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100 Thieves Drops CSGO Roster Citing COVID Disruption and Uncertainty


100 Thieves returned to CS:GO last year after signing the Renegades roster. Following an HLTV report earlier in the day, the organization has now confirmed its CS:GO exit. Earlier this month, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez acquired OpTic Gaming with plans to divest the Los Angeles Call of Duty franchise to other organizations. 



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Why Did 100 Thieves Quit CS:GO?

There’s just too much ambiguity, too much vagueness and too much uncertainty for us to be a part of CS:GO right now. – Nadeshot.

Nadeshot blames the coronavirus pandemic for altering the structure of esports and the CS:GO scene in particular. The 100 Thieves CS:GO roster has fallen short of its expectations with a series of poor results and group stage exits. But roster moves in the current CS:GO landscape attracts a Regional Major Ranking points penalty for the team which would jeopardize the teams’ chances to attend a CS:GO Major.

Travel bans and visa issues mean that some of the team’s players cannot be in North America during the pandemic. The organization has a 15,000 square foot headquarters: the 100 Thieves Cash App compound in Los Angeles.



After signing the StarLadder Major semifinalists, 100 Thieves showed signs of promise when it reached the grand finals at IEM Beijing 2019. Following the loss to Astralis, 100 Thieves entered a slump that would see the team with group stage exits for the next few months.

Despite a few promising performances in 2020, Nadeshot noted that the covid-19 pandemic hurt the teams’ chances to improve. The team has consistently been outside the top ten rankings on HLTV, often struggling against lower-tier opponents. 

Will 100 Thieves Return to Call of Duty?

When H3CZ announced his acquisition of the OpTic Gaming brand, he said he had to divest the Los Angeles franchise to other organizations. One of the biggest names in Call of Duty before CDL, 100 Thieves could be the perfect fit for Blizzard’s esports league. 

Former OpTic gaming player, Matthew “Nadeshot” Hagg founded 100 Thieves as a merchandising brand in 2017. The lifestyle and gaming brand expanded to several esports titles with the main focus on its League of Legends team. With a second-place finish at the Call of Duty Worlds Championship, 100 Thieves surprised the community with its decision to exit the CoD scene due to high costs. 

Earlier this month, former 100 Thieves CS:GO coach, Chet “Chet” Singh joined NRG’s VALORANT team as a coach. 100 Thieves CS:GO rifler, Justin “jks” Savage will join Complexity, according to a report by DBLTAP. 100 Thieves will drop its CS:GO roster after IEM New York.

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