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10 Years of TLO




Ten years.

That’s how long I’ve been with Team Liquid. Thinking about it now, that’s a third of my life. My life has gone through countless changes during that time. I moved to Korea (and back), competed at Blizzcon, recovered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, become a coach, and even married the love of my life. Through all these ups, downs, and adventures, Team Liquid has been a constant.

Team Liquid became a second family to me, with my friends and teammates always there if I needed them. Those are the relationships that I’m going to carry with me for the rest of my life. Sure, it wasn’t always perfect. We had our share of tough times. Still, after ten years, I wouldn’t change any of the decisions I made that got me to where I am today.

I’d like to tell you that it all started ten years ago when I first joined Team Liquid, but it goes back much farther than that.

The year was 2002. Age of Mythology, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, and Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos were all released. It was a great year for video games, and an even better one for Dario Wünsch.

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My brothers and I had been playing RTS’s for years at that point, playing all sorts of crazy RTS games that most people have never heard of. While we were always excited to try the new ones that came out, we always came back to the one and only: Starcraft. That year was when everything changed, when I discovered the Starcraft competitive scene.

I took the first chance I got to attend a tournament. It was small by today’s standards, but back then I couldn’t have been more excited, it was even hosting the German WCG Qualifiers for that year. It just so happens that at this very event, I got to sit behind and watch someone who would later have a huge impact on my life.

Victor ‘Nazgul’ Goossens

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This was my first contact with esports as a person at a venue and I was absolutely blown away. I had such a good time, that feeling has never really left me. It ignited a passion that has kept me going ever since.

This same passion carried me into the professional Starcraft 2 scene eight years later, where I defeated Liquid`Nazgul himself in the first TL SC2 Invitational. It was announced the next day that I would be joining Team Liquid.

That decision to join Team Liquid wasn’t as cut-and-dried as you might expect. I had offers from a few different teams at that time. While other teams were offering me money, say 200 Euros a month, Team Liquid actually offered no salary at all. I asked my brother, known as TBO in the scene, what I should do. He reminded me of what I already knew and helped me have the confidence to go through with it.

I joined Team Liquid because I knew how much it meant to be with Team Liquid.

At the end of the day 200 Euros a month doesn’t really change my life. Not when I had the opportunity to join TEAM LIQUID.

My brother and I celebrated a lot. He knew just how big of a deal it was to join Team Liquid. It sunk in for the rest of my family a few months later when I told them that I was moving to Korea in a couple weeks. It was pretty crazy because the first GSL had just been announced.

I went from “I’ve never lived away from my parents” to “I am moving to Korea in two weeks.”

That time in Korea was unlike anything I’ve experienced. There were some difficulties, but it was made easier by the two people that I went with, Nazgul and Jinro. It wasn’t easy moving to such a different country, especially before any of us had smartphones. It was certainly daunting, but the biggest difficulty was the living arrangement.

A month into being in Korea, we moved into a big team house and lived together with seventeen other people at the oGs house. I was in a room with four bunk beds, so I had seven roommates. Some people can handle those conditions better than others, a bedroom with the lights going on and off all night or people staying up until 4AM.

As hard as it was at times, it was still a great experience. Nothing can break the bonds I built with Nazgul and Jinro during that time.

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And honestly it’s those relationships that made those early years at TL so special. It was just the Starcraft 2 players and the few people that were working on the site – R1ch, Nazgul, HotBid, etc. Everyone knew each other so well, it felt more like a group of friends playing a game together than anything else. I have a lot of nostalgia for those early days, it was a lot more personal.

It was like having a second family.

Having such close ties helped create a lot of special moments for us. One moment that I’ll never forget was when HerO won Dreamhack. It was such an incredible, emotional moment for the team because HerO was one of the most emotional players we had. He was extremely talented, playing weird crazy styles and doing stuff that you’re not really supposed to do, but he made it work anyway. Finally at Dreamhack he managed to take out some of the best players on the planet and eventually won the finals against EG’s PuMa. That was at a peak time for the Team Liquid-EG rivalry, making that moment even more special.

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Unfortunately we lost some of that as things grew, as they became more professional. Still, I think that’s a process that is inevitable. There are now over 200 people at Team Liquid working as players, staff, and everything else. So obviously not everyone is going to know each other on a super personal basis anymore and while that is different, it certainly comes with its benefits.

TL now has infrastructure that would have been unimaginable ten years ago. Players are being supported in ways that just wouldn’t be possible because we didn’t use to have the staff available for those tasks. We’ve got managers, psychologists, even full training facilities. The European AWTF (Alienware Training Facility) is actually a fantastic facility because it gives the Starcraft 2 team a great place to properly bootcamp. This ends up being really huge for the Starcraft team because of how much in-person bootcamps help the players and how few Starcraft teams have this kind of opportunity available to them.

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Having your teammate there in the room with you is a bigger deal than you could possibly imagine.

That’s one of the biggest things that I took away from working the bootcamp with our Starcraft team as a coach. I got to work in-person with all of our players on an individual level and then at a team level. We even had a call with all the players at the end to talk about what went well at the bootcamp and how to move forward.

I was really glad to finally get the chance to share the benefits of my experience with other players.

Still, though, as much as I’ve enjoyed my time with Team Liquid, it is time for me to move forward on my own. To say moving on from TL was a difficult decision would be quite the understatement. I’ve got a strong bond with TL and especially the SC2 team, so it took a lot of thinking to come to this decision.

I was very nervous about this decision. After all, I have been with TL for practically my whole adult life. Thankfully, my wife was incredibly supportive. She always stressed that I should make whatever decision will make me happy. Victor was also supportive, when I finally talked to him about it. He was proud that I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned from my 10 years with TL to keep building my career in esports.

While there is a certain amount of sadness from finally leaving TL, there’s also much to look forward to in the future. It’s hard to describe just how excited I am. Shopify is one of the rare companies that gives their employees a lot of freedom and the space to think creatively.

[image loading]

Even as a new chapter of my life begins, I know that my time at TL will never leave me.

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Excedrin partners with Nadeshot to battle gaming headaches




100 Thieves Founder Michael ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has partnered with Excedrin to educate gamers on how to prevent and treat headaches.

This is Excedrin’s first foray into esports. The partnership includes a six-step mindfulness routine designed to help reduce both physical and mental stress that can lead to painful symptoms.

Image credit: Michael ‘Nadeshot’ Haag (via Twitter) / Excedrin

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In a release, Excedrin cited internal research that 71 per cent of gamers are concerned about headaches related to prolonged gaming, yet the majority of them play through the pain. Meanwhile, 92 per cent of gamers reported that they are spending more time gaming during the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposes them to more headache triggers.

The methodology for this research was not disclosed other than the fact that it was a nationwide survey. If the routine doesn’t work, the initiative recommends Excedrin Extra Strength pain reliever.

Speaking to Esports Insider, Michael ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, the Founder of 100 Thieves, said: “Headaches are not something widely discussed in the gaming world.

“Many of us just brush it off and avoid getting to the root of the issue finding ways to prevent themselves from getting future headaches. This sucks because headaches can really take you out of the game and negatively impact performance.”

Haag added that his partnership with Excedrin is important because gamers tend to ‘power through’ headaches and suffer needlessly while impeding performance. He now incorporates Excedrin’s six-step mindfulness routine into his everyday activities.

“Many people don’t realise it, but both physical and mental health are important components to being a successful gamer,” he said. “Practicing mindfulness is crucial because when we feel our best, our minds and reflexes are quicker, sharper and more focused, which helps us to play better. I’m really impressed with how Excedrin is taking the steps to help gamers embrace mindful gaming and think it’s something that should be brought up more in the gaming world.”

The former Call of Duty player added that he suffers from painful headaches if he is exposed to excessive stimulation and light.

“If the headache gets really bad, I may have to take a break for a few minutes to take something, like Excedrin, until the pain starts to go away,” said Haag. “That can be really frustrating at times because I don’t want to let anyone down.”

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Rishi Mulgund, the Brand Director of Excedrin’s parent company GSK Consumer Healthcare told Esports Insider: “Connecting with gamers on a personal level is important to us as a brand.

“So much so that in addition to the [six-step mindfulness routine], we also evolved our creative content to be hyper-focused for gaming. We even developed a whole cast of characters we’re calling The Healing Academy.”

Mulgund added: “A partnership with Nadeshot felt so natural to us because he can speak authentically to both headaches and gaming and we know that having a mindful and healthy mentality is important to him and the entire team at 100 Thieves.”

Esports Insider says: Excedrin is the latest healthcare brand to step into the esports/gaming world — a trend that will likely continue as organisations take the healthcare of their players more seriously This partnership with Nadeshot could also open the door for additional sponsorship opportunities down the line. As a gamer who also suffers from ocular migraines, it’s nice to see brands try to solve a problem rather than simply cash in on the hype-filled esports market.

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FlaSh going to army in 3 weeks





Korea (South)942 Posts

+ Show Spoiler +

이사 이제 끝냈어요

몸도 너무 안좋았구 인터넷 설치하구

내일이라도 방송 킬수 있도록 하겠습니다

시간이 3주정도 남았네요…

생각보다 방송키는게 늦어져서 이렇게 남겨요..

I have finished moving
my body condition wasn’t the best and installing internet took time
I should be able to stream tomorrow
I have around 3 weeks left///
I’m streaming later than I thought so I’m leaving this

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TL+ Member

Australia2830 Posts

Thanks for the translation Jinjin. Hope his military service goes well.

Artosis loves Starcraft


Singapore3861 Posts

Oh dam, sad to see him leave but I guess it was only a matter of time. All the best and we’ll be waiting for your return!!!


United States9275 Posts

Really sad but he’ll be back one day. Good luck in military service Flash! o7

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TL+ Member

thedeadhaji *

38994 Posts

hope the time off helps his wrists.

Poland1786 Posts

Nooo! End of an Era. (even if for 1 year)

Dark days for terran incoming. 😉


Sweden3629 Posts

On April 15 2021 16:26 kogeT wrote:
Dark days for terran incoming. 😉

ZvZ finals incoming until he returns :O


291 Posts

On April 15 2021 15:25 thedeadhaji wrote:
hope the time off helps his wrists.

Yeah this might be a good thing. Good luck to him and let’s hope his wrists recover.

thedeadhaji *

38994 Posts

On April 15 2021 16:26 kogeT wrote:
Nooo! End of an Era. (even if for 1 year)

Dark days for terran incoming. 😉

Is it only 1 year? I’ve never heard of South Korean military service being that short. Is it a special circumstance in light of his surgery/injuries?


592 Posts

I think mandatory service is 1 yr and 6 months now.


TLADT24635 Posts

I always thought he was exempt for some reason. Best of luck to him. Thanks for translating jinjin.

On April 15 2021 17:11 thedeadhaji wrote:

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On April 15 2021 16:26 kogeT wrote:
Nooo! End of an Era. (even if for 1 year)

Dark days for terran incoming. 😉

Is it only 1 year? I’ve never heard of South Korean military service being that short. Is it a special circumstance in light of his surgery/injuries?

It was reduced to 1 year last year if I’m not mistaken.

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Singapore3861 Posts

On April 15 2021 17:58 oxKnu wrote:
I think mandatory service is 1 yr and 6 months now.

That’s actually quite short, it’ll go by in no time.


France5854 Posts

North Korea is so screwed.

“Back then teams that won were credited, now it’s called throw. I think it’s sad.” – Kuroky – Flap Flap Wings!


Finland1538 Posts

So it’s finally time huh? Best of luck to him. Hopefully we see him return gloriously with Terran to beat the reigning Zergs (and maybe Protosses)



Poland1948 Posts

bye bye to FlaShuuu.. but a super short one, so it’s no biggie.

hope when he finishes his service, he’ll be able to play at least couple more tournaments

odi profanum vulgus et arceo


7765 Posts

Dark days for Random incoming.

2021 is such a bloodbath though.

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Australia1424 Posts

If only proleague still existed – what a recruit he’d be for Airforce Ace

Philippines800 Posts

so BaBy and FlaSh together in military huh?

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One stop shop; DPC 2021 Season2 guide




Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

DPC 2021 Season 2 is now set in motion, bringing new teams to the upper-division leagues and a whole lot of dota games over the next six weeks. 

DPC 2021 Season 1 brought pro circuit competitive games back to life and came to an end crowning Invictus Gaming the champions of the first Major (and LAN). 

DPC 2021 Season 2 is now getting underway as teams jockey for more points, better positions, and a place at the last Major of the season and hopefully onward to TI10. 

DPC 2021 Season 2 

The DPC 2021 Season 2 kicks off with the upper-division league play on Tuesday, April 13. 

Season 2 league dates: April 13-May 23 
Major 2: June 2-13
Season 2 upper-division prize pool: $205,000 and 1150 Pro Circuit points
Season 2 lower-division prize pool: $75,000

Major Slots

At the end of the league, the top teams from each region’s upper division will qualify to the Major. For the first major, the distribution of the 18 slots will be as follows:

EU: Top 4
China: Top 4
SEA: Top 3
CIS: Top 3
NA: Top 2
SA: Top 2


The bottom two teams of the Upper Division in each Region will be relegated to the Lower Division, while the top two teams of the Lower Division will be promoted. The bottom two teams of the lower division will be eliminated from the league.

At the end of Season 1, the bottom two teams of the Upper Division in each Region were relegated to the Lower Division, while the top two teams of the Lower Division were promoted. The bottom two teams of the lower division were eliminated from the league and open qualifiers decided which are the two teams that will occupy those slots.

Upper-Division teams:


  • Invictus Gaming
  • PSG.LGD 
  • EHOME 
  • ViCi Gaming 
  • Elephant 
  • Team Aster
  • Sparkling Arrow Gaming
  • RNG


  • TNC Predator 
  • Fnatic 
  • T1 
  • BOOM esports 
  • Neon Esports
  • Execration
  • Lilgun
  • Omega Esports


  • Team Liquid 
  • OG 
  • Team Secret 
  • Team Nigma 
  • Alliance
  • Tundra Esports
  • hellbear smashers
  • Brame


  • Na’Vi 
  • Team Spirit 
  • Live to Win 
  • Team Unique
  • PuckChamp
  • Winstrike Team 

North America

  • Quincy Crew 
  • Evil Geniuses 
  • 4Zoomers 
  • Pentace
  • undying
  • Black N Yellow
  • The Cut
  • Simply TOOBASED

South America

  • SG Esports 
  • Thunder Predator 
  • Infamous 
  • beastcoast 
  • No-Ping esports
  • Team Unknown
  • Infinity Esports
  • Hokori

Lower Division teams:


  • Team MagMa
  • LBZS
  • Phoenix Gaming
  • Xtreme Gaming
  • CDEC Gaming
  • Dragon
  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Aster.Aries
  • Demon Slayer


  • 496 Gaming
  • South Built Esports
  • Galaxy Racer
  • Omega Esports
  • Team Mystery
  • Army Geniuses
  • Cignal Ultra
  • Motivate.Trust Gaming
  • Team SMG


  • High Coast Esports
  • Hippomaniacs
  • No Bounty Hunters
  • Level Up
  • Creepwave
  • Team Bald Reborn
  • Ghost Frogs


  • Team Empire
  • No Techies
  • B8
  • HellRaisers
  • Prosti Esli
  • Fantastic Five
  • Trident Clan
  • Nemiga Gaming

North America

  • Wind and Rain
  • 5 Man Midas
  • Team DogChamp
  • Felt
  • Electronic Boys
  • Arkosh Gaming
  • D2 Hustlers
  • Pecado Squad Gaming

South America

  • Incubus Club
  • Crewmates
  • Inverse
  • Gorillaz-Pride
  • Binomistas
  • EgoBoys
  • Latam Defenders


Overall, the new schedule is as follows (All times Pacific Time). Be sure to keep an eye on the match-ticker and our tournament page for specific matchups each week. 

Upper Division

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12AM   China SEA   China SEA China
3AM   China SEA SEA   SEA China
6AM         CIS   CIS
9AM   Europe Europe CIS CIS Europe CIS
12PM   Europe SA NA SA Europe NA

Lower Division

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12PM China     SEA      
6AM CIS Europe Europe CIS   Europe  
9AM Europe     SA SA SA  
12PM SA NA Europe SA   NA  
3PM NA   NA     NA  
9PM China SEA SEA China SEA China China

Tournament Organizers

The six regional leagues will be operated by the following tournament organizers. More information on qualifiers, broadcasting, show, and talent information for each region will come from the respective organizer within the next few days. 

Europe: Dreamhack
China: Perfect World
SA: Dotapit


Are you hyped for round 2?

Yes, of course
Thank you for voting!

Nah, I’m only interested in the Majors
Thank you for voting!

Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Pandora is a behind the scenes Dota 2 professional Jack of All Trades. When not busy with Dota 2 work, she is out trying to save the world or baking cupcakes. Follow her on Twitter @pandoradota2

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New Silvanus skin bundle adds unique looks for Vandal, Phantom




Prepare your wallets! New Valorant skins are dropping soon. 

Riot Games has actively been delivering rip-roaring skins for Valorant weapons, but this new addition is in a league of its own. The serene yet spooky skin bundle has a novel theme that was earlier spotted in Winter Wunderland, released in Christmas holiday patch. 

The new skin bundle dubbed “Silvanus” will likely arrive before the upcoming map Breeze, currently being teased around Valorant’s existing locations. The bundle doesn’t exactly resonate with the map’s summer beach theme, instead hearkening to a haunted house.

The bundle looks quite similar to Winter Wunderland, Nebula, and Horizon skin line that featured a glass-like exterior, reflecting scenic images. Silvanus has a mysterious forest vibe plastered on the body with bluish nighttime hues flowing like water on top of forest art. While most players favor extravagant skin designs like Glitchpop or Elderflame, these glassy skins are equally appreciated by fans of minimalist weapon cosmetics. 

New Valorant skins have a spooky forest theme 

The developer has recently launched the Magepunk and Infantry skin bundle, but players wanted cosmetics for primary rifles like Vandal and Phantom. The Silvanus skin line will likely be a more popular skin bundle as it features skins for two of the most-used weapons in the game. 

Silvanus skins will be available for: 

  • Vandal
  • Phantom
  • Sheriff
  • Operator
  • Stinger

Since Silvanus doesn’t feature a skin for a knife or a melee, it will likely be released in the Deluxe tier, which should be good news for players. The Deluxe skin collections are easier on the pockets as players can get them for $49 worth of Valorant points. The entire bundle should be available in-store for the standard price of 4,750 Valorant points, which means one skin should cost 1,275 VP. Like Winter Wunderland, the skins may not be upgradeable or have fancy skin variants and animation upgrades. 

The skins will be available to buy for all Valorant players shortly after Magepunk rotates out. 

What’s the most expensive skin bundle in Valorant?

Valorant has stacks of skin, and their prices depend on the class or tier they are released in. Elderflame was unveiled as the first Ultra-edition skin and had a high price tag of $95, which translates to 9,900 Valorant points. The pricy bundle is undoubtedly worth the money for the fierce, dragon-like exterior, unique animations, and a fiery melee weapon.

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