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10 Best New JRPGs Of 2021




There is a massive market for JPRGs and some of these classic video game titles have inspired developers from all over the world to create similar pieces of video game art for others to enjoy. In this list, we’re going to be highlighting some of the most anticipated JPRGs coming out in 2021 that we personally can’t wait to get our hands on. Some of these games have been released, some are slated to launch this year, while others have us waiting for the actual release window. As a result, don’t take these games as in particular any order of being better than the others. We’re still waiting for a lot of these games to make their way out into the marketplace so we can play them. With that said, here are our picks.

#10 Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is an upcoming title that’s set in a future world where humanity is being attacked by various monsters descending onto the planet. Now with humanity in a fight for their lives, it’s up to the recruits of the Other Suppression Force or known as OSF, to save the day. Players are taking the role of a protagonist that was saved from an attack as a child that nearly met their match by one of these monsters. Years later, the protagonist takes on the recruitment process to fight back against these demonic monsters. With scientists unlocking a substance within the human brain, OSF members are given a supernatural power to help in their battle. In the case of our protagonist, players are given the ability of psychokinesis. Not only are you going through this action RPG to battle off monsters with melee combat and your supernatural powers, but you’ll find other OSF members to join your party. Each OSF member comes with their unique supernatural abilities but they can be linked to the protagonist for players to make use of different powers along the way.

#9 Cris Tales

Cris Tales is an upcoming title from indie developers Dreams Uncorporated and Syck. Overall, this is a game developed and inspired by classic JRPGs and it looks to be a friendly title for those that may not be too familiar with JPRGs in general. Here players are taking the role of a young orphan girl who becomes a time mage and it’s with her newfound powers that she discovers a dark future that could destroy the world as we know it. As a result, players will be going through the past, present, and future to save the world. Fortunately, along the way players will meet with a variety of helpful allies who will lend their talents in this new epic journey. Being inspired by some of the more classic JRPGs, you can expect this to be a turn-based combat title, although it does seem to be a bit easier to manage for newcomers. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see just how this game plays when it launches later this summer.

#8 Shin Megami Tensei V

A new installment to the Shin Megami Tensei series is coming out this year. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on more information to make its way out for the upcoming installment. With that said, it should feature a brand new storyline with more or less the same mechanics that we’re accustomed to with this series which is classic turn-based combat. We’re also likely to see this game take place within modern Tokyo as you battle against demonic forces. Currently, we know that the developers over at Atlus are hoping to get this game out in 2021 which will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. For now, fans of the series are waiting for a new trailer to highlight the narrative or even some gameplay footage, but for now, it’s purely a waiting game. Hopefully, we’ll end up seeing this game release within 2021 too as there’s no specific release date

#7 Rune Factory 5

The Rune Factory franchise has been around for quite a few years after initially finding a release in 2006. This video game series is a bit like Harvest Moon and it certainly has a strong following. Here in Rune Factory 5 players take the role of a protagonist that has no memories but finds a new home within the town of Rigbarth. Within Rigbarth our hero will take on the role of a ranger, keeping peace within the lands. Meanwhile, players will have the ability to tend a farm by gathering crops or fishing at a nearby pool of water. However, when trouble brews up, our protagonist can team up with some of the townspeople to deliver a barrage of attacks against the hostile enemies. This new installment for Rune Factory will be releasing exclusively on the Nintendo Switch at some point later this year.

#6 The Caligula Effect 2

If you played The Caligula Effect which came out back in 2017 for a variety of platforms, then you’ll be delighted to know that a sequel is in the works for June of this year. This particular installment will have a somewhat similar premise for players to go through. In this game, a virtual being had created a world to lock people in in hopes of easing their pain of past regrets. However, by doing so the people are now innocently trapped and imprisoned. Set up to look like a modern high school, our protagonist is given the knowledge that they are stuck in a virtual world which prompts a new group to get started called the Go-Home Club. With this group, players attempt to break free and return to the real world.

#5 Digimon Survive

With the hype of Pokemon came another series that acted as a competitor, Digimon. The franchise has been around for years and for some, it was their go-to show. While we don’t often hear about the video games in the same glory and praise as we do with the Pokemon franchise, one particular survival tactical RPG may have a few heads turning. This game is a take on a story revolving around Takuma Momotsuka and his Digimon when they become trapped inside a parallel world. We know that the game will have a slightly mature spin with players having to deal with a variety of choices that could not only lead to different endings but also character deaths. If you’re a fan of the franchise then this is likely already on your list for games to watch out for in 2021. However, if you’re new to the series, you can still likely get plenty of fun out of the game when it eventually releases sometime this year.

#4 Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy

The Atelier series first got started back in 1997 for the original PlayStation. For a good while, this was a series exclusive to Japan and it wouldn’t be until Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana released in 2005 that the game would find its way to western markets. If we fast forward several years to 2019 we received Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout which was a big hit and today we can dive into its sequel Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy. This game takes place a few years after the first installments conclude and once again players are stepping into the role of Ryza. After meeting up with some old friends, a new journey awaits her. Players will be exploring the different ruins located around the capital. Meanwhile, the combat is more real-time as you’ll be able to deliver a barrage of attacks against a hostile enemy with your party while building up an AP gauge to further deliver more powerful skills. With that said, even though this game takes place after the events of Atelier Ryza, you shouldn’t have much of a problem playing this sequel as a standalone experience.

#3 Tales of Arise

The Tales games have been around for years but I feel like more newcomers have found out about this IP with the previous breakout hit installment, Tales of Berseria. Now a new game with a unique story is coming out in September of this year. Tales of Arise is another action RPG installment where we get a narrative based around two protagonists, a man named Alphen who was born in a world called Dahna while a girl, Shionne from the planet Rena end up being in a partnership. In this game narrative, the planet of Dahna has been crippled by the advanced world of Rena forcing most of Dahna into being slaves, as they provide resources and goods to Rena. Just how these two end up traveling through a journey remains to be seen, but this is an installment that the developers purposely made to be a bit darker compared to previous entries. The goal of this game is to not only help evolve the IP but make it more appealing to western markets. Meanwhile, if you played the previous installment, Tales of Berseria, then you’ll know what to expect here with the combat being more of an action RPG experience.

#2 Nier Replicant Ver 1.22474487319…

If you enjoyed the original Nier when it launched and moved on to Nier: Automata then you can get a chance to go back to the iconic prequel title and enjoy it all over again. Now it’s been updated for modern platforms and it gives you the option to play this game with a nice coat of paint. Here players are going through an action RPG experience with some bullet hell combat as you set off to find a cure for your sibling, who is sick with a terrible disease. I’m not going to spoil things here but this is one of those games that you play twice and get the full picture of what’s going on. As mentioned, this game already releases so again you’ll know what you’re getting into if you already played the title when it initially launched. Meanwhile, for those who fell in love with Nier: Automata then again this is a title well worth picking up. At the time of writing this description, Nier Replicant Ver 1.22474487319… just came out into the marketplace so you can pick it up to play right now.

#1 Final Fantasy XVI

The Final Fantasy franchise has been around for ages and it continues to find new installments released into the marketplace regularly. We just received a remake of Final Fantasy VII with more parts of that game slated to come out, although we’re uncertain just when part 2 will make a debut. The same can be said about Final Fantasy XVI although we’ve seen plenty of rumors and even reports claiming that this title will release in 2021. So far we’ve only really seen a slight glimpse as this installment, which will be taking place in a fictional land of Valisthea where in good Final Fantasy fashion, a new malady pops up leaving a battle to prevent the spread and helping those in need. While there are several questions left to be answered, we do know that this game will be releasing for the PlayStation 5. For a lot of fans out there, just getting a PlayStation 5 is a challenge so we’re hopeful units are in good supply by the time this game makes its way out into the marketplace.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lets You Switch to Mako’s Original Controls




The developers behind the Mass Effect Legendary Edition revealed that, while they’re attempting to fix several problems with the original, they’re giving users the ability to switch between original controls and the new, improved versions in one very specific instance: The Mako. Users can apparently swap between its original controls and the new ones at will.

The Mako is one of the first Mass Effect’s most infamous elements. As the Normandy’s ground vehicle, it was the means by which Commander Shepard could navigate planetary surfaces. The problem was that it was … tricky. It had a tendency to go every direction except the one you were actually trying to drive, and made going up slopes and over cliffs all the more exciting by being about as tough as wet tissue paper.

Mass Effect project director Mac Walters told PC Gamer: “You’ll never get consensus whether some people love it, or some people hate it. We’re making a big point of it often in marketing, but it’s a lighter touch than I think some people might think. And the optional control scheme is optional, so you can drop back and forth.” Environment director Kevin Meek added: “Playing the Mako today versus playing the Mako back in the original, especially on PC, it’s like night and day. I don’t want to thrash my keyboard and mouse after every encounter with the thresher maw or trying to climb a mountain.”

I’ll just add, I’m a fan of the Mako. At least it made driving in the game interesting — and believe me, those planetary exploration bits didn’t need to be any more boring than they already were. But I won’t deny it could be a headache if all you wanted to do was get from Point A to Point B with as little fuss as possible. So it’s good to know that the developers of the Legendary Edition are keeping both kinds of gamers happy.

Source: PC Gamer

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Resident Evil Village: How To Solve The Doll Workshop Puzzle




After escaping Castle Dimitrescu, you’ll take on the terrifying Puppet Maker in the Beneviento House. The second major location of Resident Evil Village isn’t about shooting monsters — instead, you’ll have to solve one big puzzle. The basement of Beneviento Estate is packed with puzzles, and if you’re struggling with any aspect of the game, we’ve got solutions for every step. It’s a truly terrifying sequence. If you’re too overwhelmed, here’s how to complete every part of this massive puzzle.

If you thought RE8 wasn’t going to be as scary as previous entries in the series, then you thought wrong. Beneviento House features one of the freakiest encounters in the series to date. There are two encounters you’ll have to deal with here, and one of them is completely unpredictable. Resident Evil is a series known for terrifying monsters, but this single creature has to go in the top five instantly. Strap yourself in for a stomach-churning hour of gameplay.

More Resident Evil Village guides:

Beginner’s Guide | Easter Eggs & References | How To Solve All Puzzles In Castle Dimitrescu

How To Solve The Doll Workshop Puzzle

The Doll Workshop is a massive, multi-step puzzle — all centered around a full-size doll that looks suspiciously like Ethan’s lost wife, Rose. Before continuing, find these three Key Items by interacting with the doll.

  • Get The Silver Key: Interact with the Rose doll on the table in the middle of the Doll Workshop. Remove the Right Hand, then interact with the Right Arm — you’ll remove a piece and reveal the hidden Silver Key.
  • Get The Winding Key: Interact with the Left Leg of the Rose doll. Remove the leg, and you’ll find the hidden Winding Key. We won’t use this until much later.
  • Get The Blood Covered Ring: Next, interact with the Left Hand of the Rose doll. You’ll be able to pull of the Blood Covered Ring.

Doll Workshop Lock Code: Use the Silver Key to unlock the Machine Room door in the Doll Workshop.

  • In the Machine Room, use the sink to the left. Turn on the water, then use the Blood Covered Ring on the sink to clean it. You’ll now be able to examine the Wedding Ring and discover the numbers [05-29-11].
  • Input the code into the lock on the Doll Workshop exit room door.

Storage Room Puzzle: Go to the Storage Room and use the Winding Key on the music box. Switch the cylinders so the scratches line up — start by aligning the left / right sides and keep going inward. Use the picture above for the exact combination.

  • Get The Tweezers: Play the Music Box with the cylinders in the correct position to gain the Tweezers.
  • Get The Film: Use the Tweezers on the Rose doll in the Doll Workshop — interact with the Mouth and you’ll get the Film.

Study Film Puzzle: Go to the Study and use the Film on the Film Projector. Swap the film around so that the pictures are in this order, from left-to-right.

  • Stuffed Animal
  • Black Fairytale Book
  • Rosemary (Baby) Picture
  • Music Box
  • Wedding Ring

Get The Scissors: Put the film in order and play the projector. A secret door will unlock in the Study. Go inside to collect the Scissors.

  • Get The Brass Medallion: Use the Scissors on the bandages blocking the path in the secret room. Return to the Doll Workshop, and use the Scissors on the Rose doll’s chest to remove the bandages.

Doll Workshop Medallion Puzzle: Go down the hallway in the Doll Workshop and use the Brass Medallion on the door. You now need to interact with the other two medallions and select the correct symbol.

  • Upper-Left Symbol: A crow flying, facing right. You’ll find this symbol in the Rose doll’s eye.
  • Bottom Symbol: Three closed eyes. You’ll find this symbol in the Right Arm of the Rose doll.

After completing the puzzle, you’ll gain access to the well. Collect the key at the bottom of the well, and on the way back up, you’ll have to deal with a very scary threat. The rest of this area is linear — but it’s also ridiculously scary. Don’t freak out too much. Good luck.

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Resident Evil Village: All The Easter Eggs We’ve Found (So Far)




There’s still time for references, even in a game as terrifying as Resident Evil Village. The early hours of Village have more references to past games than we expected — and we’re talking about the classic entries in the series. There are tiny, easy-to-miss Easter eggs in Ethan’s house in the prologue, and the references just continue from there. We’re going to try our best to list them all, so keep an eye on this space. We’ll be adding anything else that belongs in the Easter eggs category.

Resident Evil Village might not look like it, but this is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. After relocating his family to Europe, Ethan’s life is disrupted once again by Chris Redfield — his wife is killed and his child is kidnapped. Armed with nothing but your wits, you’ll have to survive a nightmarish new reality in a secluded village guarded by four insane lords. To save your family, you’ll have to take them all down. This is a very different Resident Evil, sharing a surprising amount of similarities with RE4, the most highly rated game in the series history. And yes, there is an Easter egg related to the traveling RE4 merchant.

Joseph Kendo & George Trevor

Right at the start of the game, you’re in Ethan’s new house with his wife and child. The house is pretty reference free — you won’t see any pictures of Barry (or a Tyrant) on the walls, but there are two major references only Resident Evil aficionados will notice. Upstairs, there are two optional rooms you can explore — one is the storage room, the other is the office — both have bookshelves you can examine.

The storage room has a bookshelf with this description; “A Historical look into the Architecture of Eastern European Castles and Keeps by George Trevor”, which is a name fans will recognize. George Trevor is the same George Trevor that built and designed the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil 1. In the remake released later, George Trevor’s descendent Lisa Trevor was included as an unstoppable monster chasing you through the halls. Trevor isn’t the only famous character referenced in the house!

Go to the office behind the bedroom and examine the bookshelf back there. You’ll find this description; “Gun Survivalist: A Heavy Firearms Manual for Field Combat Situations by Joseph Kendo”, and we all should remember him. Robert Kendo is the owner of the Kendo gunshop — one of the first locations you visit in the original Resident Evil 2. In the Resident Evil 2 Remake, we get a little scene with Kendo and his daughter. Joseph Kendo is Robert Kendo’s brother, and they’re both in the gun business. They’re the guys that developed the unique Samurai Edge pistols!

Joe Kendo never appears in any game, so how do we know he exists? Well, he’s the creator of Leon’s gun in RE4 — where he owns his own gun shop in San Francisco. It looks like Joe Kendo is still going strong in the RE-verse.

What’re ya buyin’?

There’s a new mysterious merchant on the block. When Ethan Winters arrives at Castle Dimitrescu, the Merchant is the only friendly face you’ll encounter for a very long time. This extremely large man fills every space he’s in — and he’s got a few things to say. He sells weapon upgrades, healing items, ammo, parts and more. He’s basically just like the Merchant from RE4!

And that’s confirmed with a little Easter egg. After a few visits, the Merchant will bellow “What’re ya buyin’?” — a well-known line from the Merchant in RE4. The RE8 Merchant says it’s something an old friend of his used to say. It’s a cute little reference to a fan-favorite character from the series best game. Now I really want to see the RE4 Merchant make a comeback. Maybe he can be your friendly vendor in a DLC episode? Come on, Capcom!

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more Easter eggs and references!

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Resident Evil Village: How To Solve All Puzzles | Castle Dimitrescu Guide




Resident Evil Village bombards the player with puzzles right from the start of your adventure. The first major location, Castle Dimitrescu, is packed with strange head-scratchers that’ll stop your game in its tracks if you don’t solve them. These aren’t RE7 puzzles either — you don’t need to combine items or slam objects together. These puzzles are more like the ones from RE4. There are objects to interact with, things to move around, and environmental puzzles to solve. You’ll need to search for clues in bloody pools, shoot bells, or dodge deadly traps to move forward.

Here, we’re going to break down how to solve all the puzzles in the first major area of the game. The ‘Castle of Death’, Castle Dimitrescu, is where you’ll be spending your first major hours in the story. Eventually you’ll get free reign over the castle as you search for four masks to escape. Each mask is in a different corner of the sprawling castle, and to reach them, you’ll normally have to solve at least one small puzzle. There are even optional puzzles to solve in the form of treasure maps, labyrinths, and

More Resident Evil Village guides:

Beginner’s Guide

Sawblade Trap Escape Puzzle

While escaping from Heisenberg in his twisted maze, you’ll eventually reach a trap that seems impossible to escape from. A giant sawblade drops down and chops you up — like there’s no escape! Well, there is an escape. You just need to find one well-hidden corner that’s safe.

After dropping down into the room where the sawblade drops down, immediately turn left and look for a nook in the back wall. Squeeze in there, and you’ll be able to survive the trap.

Hall of War Puzzle

In the strange room filled with soldiers fighting, you just need to light all the braziers. You don’t even need to waste bullets — just push the hanging brazier into the unlit fire-holders. When all three are lit, the door will open.

The Four Statues Puzzle

Entering Lady Dimitrescu’s Chambers, you’ll have to solve a puzzle in the bloody pool room. There are four statues you need to align, with a cryptic note giving you a clue. Align the statues in this order.

  • Three Peasants facing the Horseback Rider.
  • Horseback Rider facing the Robed Woman.
  • Robed Woman facing the Lady.
  • The Lady facing the Robed Woman.

Align the four statues in this specific configuration, and the pool of blood will drain to reveal a hidden passage.

The Atelier Bells Puzzle

In the Atelier, you’ll find a painting with a note — to progress, you’ll need to solve a puzzle. The note states you need to ring five bells. If you look around the room carefully, you can spot five bells. They’re not easy to locate, so here’s where you can find them all.

  • Bell #1: The first bell is on the table, to the left of the painting. Easy to spot.
  • Bell #2: A very small bell is on the cabinet to the right of the giant painting. You’ll need a pistol to shoot it.
  • Bell #3: Look at the exposed clockwork behind the stone walls. There’s a swinging bell you can briefly shoot as it passes the large opening.
  • Bell #4: Climb up the stairs and look at the chandelier. There’s a bell inside — shoot the chandelier to make it swing, exposing the bell.
  • Bell #5: The final bell isn’t in the room at all! Look above the painting (on the raised platform) to see a bell in a tower far outside. Shoot out the glass to hit this bell.

Ring all five bells and a secret door will open, leading to a new section of the castle.

Hall of Pleasure Locked Door

Taking the mask from the Hall of Pleasure locks the gate, trapping you inside. To escape, you’ll need to sneak up to the Armory through the secret passage under the fireplace. There’s a mini-boss fight against one of the Daughters here.

  • To defeat the Daughter, push the shelf away from the cracked wall, then use one of the Pipe Bombs on the table to blast a hole. Now she’s vulnerable to damage.

After the fight, you’ll be able to solve the puzzle. Look on the mantle above the fireplace in the Armory. There’s a Mounted Animal Skull.

  • Collect the Mounted Animal Skull from the Armory. Examine it in your Key Item Inventory, then spin it around to find the screw on the back. Interact to remove the mounting from the Animal Skull.

Now you can place the Animal Skull on the spot where the Mask of Pleasure (in the Hall of Pleasure) was located. This will release the lock, allowing you to leave.

Input all masks in Castle Dimitrescu in the hall outside the Vendor room to complete the castle and take on Lady Dimitrescu herself.

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