and make it easier to work on Excel. Using the mouse to do all the task reduces your productivity. Here are the most used Excel shortcuts to use when you just begin working with Microsoft Excel.

Automation using Power Query for Excel Users banner

These MS Excel Keyboard shortcuts for beginner works with all versions of MS Excel 2003, MS Excel 2007, MS Excel 2010, MS Excel 2013, MS Excel 2016, MS Excel 2019 & Office 365. In this blog, you will learn how to use basic excel shortcuts.

List of Excel Shortcuts Keys PDF for Windows & Mac:

Excel Shortcuts Keys PDF Excel Shortcut Function
Ctrl+A Select all contents of a worksheet.
Ctrl+B Bold all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+D Fill the Content of the selected cell on top to bottom. CTRL + D (i.e. Ctrl+ Down)
Ctrl+F Search the current sheet.
Ctrl+G Go to a certain area.
Ctrl+H Find and replace.
Ctrl+I Puts italics on all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+K Inserts a hyperlink.
Ctrl+P Print the current sheet.
Ctrl+R Fill Right.
Ctrl+S Saves the open worksheet.
Ctrl+U Underlines all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+V Pastes everything copied onto the clipboard.
Ctrl+W Closes the current workbook.
Ctrl+X Cuts all cells within the highlighted section.
Ctrl+Y Repeats the last entry.
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action.
Ctrl+1 Changes the format of the selected cells.
Ctrl+2 Bolds all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+3 Puts italics all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+4 Underlines all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+5 Puts a strikethrough all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+6 Shows or hides objects.
Ctrl+7 Shows or hides the toolbar.
Ctrl+8 Toggles the outline symbols.
Ctrl+9 Hides rows.
Ctrl+0 Hides columns.
Ctrl+Shift+: Enters the current time.
Ctrl+; Enters the current date.
Ctrl+` Changes between displaying cell values or formulas in the worksheet.
Ctrl+’ Copies a formula from the cell above.
Ctrl+Shift+” Copies value from the cell above.
Ctrl+- Deletes the selected column or row.
Ctrl+Shift+= Inserts a new column or row.
Ctrl+Shift+~ Switches between showing Excel formulas or their values in cells.
[email protected] Applies time formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+! Applies comma formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+$ Applies currency formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+# Applies date formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+% Applies percentage formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+^ Applies exponential formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+* Selects the current region around the active cell.
Ctrl+Shift+& Places border around selected cells.
Ctrl+Shift+_ Removes a border.
Ctrl++ Insert.
Ctrl+- Delete.
Ctrl+Shift+( Unhide rows.
Ctrl+Shift+) Unhide columns.
Ctrl+/ Selects the array containing the active cell.
Ctrl+ Selects the cells that have a static value or don’t match the formula in the active cell.
Ctrl+[ Selects all cells referenced by formulas in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+] Selects cells that contain formulas that reference the active cell.
Ctrl+Shift+{ Selects all cells directly or indirectly referenced by formulas in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+Shift+} Selects cells that contain formulas that directly or indirectly reference the active cell.
Ctrl+Shift+| (pipe) Selects the cells within a column that don’t match the formula or static value in the active cell.
Ctrl+Enter Fills the selected cells with the current entry.
Ctrl+Spacebar Selects the entire column.
Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar Selects the entire worksheet.
Ctrl+Home Move to cell A1.
Ctrl+End Move to the last cell on a worksheet.
Ctrl+Tab Move between Two or more open Excel files.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Activates the previous workbook.
Ctrl+Shift+A Inserts argument names into a formula.
Ctrl+Shift+F Opens the drop-down menu for fonts.
Ctrl+Shift+O Selects all of the cells that contain comments.
Ctrl+Shift+P Opens the drop-down menu for the point size.
Shift+Insert Pastes what is stored on the clipboard.
Shift+Page Up In a single column, highlights all cells above that which are selected.
Shift+Page Down In a single column, highlights all cells above that which are selected.
Shift+Home Highlights all text to the left of the cursor.
Shift+End Highlights all text to the right of the cursor.
Shift+Up Arrow Extends the highlighted area up to one cell.
Shift+Down Arrow Extends the highlighted area down one cell.
Shift+Left Arrow Extends the highlighted area left one character.
Shift +Right Arrow Extends the highlighted area right one character.
Alt+Tab Cycles through applications.
Alt+Spacebar Opens the system menu.
Alt+Backpspace Undo.
Alt+Enter While typing text in a cell, pressing Alt+Enter will move to the next line, allowing for multiple lines of text in one cell.
Alt+= It creates a formula to sum all of the above cells.
Alt+’ Allows formatting on a dialog box.
F1 Opens the Help menu.
F2 Edits the selected cell.
F3 After a name has been created, F3 will paste names.
F4 Repeats the last action. For example, if you changed the color of the text in another cell, pressing F4 will change the text in a cell to the same color.
F5 Goes to a specific cell. For example, C6.
F6 Move to the next pane.
F7 Spell check selected text or document.
F8 Enters Extend Mode.
F9 Recalculates every workbook.
F10 Activates the menu bar.
F11 Creates a chart from selected data.
F12 Save as.
Shift+F1 Opens the “What’s This?” window.
Shift+F2 It allows the user to edit a cell comment.
Shift+F3 Opens the Excel formula window.
Shift+F5 Brings up a search box.
Shift+F6 Move to the previous pane.
Shift+F8 Add to selection.
Shift+F9 Performs calculate function on the active sheet.
Ctrl+F3 Open Excel Name Manager.
Ctrl+F4 Closes current Window.
Ctrl+F5 Restores window size.
Ctrl+F6 Next workbook.
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Previous workbook.
Ctrl+F7 Moves the window.
Ctrl+F8 Resizes the window.
Ctrl+F9 Minimize the current window.
Ctrl+F10 Maximize the currently selected window.
Ctrl+F11 Inserts a macro sheet.
Ctrl+F12 Opens a file.
Ctrl+Shift+F3 Creates names by using those of either row or column labels.
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Moves to the previous worksheet window.
Ctrl+Shift+F12 Prints the current worksheet.
Alt+F1 Inserts a chart.
Alt+F2 Save as.
Alt+F4 Exits Excel.
Alt+F8 Opens the macro dialog box.
Alt+F11 Opens the Visual Basic editor.
Alt+Shift+F1 Creates a new worksheet.
Alt+Shift+F2 Saves the current worksheet.

249+ MS Excel Shortcut Keys for Windows & MAC

There are many more function keys in MS Excel 2007, MS Excel 2010, MS Excel 2016, and MS Excel 2019. But the running Basic Excel shortcuts keys which come in our daily use and save time in our daily routines are included. Some Example of shortcuts is as follow arrow keys shift spacebar press ctrl alt-shift.


Many users are clueless about using Keyboard shortcuts for Excel. They’re used to performing every Function of Excel using a mouse hence do not understand the benefit of using the essential alternative of a mouse. Do you know how to use Excel Shortcuts? Well, if you’re used to Mouse then you’ll be forgetful about these Excel Shortcuts at first but once you get your grip on this, you’ll flying around performing every Action in Excel with its dedicated Shortcut.

Want to be faster and more productive in using Excel?

Do you know how to use Excel Shortcuts?

Go through these Shortcuts in Excel and change your life.

Top searched Shortcuts in Excel you really should know.

Once you start using these shortcuts, you’ll find it really helpful.

Do you know how to use Excel Shortcuts on Mac? One of the most confusing aspects of using Excel on Mac is about Excel Shortcuts.  Well, many of the shortcuts in Excel that you use with the Ctrl key on a Windows keyboard is compatible with the Ctrl key for Mac in Excel 2016. However, not applicable for all.

Most used Excel Shortcuts PDF for Windows and Mac

The following is the list of Excel Shortcuts. Shortcuts give the ease of working and improves the speed as well. To help with shortcuts we have brought it at one place for you to follow and placed it category wise to make it easy to remember and locate it easily.

Excel Workbook Shortcuts

Workbook elated shortcuts deal with the workbooks of the Excel Files. It includes toggling between the worksheets, print preview, minimize, maximize, etc. All list of Workbook related shortcuts are as follows:

  • Shift + F11 – Inserts a new worksheet
  • Ctrl + PgDn – Next Worksheet
  • Ctrl + PgUp – Previous Worksheet
  • Ctrl + Tab – Go to next Workbook
  • F6 – It lets you move to next Pane
  • Shift F6 – It makes you move to the previous pane
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Previous Workbook
  • Ctrl + F9 – Minimize
  • Ctrl + F10 – Maximize
  • Shift + Click – Select Adjacent Worksheets
  • Ctrl + Click – Select non-adjacent Worksheets
  • Ctrl + Shift + F1 – Full Screen Toggle
  • Tab – Move to next control
  • Shift + Tab – Move to the previous control
  • Ctrl + Tab – Move to next Tab
  • Ctrl + Shift + tab – Move to Previous Tab

File Shortcuts

File related shortcuts generally deal with the shortcuts related to workbooks of Excel. All the workbook or file related shortcuts are as follows:

  • Ctrl + N – New Workbook
  • Ctrl + O – Open Workbook
  • Ctrl + S – Save Workbook
  • F12 – Save As
  • Ctrl + P – Print File
  • Ctrl + F2 – Open Print Preview
  • Ctrl + F4 – Close Workbook
  • Alt + F4 – Close Excel
  • Ctrl + F1 – Expand or close Ribbon
  • Alt – Activate Access Keys
  • Tab – Move to next control on Ribbon
  • F1 – Help

Generalized Shortcuts

Let’s take a look at some generalized MS Excel Shortcuts for manipulating Excel Workbooks. All the Generalized MS Excel Shortcut Keys are as follows:

  • Ctrl + W: Close a Workbook
  • F4 – Repeat Last Command Actions
  • Alt + F + T – Open Options
  • F1 – Open Help
  • Ctrl + Z – Undo
  • Ctrl + Y – Redo
  • Ctrl + C – Copy
  • Ctrl + X – Cut
  • Ctrl + V – Paste
  • Ctrl + Alt + V – Display Paste Special Dialogue Box
  • Ctrl + F – Find Box
  • Ctrl + H – Find and Replace
  • Shift + F4 – Find next match
  • Ctrl + Shift + F4 – Find Previous Match
  • Alt + F1 – Create an Embedded Chart
  • F11 – Create Chart in new Worksheet

Navigation Excel Shortcuts

Navigation-related shortcuts are the shortcuts that help in moving through the sheet or workbook easily. All the navigation-related shortcuts are as follows:

  • → – Cell Right
  • ← – Cell left
  • ↑ – Cell Up
  • ↓ – Cell down
  • Alt + PgDn – Move one screen down
  • Alt + PgUp – Move one screen left
  • PgUp – Screen Up
  • PgDn – Screen Down
  • Ctrl + → – Right Edge of Data
  • Ctrl + ← – Left Edge of Data
  • Ctrl + ↑ – Top Edge of Data
  • Ctrl + ↓ – Bottom Edge of Data
  • Home – Beginning of Row

You might be a regular Excel User. Are you?

Whether it is about opening a New Worksheet, saving one or running a Report of Presentation in a Meeting you need a good amount of time.

It is not like that you can’t do the maneuvers on your own but learning Excel Keyboard Shortcuts would help you:

  • To ease your task
  • Cut down the extra efforts that you put in Excel and more importantly
  • It will lend you time that you can prioritize for a better and more important task

Let’s consider these two Examples for Shortcuts in Excel:

Excel Shortcuts insert a row:

  1. Press Alt-4, it will insert the initial row.
  2. Press F4/Ctrl-Y and Repeat.
  3. Hold down the Shift Key, drag, and select Multiple Rows.
  4. Press Alt-4, insert as many rows you want

Excel shortcut for SUM:

  1. Keep the Cursor below or to the left of the columns that you wish to SUM
  2. Hold the Alt Key. Press equals ‘=’ sign. Do not leave Alt Key while doing so.
  3. Press Enter

Turn Filters On or Off shortcuts

  1. Ctrl+Shift+L is the keyboard shortcut to turn the filters on/off.

Next worksheet / Previous worksheet shortcuts

  1.  Control + PgDn to move to the next worksheet to the right
  2. Control + PgUp to move to the worksheet to the left

Move to the edge of excel sheets shortcuts

  1. Move Extreme right = Control + Right arrow
  2. Move Extreme left = Control + Left arrow
  3. Move Extreme up = Control + Up arrow
  4. Move Extreme down = Control + Down arrow

How did you find these Excel Shortcuts?

Don’t you think if you had a similar shortcut to perform every task in Excel, how convenient it would be for you?

I know you’ll be head over heels for Excel if you learn all these essential Shortcuts for Excel.

The above steps provide a clear picture of how you can Use Excel Shortcuts.

These might not look easy at first but once you use them, you’ll find these Excel Shortcuts are simply Wow.

What else about Excel Shortcuts keys?

Creating Reports in Excel is time-consuming but we do have Shortcuts in Excel using which we will save time in navigation, formatting, selecting and entering Formulas for our Data. You can also learn such more tricks in Excel Dashboard Course

How do you think about the idea of Excel Shortcuts here?

What if the Excel Shortcuts can ease out these tasks?

Definitely, it can.

I don’t think there is any Excel User, who vigorously uses Excel will dislike the idea of Using Excel Shortcut keys.

This will not only save your time but also save you from the extra efforts and pain that you put in using Excel while you deal with heaps of Data.

Excel Shortcuts PDF Video

FAQs of Excel Shortcuts

1. How to put the time in Excel Shortcut?

To insert Time in Excel, follow the steps:

  • Select the Tab in which you wish to insert the time
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + ; (semicolon)
  • The current time will be inserted

2. How to put the date in the excel shortcut?

To insert Date in Excel, follow the steps:

  • Select the Tab in which you wish to insert the date
  • Press Ctrl + ; (semicolon)
  • The current date will be inserted

3. How to put a date in the excel shortcut?

The following are the frequently used shortcuts in macOS:

  • Paste – + V or Ctrl + V
  • Copy – + C or Ctrl + C
  • Clear – Delete
  • Save – + S or Ctrl +S
  • Undo – + Z or Ctrl + Z
  • Redo- + Y or Ctrl + Y or  + Shift + Z
  • Cut – + X or Ctrl + X
  • Bold – + B or Ctrl + B
  • Print – + P or Ctrl + P
  • Open Visual Basic – Option F11
  • Fill Down – + D or Ctrl + D
  • Fill Right – + R or Ctrl + R
  • Insert Cells – Ctrl + Shift + =
  • Delete Cells – + – (hypen) or Ctrl + Hyphen
  • Calculate all the open workbooks – + = or F9
  • Close window – +W or Ctrl + W
  • Quit Excel – +Q
  • Display the Go To dialog – Ctrl + G or F5
  • Display the Format Cells dialog – +1 or Ctrl + 1
  • Display the Replace dialog – Ctrl + H or + Shift + H
  • Paste Special – +Ctrl + V or Ctrl + Option + V or  + Option + V
  • Underline – +U
  • Italic – +I or Ctrl + I or Ctrl + I
  • New blank workbook – + N
  • New workbook from template – + Shift + P
  • Display the Save As dialog – + Shift + S
  • Display the Help window – F1 or +Forward slash (/)
  • Select All – +A or  + Shift + Spacebar

Add or remove a filter –  + Shift + F

4. What is shortcut key for search in Excel?

Ctrl + F is used to search in Excel

5. How do I create a Shortcut key in excel?

To assign your own shortcuts in Excel, follow the steps:

  • Click on File > Options tab
  • Click on Customize Ribbon
  • Select Customize option at the bottom of the Customize ribbon dialog box
  • In the Save Changes box, select the document for which you want to customize
  • In categories box, select the category or the command
  • Select New Shortcut Key Box, assign the shortcut of your choice
  • Select assign and the changes will be made.

6. What is the shortcut for format cells in excel?

Ctrl + Shift + ~ is the shortcut for general format cells in Excel.

7. What is the shortcut for saving in excel?

Ctrl + S is the key to save in excel.

8. How to open a new sheet in excel?

Use Ctrl+ N keys to open new sheet in excel



Google Quick Tips Video Library for Teachers





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How to Become a Google Certified Trainer (6 Steps)




How to Become a Google Certified Trainer (6 Steps)

google certified trainer

Are You Ready to Become a Google Certified Trainer?

One of the most common questions I receive is about how to become a Google Certified Trainer.

More than ever, teachers and schools need well-qualified trainers to help them learn the ins and outs of G Suite and technology integration.

Now could be your time to shine!

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer changed everything for me. You can hear the Shake Up Learning Story here.

It is not a simple process, but I am going to break this down into 6 Steps to Google Certified Trainer.

I have put together this podcast episode, infographic, video, and ebook, detailing the six steps to becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer.

You can listen to this in an audio podcast, or watch the video!

Listen to this article:


Thank you, Susie Benkert, for your kind words about the Shake Up Learning courses!

Quick Tip – Chrome Pinned Tabs

Do you keep too many tabs open like I do? Pin your most used tabs to keep them at the front of the line!

Watch this 2-minute video to learn how!

How to Become a Google Certified Trainer (6 Steps)

(Download a printable PDF version here: 6 Steps to Google Certified Trainer)

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer Can Change Your Career!

When people ask me how I got to this level in my career, I always tell them that becoming a Google Certified Trainer changed EVERYTHING!

My mission is to help as many educators as I can reach their Google Certification goals.

I have helped hundreds of educators across the globe reach their goal of becoming a Google Certified Trainer through my online resources, face-to-face training, and my highly rated online course!  (Learn more about the course here.) 

The journey to Google Certified Trainer can be very challenging, and it’s not for everyone.

To become a Certified Trainer, you must demonstrate proven training experience as well as expertise with G Suite for Education.

This infographic and the video below detail the entire six-step process, including tips, links, and resources.

To learn more about the Google Certified Trainer program visit this page. Have more questions? Check out their FAQ page.

How to Become a Google Certified Trainer in 6 Steps Video Walk-through

Watch the video below to learn more about all six steps to Google Certified Trainer.

How to Become a Google Certified Trainer eBook

How to become a google certified trainer ebook

Download this FREE PDF eBook: How to Become a Google Certified Trainer. 26 pages of step-by-step information to walk you through all of the requirements, exams, and application process.

Free Google Certified Trainer Resources

Be sure to visit the Google Certified Trainer resource page for more free downloads, tips, videos, and more!

Do you want to learn more about the certifications and what it takes to achieve each one?

Getting Google Certified can be daunting and confusing, so I put together this free webinar on How to Get Google Certified!

In this webinar, I will give you an overview of Google Certification, Google Certified Educator Level 1, Google Certified Educator Level 2, and Google Certified Trainer.

I also teach online boot camps to walk you through all the skills and help you prepare for the exams. I have helped thousands of educators through these online, self-paced courses!

What’s Included in the Google Certification Courses?

The Google Certified Educator Level 1 AcademyGoogle Certified Educator Level 1 Academy

Everything you need to know to pass the exam and become a Google Certified Educator Level 1!

The Google Certified Educator Level 2 AcademyGoogle Certified Educator Level 2 Academy

Everything you need to know to pass the exam and become a Google Certified Educator Level 2!

  • 40+ Video Lessons (hands-on learning with Kasey Bell)
  • 20+ PDF Downloadable Study Material
  • Lesson Checks
  • Private Community & Study Group
  • Testing Tips
  • 12 hours of Professional Learning Credit
  • BONUS: Level 2 Challenges (testing scenarios)
  • and much more!
  • Payment plans and scholarships available
  • Learn more and see the course curriculum

The Google Certified Trainer AcademyGoogle Certified Trainer Academy

All You Need to Know to Prepare for the Trainer Skills Assessment and Application!

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it transformed my learning and my career! This self-paced, online course includes EVERYTHING you need to know to pass the Trainer Skills Assessment AND complete the application requirements, including:

  • 18 Video Lesson
  • Private Community & Study Group
  • Lesson Checks
  • Exam Tips
  • Application and Video Tips
  • 12 Hours of Professional Learning Credit
  • BONUS 1: How to Design Google PD That Works
  • BONUS 2: How to Market Yourself as a Trainer
  • BONUS 3: The Ultimate Google Certified Trainer Planner and Check List (27-page, downloadable ebook!)
  • and much more!
  • Payment plans and scholarships available
  • Learn more and see the course curriculum

Pricing & Bundles

Below are the prices for individual licenses for each course. (Payment plans available.)

Don’t Pay Out of Pocket!

Teachers shouldn’t have to pay out of their own pockets to get the professional learning and training they need.

On each of the course pages listed above you will find information about scholarships, as well as editable documents to “Make the Case” with your administrator to pay for your training.

SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESSES: Purchasing these courses helps support the HUNDREDS of free resources that Shake Up Learning provides–free ebooks, cheat sheets, podcasts, blog posts, lesson plans, templates, tips, tutorials, and more. Thank you for supporting Shake Up Learning. We are a small, woman-owned business whose mission is to serve teachers.

G Suite Training for Schools

We have many programs to help your teachers learn how to meaningfully integrate Google tools and the entire G Suite in the classroom. From online courses to books, to face-to-face training, we got you covered!

COVID-19 forced many teachers and schools to scramble to find tools to deliver online assignments, design digital learning experiences, and G Suite was the number one suite of tools to help make this a reality.

Just in time resources and learning will help teachers, students, and parents survive the crisis. When we return to the new normal, G Suite skills will help set the foundation for more dynamic and meaningful learning in the classroom.

Get your entire campus or district on board with G Suite! Help your teachers learn more about G Suite tools, Google Classroom, and meaningful technology integration strategies. You can even help all your teachers become Google Certified Educators!

Check out all of the FREE Google Certification Resources from Shake Up Learning!

© Shake Up Learning 2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kasey Bell and Shake Up Learning with appropriate and specific direction to the original content on See: Copyright Policy.

How to Become a Google Certified Trainer eBook

How to become a google certified trainer ebook

Download this FREE PDF eBook: How to Become a Google Certified Trainer. 26 pages of step-by-step information to walk you through all of the requirements, exams, and application process.


How to Become a Google Certified Trainer

Article Name

How to Become a Google Certified Trainer


Wondering how to become a Google Certified Trainer? Check out this podcast episode, infographic, video, and ebook, detailing the six steps to becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer. Becoming a Google Certified Trainer is a fantastic way to take your career to the next level!


Kasey Bell

Shake Up Learning

Shake Up Learning


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Who really benefits from reskilling?




Nearly 40 million Americans are unemployed, and a recent study that examined more than 66,000 tech job layoffs found that sales and customer success roles are most vulnerable amid COVID-19. In response, some quarters of Silicon Valley are abuzz about a long-standing technology: reskilling, or training individuals to adopt an entirely new skillset or career for employment.

As millions look for a way to reenter the workforce, the question arises: Who really benefits from reskilling technology?

That depends on how you look at it, said Jomayra Herrera, a senior associate at Cowboy Ventures. Reskilling for a well-networked manager looks a lot different than it does for someone who doesn’t have as much leverage, and the vast majority of people fall into the latter. Not everyone has a friend at Google or Twitter to help them skip the online application and get right to the decision-makers.

Beyond the accessibility offered by live online classes, she pointed to the difference between assets and opportunities.

“You can give someone access to something, but it’s not true access unless they have the tools and structure to really engage with it,” Herrera said. In other words, how useful is content around reskilling if the company doesn’t support job placement post-training.

Herrera said companies must give individuals opportunities to test skills with real work and navigate the career path. Her mother, who did not go to college and speaks English as a second language, is looking to pursue training online. Before she can proceed, however, she has to surmount hurdles like language support, resume creation, job search and other challenges.

All of a sudden, content feels like a commodity, regardless of if it has active and social learning components. It’s part of the reason that MOOCs (massive open online courses) feel so stale.

Udacity, for example, was almost out of cash in 2018 and laid off more than half of its team in the past two years, according to The New York Times. Now, like other edtech companies, it is facing surges in usage.


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