10 Best AI Practical Applications In Use Today
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Artificial Intelligence

10 Best AI Practical Applications in Use Today

10 Best AI Practical Applications in Use Today


State of Affairs

The collaboration of AI with humans is the new normal in today’s world. AI is incorporated to work with humans with a high rate of accuracy and efficiency.


As artificial intelligence turns out to be less of a questionable advertising popular expression, it’s undeniably playing a vital role in our everyday life. Artificial intelligence is a machine’s ability to replicate the thinking process of human beings for making future decisions in simple words, a computer system demonstrating intelligent behavior is artificial intelligence. We already know that many businesses are integrating themselves with such products that provide AI-based services. DZone’s Editorial Team is here to brief you on some of the great practical applications of AI in use today.

Automotive Industry

Artificial intelligence use-cases are used in various aspects of our daily life such as shopping floor planning, improving the overall effectiveness of the equipment. Shop floor operators and field forces are provided with AI-based personal assistants. Those personal assistants are provided with seamless access to confidential information. AI is also widely used in the automotive industry for autonomous vehicles even pilots are also replaced by advanced AI technology.

Health Care

Hospitals and clinics are implementing facial recognition and fast liveness detection systems at the entrance for user identity verification. Technologies are beginning to disturb the way humans progress. Everything is automated with the use of AI nowadays. Know Your patient (KYP) service is adopted by numerous health centers for better AI-based identity verification of patients which helps to fight against medical identity fraud. Under the law of HIPAA and HITECH of the U.S, patient verification is a regulatory obligation. Innovative types of equipment in health centers involve disease prediction, customizing medicines, neurosciences, 3D printing for x-rays, and so on.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience is enhanced with the help of AI while searching for something on google i.e. google recommendation system, browsing music, doing online shopping, etc. Talking about shopping, America’s largest online retailer Amazon involves a recommendation system which is another way of how human beings are exposed to artificial intelligence. When a person browses or buys something online from there, relevant products start popping up on the user’s screen. Similarly, when at the end of the day you sit back and relax, most of us start streaming Netflix which also involves an AI-based recommendation system including genre, actor, etc. This tool is getting as precise with every passing day that it also keeps track of the user’s timeframe.

Fraud Analytics

Artificial intelligence reduces time-consuming tasks and enables financial institutions to focus precisely on critical cases that have high customer risks. With the help of AI, fraud detection is recognized with data analysis in milliseconds which can be difficult for a data analyst to detect. Financial sectors such as banks can integrate themselves with such products that provide AI-based authentication and verification services for customer risk analysis, fraud, and financial crime prevention.

AI Workspaces

Artificial intelligence-based technologies are widely used to enhance the workspace environment. Organizations adopt normalization in terms of both functional and non-functional features of the technology. This can depict intelligent interaction and collaboration between humans and technology to amplify productivity, efficiency, and accuracy within workspaces.

Wealth Management

Artificial intelligence is rapidly adopted by the wealth management industry. Everyone is prone to digitization these days. AI-based wealth management operations offered by financial institutions are profitable. Client investments are optimized by the predictive analytics of the wealth manager. As digital banking is increasing, the interactive user interface (UI) is adopted rapidly for a large number of search queries made on mobile applications.


Our homes are progressively becoming smart. Digital voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana, are getting incorporated into our homes. These tools use natural language processing and generators are driven by artificial intelligence to respond to the user. A chatbot can chat with a user in natural language through chat applications, websites, mobile applications, or the telephone.

Transform Educational Sector

Past predictions indicated that AI can completely transform the educational sector which became a fact during the pandemic of COVID-19. Online education is becoming a trend since 2020. Also, artificial intelligence can play a role as a mentor and assist students during their educational journey. Artificial intelligence is able to provide different and individual learning patterns to students as everyone’s learning needs and patterns are different from each other. If AI becomes advanced in the future, this will be able to grasp the facial expressions of students to identify if the student is facing any difficulty with the subject and modify the lesson accordingly.

Work Next To Humans

Organizations are incorporating AI systems to work next to human beings as collaborators, co-workers, and trusted advisors. According to certain predictions, within the next 5 to 10 years, AI will be responsible for life sciences discoveries. Even a few countries are likely to ban human-driven cars. According to research, when humans and machines work together, over 1500 organizations are able to accomplish the most significant performance improvements.

Daily Task Management

Most of our productive time is taken away by many meaningless activities during the day. There exist many AI-based tools for task management and for doing tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. The amazing thing is that AI performs task management more efficiently than humans, and it also saves time. Tools include Asta,  AIBRO, Timely, etc.


Hence, it’s very difficult to imagine our daily routines without artificial intelligence. AI is applied in our daily tasks nowadays. It’s pushing the world of advancement and technology to the next extent and altering our workday. This way humans can save their time, money, and energy.  Task progression, focus improvement, creating master plans. Everything is possible because of AI in today’s world.


Source: John Murphy. Technical Content writing is my passion. I have broad experience in writing for the technical field. I started my writing at the age of sixteen when I was in college. Now I’m already writing for contribution sites as an independent influencer. I wrote many articles on medium and many of them are published in various publications. I wrote many case studies for businesses to let them know the real need for digital transformation for their business.



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