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12 transcription services that will accelerate your business in 2021


Want to take your business to the next level? We bet you want to. Launching a startup, you surely dream about the day when your idea takes off, but it is necessary to understand that there are lots of challenges to overcome. Some solutions are not that obvious. For example, have you ever thought about the benefits that market research transcription services come with? Have you heard about transcription companies and their lucrative offers? If you want to stand out among competitors and build a strong community of loyal partners and customers, you surely need to learn more about audio transcription online. Let’s dive deeper to understand what companies will benefit from these services and how exactly you can grow your business using this technology.

What Industries Need Transcription Services to Make the Grade?

To be honest, this list can be very long because there are a lot of reasons for companies to order audio to text transcription regardless of a specific field. For example:

  • Legal professionals, attorneys, court reporters;
  • Marketers;
  • Researchers and analysts;
  • Students and educators;
  • Medical workers;
  • Keynote speakers, event managers;
  • SEO experts;
  • Content writers.

These people deal with various audio and video records as well as text documentation. It means that whether you’re a veterinarian or engineer, a software developer or college professor, if you work with content or documents, you might find yourself in a situation where you’ll search for “transcription services near me.” What advantages do they come with?

5 Business Reasons to Hire a Professional Human Transcription Service

  1. It is the best strategy to avoid disputes. Let’s be honest, most human interactions, including business meetings, are pretty messy. You surely know that what you take away from a discussion can be absolutely different from what your business partner might have understood. So, with a written record of any event, you prevent all the parties from situations when they have different memories.
  2. It gives you a source to create different content. If you want to grow your audience, you need to provide it with various types of engaging content. For example, you can utilize a webinar or a podcast to create a report, newsletter, blog post, human-written subtitles, and so on.
  3. It boosts your SEO. Undoubtedly, search engine optimization is a strategy that will bring you new leads and convert them into sales. However, they don’t pay too much attention to your audio and video content, and they need to identify keywords to respond to people’s requests.
  4. It makes your business inclusive. What about people from other countries who can’t understand your content and ​​catch difficult words? What about hearing-impaired people? Create inclusive content, and your effort will pay off.
  5. It helps you to expand your business. If you think about launching your products in new markets, it is time to understand how you’ll work with international partners and customers. Secure transcription is not about quality only, and it is about legal compliance and other business nuances that are not that obvious.

12 Companies That You Should Try to Find Your Perfect Match

The good news is that the list of professional transcription online services is pretty wide. All companies come with their offers, and you need to learn more about them in order to understand which one meets your expectations.

  1. Transcriber is great for content creators, journalists and reporters, marketers, and educators. You can order a manual or automated transcription expecting the highest level of quality, affordable prices, fast turnaround, and powerful voice-to-text software.
  2. GoTranscript provides audio and video transcription services, guaranteeing a high word-matching rate and accuracy. You can also order translation, foreign subtitles, and captions. The company returns assignments fast and helps with pretty difficult records.
  3. Temi. If you’re looking for fast and cheap transcripts, try this AI-based service since it can return texts within minutes. However, you should proofread it and use a web-based editor to ensure that your document looks good.
  4. Rev comes with transcription, rough draft, captions, foreign subtitles, live captions for Zoom, and other services. Rev’s customers appreciate transparent pricing and a simple ordering process.
  5. TranscriptionPanda. Whatever audio or video format you have, this company can help you with your goals. It works with businesses in different fields, e.g., insurance, law, media, healthcare, government, etc. It also provides services in all major languages, so don’t worry if you need a paper in Chinese or Portuguese.
  6. Scribie provides a wide range of services and their price ranges, so it fits any budget. You’ll appreciate the chance to track the progress of your project, so you can know immediately when it is completed. This is essential when your deadline is looming.
  7. GMR transcription comes with solid accuracy, a powerful variety of services, including same-day service when you need it. However, their prices are a bit high, but it is still a good investment.
  8. Sonix. One more AI-based software that is amazingly fast and able to provide you with immediate results. There are editing tools that will balance the accuracy out and help you to polish your text document.
  9. Scribd is a company with general and specialized services for professionals in different industries. The interesting fact is that it uses a “two-pass” process that guarantees you a high level of accuracy within 48 hours.
  10. Trent. If you’re looking for a secure automatic transcription tool, you’ll enjoy this company that works in such a way that only a customer can see one’s files. Other people never look at your data, so if you want to keep all the documents in-house, you’re in the right place.
  11. Otter can become your AI-powered assistant that will generate rich notes for voice conversations, lectures, webinars, interviews, and other important business events. Annotate and highlight notes in real-time, enjoy meeting analytics and summary keywords.
  12. Athreon. Want to eliminate workflow inefficiencies that create delays, save money, protect your data from breaches? Just record your audio file and upload it along with requirements to get high accurate transcription with flawless grammar, format, and content.


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